1. This was TJ’s awesome email to me. Just wanted to share it with you all as I have lunch. Like Me, TJ can WRITE :) VERY INSIGHTFUL STUFF which goes along great with this essay, check it out.


    I think what you wrote is awesome. I am continually amazed at your deep understanding of scripture and am so blessed I was led to your site. I agree with everything you said here but a big part of me still believes that this will happen for many on a massive scale as the age of Aquarius comes upon us. Once again, I don’t know a lot about astronomy and all of that, but the fact that the sign of Aquarius is a man with a pitcher pouring out water really strikes a chord within me. Also, the fact that the sign for Pisces, which is still our current age, being the fish symbol Christians display on their car bumpers and what not strikes a chord within me. You may or may not be aware that there are 12 ages to the great cycle and each age lasts approx. 2000-2500 years. Pisces is said to have begun close to the time that Jesus the man was said to be born on this earth, and thus began the Christianity era. Now, many people are seeming to awaken to the fact that religion is not the truth that there is more to us and to our entire existence. As a result, there are many new age movements and the like, which I personally don’t completely agree with, but what all of these movements have in common is the belief that we are all one and that we must look within ourselves for the truth and our full potential. Could we have said this same thing even 50 years ago? So to me, even though there are many differences in these beliefs, it still feels like God is waking many people up and beginning to pull them out of their darkness they have been in for so long. Now, let me make it very clear that I do not necessarily believe scripture has a historical footprint. I use to, but not now. However, many, many people have been led to believe it does as I use to myself. I really believe that God is using that belief that He created in the first place to point towards the age of Aquarius even though scripture is still our story and everything truly takes place within ourselves. Here is why I believe this. Jesus said that if the temple was destroyed, He would rebuild it in 3 days. Jesus also said He would raise His church up on the 3rd day. Now, I also agree with you that scripture, truly is allegorical, but just hear me out. Peter said that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years. If we were to put a historical value on Peter’s statement, then according to what the literalists believe, we are entering the 3rd day which coincides with the age of Aquarius. Again, man, I truly believe that scripture is not about anything historical. I don’t even believe any of the characters and stories actually ever existed or took place. But that does not mean God did not provide clues that point toward the time He actually pours out His spirit on all flesh. I know that I could be way off track here, and maybe I am, but there really is a burning feeling inside of myself that is saying otherwise. I mean, just think about the 2008 presidential campaign. What was Obama’s message? It was CHANGE. Then he is elected president. And what does he say about this country? We are no longer a Christian nation. Now, look at the Mayan prophecy for 2012. Their prophecy says life as we know it will CHANGE. To me, the signs are all around us. Things are changing, and they are changing fast. I find it no coincidence that the church my wife and I use to go to is dropping members like flies and it isn’t just in that church, it is happening in many all over the place. Look at the economical situation all over the world. What people use to put their faith in which was their money, they can no longer put their faith in. And what is the result? They begin to change their outlook on the world. They begin to realize there is more to life than money, fancy cars, designer clothes, million dollar homes, and they are forced to find enjoyment in the simpler things in life such as spending quality time with their friends and family, making real connections. Trust me man, I have never been a high roller so to speak, but my wife and I use to have more money coming in than we do now and at that time, I was consumed with it. All I cared about was making more because I thought that would make me happy. Now, we don’t have a lot of extra money to take and spend on frivolous things. When we have it, it goes for our kids clothes and things like that. We don’t go out like we use to because we cannot afford it so we are forced to spend time just being together and connecting like we never use to before. What I am getting at, is what I use to put my faith in is no longer important to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know we need money to pay the bills and put food on the table and we always do. But the difference now is that I know I am not the real provider that God is the provider so I no longer place my faith in my own self or my own abilities, I place my faith in God. I really think as the economical situation gets worse, and it will, it will be a wake up call for many people. They will realize how they have no control or any power of themselves and that God is truly in control and that He works all things after the counsel of His own will. They will realize what they once believed to be so important and the major driver of their life was never really important at all. And it is not just the economical situation, it is the earthquakes, the tornadoes, the volcanic eruptions, the dissapearence of the bees, etc, etc, etc. Also, NASA has said in 2012 there may very well be the worst solar flares in recorded history and they could knock out all of our electrical grids and forms of communication in a matter of minutes. What this tells me is that change is coming and is already happening. I know that God works in all of us on a personal level to bring us to that place of higher understanding, but how does He do it? He does it by bringing trials and tribulations in our life that consume all of the nonsense we have carnally placed our faith in. Humanity as a whole is more consumed with the material world than at any other time in history. God has to change that is He is to change us. Jacob, I really believe that change is coming and nothing can stop it. The economical situation is in shambles and will eventually be crushed under its own weight. Our ridiculous dependence upon technology may very well come to a crashing halt if what NASA has predicted actually comes to pass. Where will we be then? Who will we turn to then? What will be left if that actually happens? If we are stripped of all of these things that distract us from going within ourselves as Jesus said to do, then God will have our attention. He already does this to people on a personal level. Jobs are lossed. Homes are foreclosed on. Health is sapped. Loved ones are taken. Then what? People begin to question everything they once put their faith in and begin to turn to God. Just look at the story of Job. It happens all the time to people on a personal level, so why can’t it happen to us on a massive scale? Like I said before, I may very well be wrong and life could continue to go on and on as it has, but I just have a feeling as many do that this is not the case. Don’t get me wrong, I am not setting dates or trying to make predictions or any of that nonsense. I am just looking at everything that I feel God has been bringing to my attention just as He did with you about the Easter earthquake. It is the same thing. Again, I know that we are not to place our faith in the physical/temporal, but we can definitely know what is happening in the spiritual by paying attention to what is going on in the physical. Even you said that by saying the name of the street we live on, the kind of vehicle we drive, the place we work, the kind of house we live in, etc, are indications of our spiritual condition. And it is so true. I think about the 12 zodiacs/ages that revolve around the central sun. I think about how the 12 ages are symbolic of the 12 desciples and the 12 tribes of Israel and how the central sun is symbolic of Christ. I think about how everything in the physical/temporal world is designed to repeat such as the four seasons of the year, the moon orbiting around the earth once each month and as it does, it goes from completely dark to completely reflecting the light of the sun. I think about those things and it makes the idea of reincarnation more sound in my mind because everything repeats. But it also makes me wonder something else. The great year as it is called is about 26,000 years in duration. There are 12 ages each lasting approx. 2000-2500 years each. What if God subjects us to this realm to reincarnate through different realities for the duration of one great year or approx. 26,000 years. What if, during that time, we are matured and perfected to the full stature of Christ and then fully enter into the Kingdom of God as spirit, which is what we truly are, then as the great year cycle gets ready to repeat, a new class of God’s spirit is subjected to this realm just as we are and it continues on and on. I know there is no proof that this is possible, but it does make me wonder. I look up at the night sky and cannot help but to ask why did God create the universe the way He did? There has to be a purpose in it because there is a purpose in everything. Then I think about the scripture in Genesis where God said the stars are for signs. Again, I know, I know, scripture is allegorical, but what if scripture such as this one and the one about the man carrying the pitcher of water are pointing to something more? These are just things I think about sometimes and my wife just thinks I am crazy and who knows, maybe I am! Anyway man, I am sorry this letter became so long, I just like talking about these things as you can tell! Anyway, I have attached a pdf about the mayan calendar that explains a little better what I have tried to convey in this letter to you. I think you may find it interesting. Let me know what you think when you get time.



    • Doesn’t sound crazy to me at all. But, then again, my wife also thinks I’m nuts…and she may be right.

  2. thank you Jacob ,,your writings are a blessing…….a pitcher(vessel)which when emptied is a vessel(same vessel) of LIGHT

  3. Yes the Holy Spirit began to reveal this to me a few years ago first by teaching concerning birthstones (trbal stones) gold or the priest shoulder (government of God, purified saints) the face of the lion, man, bull and ram on the curtain of the Holy of Holies (positions of the tribal star symbols in the heavens in 2012) God’s heavenly timepiece ( the PROCESSION of the stars or tribes (or houses) as they travel around the earth in a circular motion) a las the WATER POURER to pour God’s Spirit upon all flesh at the end of the age or eon (or time as we know it) Look at some other pictures of the water pourer and notice what is under his heel.
    Praise God He is awakening His people to the day and time we are in.

  4. Jacob can you do this articles with an option to open in a print form. When I am at my daughters her computor (as many) is older and it will not allow you to highlight what you want to print only. I love to print the articles and or give them to others to read. Thanks ANN

  5. Another enjoyable article; we must renew our minds daily, washing it with The Word of God. We are blessed to know that we that get discernment from God’s Spirit to divine the understanding we need.

    –Joe Breunig
    Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

  6. Jacob again God has open me up to understanding of more of His truth.When we see the truth it brings joy to the heart and the Christ in us continues to grow.
    Love in Christ Daniel

  7. I cannot believe I stumbled on this website, I feel totally liberated! The lord shows me things in the same way as he does you. When I tell these revelations to other Christians they look at me gone out (in English this means they think I am mad lol) Keep writing !

    • Julie, so glad you did too. That is why I put all of my essays out there. I went years thinking I was so alone and the only one who saw these things. From this blog I have met so many more. Please go to the Category Bar or Search bar on the upper left hand part of the screen and you will see many, many other essays that I hope will be an encouragement! Peace to you and yours, Jacob

  8. God also speaks to me in this way, I too am glad to have found your writings. I had great concern I was a little strange and I never seem to fit in anywhere. God does not want me fitting, He wants me to be different, and walk fully in what he asks me to.

  9. Thanks for another great article Jacob. It is so refreshing to find so much love coming from so many brothers and sisters in Christ. I have found that is a very rare thing in this world. Love you Jacob

  10. I really enjoyed the article and it opened my eyes to see more also. But when I read TJ’s letter to you, it confused me. I have someone in my family that was known in the world’s eyes as famous at one time. Well she has recently started to prepare by having hundreds of gallons of gasoline stored up. She has food stored up to last her family like 5 years. They have weapons, ammunition, and have built a bomb shelter. And I think…what a horrible existence to live your life being prepared but so afraid of what is coming in december 2012. I dont understand it all. I live in florida and she says florida will have an earthquake and break off into the ocean. Well the way I see it, if everyone around me is going to be gone, why would I want to be one of the few alive. For the record I dont believe in all this end to the world. I dont believe in the rapture either. But I do believe there will be change and we will all be one in Christ. Im not saying TJ is wrong about his thoughts. Im just saying I dont really understand all of that. Im a very simple person. But I did enjoy reading, thank you!

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