35 comments on “Reprobate Mind and Homosexuality?

  1. I have a question.
    Is peodeophilia of God? Made of God? As he created all things for us learn from in the physical. Since it teaches people to love regardless of how foreign something seems to us.

    What is your opinion on that? Following your reason it will seen that is OK…

    I strongly believe that both are perversions of the mind.

    • Simple way to know if things are of God or not. Do your actions HURT others? Pedophilia most definately hurts others, being the victim of such I can tell you. A) Rape is not LOVE, and LOVE IS OF GOD — and B) Since it happened to me, than Yes even that horrible thing is also of God, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened, seeing as scriptures states NOTHING HAPPENS OUTSIDE GOD’S WILL. But, the argument put forth her, really is an immature one. You cannot compare two adults in love, with one adult raping a child. – So I would have to say NO, not something anyone should particpate in, considering IT HURTS OTHERS. We don’t know why things happen the way we do, but we do know IF IT ISN’T LOVE that we shouldn’t do it. Last but not least, this paper was to set in order WHAT PAUL WAS WRITING ABOUT, that’s all. So I would say, re-read the paper is SEE what is really being said. Peace my man, J

      • Leviticus 18:22 (King James Version)

        22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

      • L, to “LIE” with “mankind” means to become one with carnal thinking. That is an abomination (not what God intended) to us. But look at what else is an abomination… eating shrimp, lobster, touching a dead body, getting your period, fowls of the air, four legged animals, creeping things… These are ALL wonderful allegories IF you allow the spirit of the scriptures to speak. Do a simple search of what is an abomination to the Lord, and IF these are literal, than many people are found to be an abomination as well… here are some for you to read. Leviticus 11:20
        All fowls that creep, going upon all four, shall be an abomination unto you. Dolphins are an abomination too… FLIPPER REALLY? :) Leviticus 11:10
        And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you: — the waters here are an allegories of manind’s carnal worldly ways. This is why Jesus walked above the water and never sank in. Look within man, there is much more to know. Peace!

  2. pedophiles
    are those that set as God over someones else life…filling their own desire.. spiritually and physically…… blessing

  3. Wow!!!… I know that we are supposed to love for sure and I do accept all but what I don’t know is how to translate the word in that way…..wow again :) I also see (I am a nutritional wellness consultant) that even in my profession I am trying to make people “whole” by nutrition and not the spirit of CHRIST… thanks for the insight but what do I do now lol :)

    • Stephanie there is a great on line interlinear site, that translates the words in record time, it’s called STUDYLIGHT.ORG – go to interlinear bible and it basically will translate every word for you if you ever have questions. Thanks for the comment and I pray gGod continues to bless your practice!

  4. Hi Jacob,
    just want you to know I found this word very interesting as I find all your writings. My 17 year old son has a friend who is struggling with the issue of his attraction towards his own sex. the religious viewpoint produces so much pain, condemnation and hoeplessness when the truth would indeed set free! I have frequently shared your emails with my son and other friends and family and they have often been the vehicle God has used to answer particular questions I have been seeking Him for. Blessing to you and your family and may you continually be encouraged as you seek and share the truth.There are many more you help then you could possibly know.

  5. I have a thought.
    Leviticus 18:22
    Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind
    It is abomination.
    This is listed to the children of Israel along with a lot of other things they were not to do.
    Almost all the time the bible just means what it says and says what it means. It is not some secret message that only a few know and with out their help we would all be lost. I do have to admit that you are better then most at weaving a tale to convince the simple of things that for some reason something you want them to believe. Paul message is a simple one and in contex is one that is hard to not understand you really have to stretch to believe the story you have woven.

    • David,

      You can’t pick and choose what is literal and symbolic, ALL SCRIPTURE IS GIVEN BY INSPIRATION and GOD SPEAKS IN DARK SAYINGS IN PARABLE… the Letter KILLS! If you want to live by the letter of the law, once your children talk back to you you need to stone them to death, you better not eat shrimp, pork, or any unclean thing, you better not be overweight or you should kill yourself (These are all parts of the LAW) – MOSES gave us the LAW. You want to live FOR MOSES (THE ACCUSER) WHO WILL NEVER HELP YOU ENTER THE PROMISE LAND… by all means. But I live by CHRIST, and there is LIBERTY AND FREEDOM in Christ, and NO CONDEMNATION! David, learn LOVE brother or you have not the love of God working in you. peace

      • The woman (soulish ways) is the weaker vessel. This is why the woman (man’s soul/sense of being/who they think they are) should remain silent. As I said before it is all allegory… Remember Jesus ONLY spoke in Parable, God opens his mouth in allegory and dark sayings, The Kingdom is a MYSTERY… But most importantly, God does not look to the works of the flesh (sex/lusts/ignorance) God looks to the heart :)

    • Isn’t that pulling a scripture out of context? What is the chapter Talking about? It says what it is talking about in the beginning of the Chapter. It’s about religious Customs of Egypt and Canaan. God didn’t want them doing those. I have a link that delves into those customs. You could read it and then go back and read that chapter and have new eyes as to the “context”. https://sites.google.com/a/mccbath.org.uk/www/israel%27sholinesscode

      • I never ask anyone to do something that I, myself, am not willing to do. I went back and read Chapters 18 through 20 in Leviticus. I also looked up (besides the link that I gave) “Molech”. This is a God that the Egyptians and Canaans worshiped through Sexual Acts. Those are the acts that are listed (if you read the article I posted). Chapter 18 mentions Molech in vs 21 ” And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the Lord.” And Chapter 20 mentions Molech numerus Times. Molech was also the God that they would sacrifice their children to. The Jews were brought up around this and participated in these acts. Having Gone back and read all that and realizing this was the “Letter of the Law” to try and change the people’s customs and worshiping of false Gods…I don’t see how Leviticus 18:22 (Taken out of contest) has to do with God being against Gays? It clearly is about worshiping other Gods and the Customs of Sexual acts to worship or gain favor from Molech. So, it doesn’t dispute what Jacob posted at all. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up and above all, ask God what the truth is about it. If you honestly ask, he will show you. Peace!

      • In fact, it only “confirms” to me what Jacob posted. The 2 men having Sex in Leviticus is not JUST two men having Sex. Nope, they are 2 men having Sex as a form of worship to a false God. That’s the reason they have having Sex. It’s going right back to What Jacob posted about “Spiritually Lying” with another men. I always thought it was weird, that Jesus never mentioned anything about Gays in the Bible. He never condemned them. How could that “line up” with God being against Gays if Jesus never said a thing about it? Now..back to Paul. Why did Paul say that in Romans. Let’s remember who Paul was before coming to the full knowledge of Christ. He was a Jew who had Studied the Laws and he knew the History Of The Sexual Worship. It wasn’t by mistake that he used those words. It all kind of ties together now, doesn’t it? At least, a “Light bulb” went off for me.

      • Last post. I went and Read Romans Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Paul was talking to the Jews in that Church. There obviously was a problem with those who were born Jewish and accepted Christ and those that were Gentiles and Accepted Christ. The Jews were boasting. Paul was giving them a History lesson. Thus the reason he used the language he did. The Jews in the Church knew exactly what he was talking about. Chapter 1 vs 21 “21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened”. He was giving back to the Jewish believers the Truth about the Jewish History. Then he goes on about what they Did. In Chapter 2 he is still talking to them, even about circumcision. He’s trying to get them to leave their Carnal minds. So, yes…If you go back and read Leviticus and Romans…You see the Language (context) of the Allegory. It was there for a reason all along. It had nothing to do with Gay Sex at all. It was the History of the Jewish people, having known the Truth, and left it to worship another God. Not exactly something you should be boasting about. ;) Pretty Cool.

  6. I agree with you that there is no condemnation in Christ Jacob. Which is one of the reasons I even took the time to comment on your article. You accuse me of not having the love of God because I bring up 1 scripture from the old testment that clearly shows that your article is faultly. The sayings in scripture are only dark sayings to those in the dark.The scripture I listed was given as a clear command to a people that needed to know what God thought about certain things like dont put your children in the fire and such. God was not trying to trip them up with double talk. And I am not accusing you of any thing I am sure you really believe what you have writen and so do others. Why is it that as soon as someone disputes these great truths that only a few see then they are not walking in love or not even saved? A neat way of doing away with all who have a diffrent thought then your own. Oh well thank you for taking the time to answer. Have a nice day Jacob.

  7. It was in the beginning that a man and woman will be seperate and become one. (Marriage in the literal sense and marriage of the church to Christ), If God wanted it to be so (Homosesuality) even the animals around us would be involved in an act such as homosexuality and guess what? it is fruitless because it cannot produce offspring and we know that God Commanded us to be fruitful and multiply(Spiritual and natural). Just my take, though i havelearnt some things from you.

    • Thanks for the input Bayo, but just FYI, there is homosexuality found in nature and in animals as well. I am a straight man, who loves his gorgeous wife and I don’t understand tha “nature” of someone who is homosexual as well. But I also don’t understand the traditions and actions of many who do things that seem contrary to my nature. In any event, this is what I know to be true. I know it is better to love than hate, to accept than cast off. And I know God’s spirit is what helps me to understand this. I had to first come to a place where I could not condemn what I didn’t understand, then I was able to study the subject in scripture and see what is really being stated. My article is simply what scripture is really speaking of, not based on feelings at all, just using scripture to back up scripture. I wish I could just write from the heart, but I know many people need to see this witness in the bible. This article is for them. Thank you for being so loving in your response. It is better to say, I don’t understand and believe something is wrong, then to outright say it is wrong and to hell with them. Much love to you and thanks for the input!

  8. I am pretty sure that there are references in the new testament about homosexuals not inheriting the kingdom of God. I prefer to see things how God sees them, not how some perverted tool of Satan sees things. Your blindness and your attempts to lead the simple into the same pit that you find yourself will receive an appropriate recompense. I urge you to repent of this wickedness and to see things how God sees things.

    Richard Brough

    • Richard,

      I am a married man of three children, who has never cheated, who adores his family, who loves others, and seeks God above all things. So calling me perverted and a tool of Satan, a) shows that you are lacking the most important of all things LOVE, “do unto others as you want done to yourself”… Unless you want to be called a perverted tool of Satan don’t call others that. Your obviously upset that I see a God of love who is in control of all things. Your comment is so filled with statements that you yourself don’t understand. You don’t know what and who Satan is, you don’t know what the “pit” is, you don’t know what “wickedness” is… But I will give you a hint. What you wrote about me, was a reflection of how you feel about yourself. It’s called projection and I see it many times. Nothing should shake you from your faith, and no one else’s belief should cause you to resort to low blows, name calling, and condemnation. If you could see what I was stating you would rejoice, but you can’t. And that is okay Richard. But trust me when I say, what you do to one you do to yourself. So LOVE man, and remember Christ did not come to CONDEMN those in the world but to SAVE THEM. Try it out it will lift you higher than before. Jacob

    • Those who set aside same-sex attractions as especially sinful are still projecting and perpetuating exponentials of the one sin—the sin of which they are still unaware. To believe God hates is to try to make God in the image of man, and then wish to destroy others in his name while thinking such a reversal of truth acts in favor of salvation. But salvation is beyond the thin layer of ordinary thinking, and about coming out of conflicts of differences completely. There is no partiality to salvation. Although some may think so, no one has ever found the pathway to truth while sitting on a throne of judgment, which they have unknowingly projected thinking it pleases God.
      There is no physical gender in spirit. Same-sex partners are subject to the same universal laws as any other human interactions. Ostracizing and attacking others for any reason, including sexual orientation, reflects the inner conflict behind the eyes of the viewer. To use a personal concept of God as a reason to harm others is a sure sign of allegiance to a desperately derelict ego attempting to save itself. Gender preference in sexual relationships doesn’t matter. What is important is that you love.

      Joe Danna

      • Joe Danna,
        This is only a reply to the comment, “To believe God hates is to try to make God in the image of man.” The scriptures says:

        16 These six things doth the LORD hate : yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.Proverbs 6:15-19

        So there are some things God hates. He just doesn’t hate like humans do – without cause or because something is different than what we know, etc.

  9. Now this matches with the God I have come to know.
    It seems to me we are always trying to find someone externally to condemn, in an attempt to punish ourselves for the things in us that we think we deserve punishment for. From a God we have been taught has his finger on the trigger of “if you do that or think that, you are disgusting to me!”
    Thank you for helping me to see what was in me all along…

  10. Interesting view. I’ve never heard it put this way before. I tried looking up the words you defined at studylight.org, biblestudytools.com, and dictionary.com and still could not find the same definitions you found. Could you point me in the right direction please.

  11. All I can say is that I have been set free from the gay Life style.
    I am married and (to a women and have peace) it been 26 years. However it was a process. Now that is Gods Love. I am a pastor, and will continue to tell everyone, God will set you free if you want to be. I will not lie a say Gay is Ok with God. That is a Lie. Yes, God loves the gay person, but not the SIN.
    If that was the case, why am I set free. I was a mess. I Love what I was doing, but I did not have peace in my soul. Sure you chose scritures to support your point of view, but it not the truth.
    Romems 1:18 is about men having sex with men. I pray people will seek the holy spirit while reading you web sight. Its not of God.

    Pastor Harold Simms JR.

    • Hi Harold, thanks so much for the comment. I’m so glad that you found yourself, you bride, and have a thriving marriage. Coming from experience, there is nothing better than to have someone to love and who loves you too. My wife and kids are my heart! I hope you read the entire article to see how people have twisted scripture to condemn those who are different. I personally know of a couple of pastors, one who was about as big as it gets that pretended not to be gay, had plenty of kids, and all the while was miserable. One made it his life’s work to keep homosexuals from basic rights because he was so ashamed and in such denial of who he was. I have found often times when people attack others for how they live it is one of two things, a) They wish they could live that way and are jealous b) they are already living that way in the shadows. I will say that is no way to live. Let me challenge you to find out what SIN really is. SIN literally means to “miss the mark”, the scriptures call it “a foolish thought/error”. SIN is not some dirty evil act, what it is, is a person doesn’t know any better so they do things that are contrary to their nature and the truth of God… Because of this the person usually will suffer because of it. The first Pastor that I spoke of, lived a lie for years and was miserable, until he finally could “lie” no more. He came out and lost everything for it. Suffered for years and years. Was homeless for awhile and he suffered. But God taught him so much during that time, and today he reaches thousands humbly and is truly making a difference and reaching those that many other pastors would never touch. (Now that last part is truly SIN). People need to stop focusing on sexuality, God does not look to the outward man, but the inward man. Flesh and Blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, but a person’s spirit can. God cares about two things, LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS. Homosexuality does not break any of these all important laws, HOWEVER, condemning others and casting out others for being different is a HUGE SIN (foolish thought). In any event, I don’t believe you are a liar at all, but I do believe on this point you are incorrect. I hope God sets people free from two things, HATING THEMSELVES, and HATING OTHERS. And as long as people tell other people that being Gay is somehow an abomination to God, which is a horrible misinterpretation of scripture (as the only abomination there is with God is for mankind to worship mankind)… As long as people say people who are gay are an abomination then People will never be set free. LOVE DRAWS A MULTITUDE TO REPENTANCE. God is LOVE, Love does not cast out, it does not strive, it does not hold account, LOVE PREVAILS!!! Peace Harold and thanks for the comment, and I hope my response was acceptable to you.

  12. wow, where do I start. First of all, I applaud you for your boldness!!
    Secondly, if I am to take the scriptures literally, I see that there are three types of eunuchs. The ones who choose to not have sex with a woman and go to a Monastery. Then there are the Eunuchs who are castrated to be in service to the King in his harem. Then last but not least, those who are born as eunuchs. And from what I read, those who are born eunuchs have more rights than those who have chosen to be. I dont condone fornication of any kind because it brings illnesses and disease, but I dont throw stones at each sin that keeps us from the Kingdom of Heaven ( righteousness, peace and joy in the Spirit) That would be condemnation, and the scripture says that “there is therefore no more condemnation to those who are in Christ”. So to condemn would mean that I am not in Christ. This is a truly liberating thought but changes the way I have looked at alot of things in the Torah. now I have to re-read… thanks Jacob!! LOL

  13. Hello. The below is my story. It is a real story. My name is Tracy S. Thompson. I would like for everyone who reads the below to take it to heart. And if you doubt what you read, then please go to Jesus Christ Himself in a three, 3, day Fast and Prayer and seek Him for revelation.

    Hello. WHY IS IT THAT SO MANY CHURCHES DO NOT SPEAK OUT/PREACH AGAINST SIN?! I have been Reprobated by Godhead. Reprobation is real. The reprobation that I speak of is that which is found in Romans chapter 1 and that which can be seen in King Saul (1st Samuel). I am 30 years of age. I was never molested as a child, I was never raped as a teen; I was never sexually violated. But, because of physical looks (for I had always been severely overweight with bad acne and slightly crooked teeth) I could not attract boys so at the age of 16 I made up in my own mind that I would start liking girls. I had never had an attraction to the same-sex. But, even in doing this He (still did not allow me to have a girlfriend for they I sought, but never had). I never had a boyfriend as He had kept sex, relationships from me. I didn’t know it then, until close to the end of my life (for reprobation is the ending of one’s life). A Reprobate IS NOT a homosexual – which is what Satan has deceived the masses into believing. No! A true Reprobate in the purest of form is a person (male or female) that was 1.) a Believer (John 3:16/Romans 10:9 and 10) 2.) and they were living as a homosexual (physcially or mentally/for I lusted with the eyes the mind and the heart after women/this was how I had sex) 3.) The person puts down/repent from all sin (sin meaning any thoughts, deeds, actions, desires, plans, ideas, ways of living that is against Godhead) 4.) He blesses them with the Baptismal of Holy Spirit (the person begins to prophecy and speak in tongues) 5.) The person begins to fall back into homsexuality and they continue on til Zebaoth (the name that some come to know Him by/used when He is showing his wrath or bringing judgement) removes Holy Spirit from that person’s spirit man and body and then sends an evil spirit into the person. And the body part that the person is using to sin with is the area that He allows the demon to enter into the person. Yes, Godhead is about love; He does love. But, He is also upright; He is about being Holy. Holy means pure, without sin. The Holy scriptures actually says that we are to ‘be perfect in the Lord your God for He is perfect’ and ‘If you love Me, obey My commandments’. Being perfect literally means striving for perfection/that which Paul talks about greatly in his books. Perfection (in Jesus Christ) literally means a Believer aligning one’s life up (EVERYDAY) with Exodus chapter 20 verses 1 through 17 and Matthew chapter 22 verses 36 through 40 and taking heed to 1 Corinthians 6:9-11/Galations 5:19-21 and all laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Note: I grew up in church (stopped attending around the age of 12 1/2, because my grandmother could no longer take me) and several times during my life I read Romans chapter 1, and though I believed (and knew) that it means exactly what it says I did not know what Reprobation really means and what it really looks like. Now I know. Now I do know. He had created me as a Covenant Wife (meaning He had me set aside to marry a male saint in Heaven during the Wedding of the Lamb) and destined me (to be one of the many) to fulfill Acts chapter 2 verses 17 through 18. Florence Hernandez Funtilon is a Covenant Wife (though she was created as a Wise Virgin – she was given the Spirit of Faith and was given physical beauty)/Kathryn ‘Kat’ age 26 (of Pensacola, FL) was created as a Covenant Wife (though as a Foolish Virgin); in a vision He told me that with her it was her strong jaw bone. He told me that ALL the Foolish Virgins have been visited. With me it was by Gabriel and David. I never knew about Diabolic Possession. I had always heard of Demon Possession, but not Diabolic Possession. The man in the tombs – that was Demon Possession; King Saul – that was Diabolic Possession. Reprobated means: denied by God, removed from God. There are a number a things He does when He Reprobates a person: He removes Holy Spirit from the person’s spirit man and body, He removes Holy Spirit from the persons mind (which is apart of the soul: the soul is the mind, will, emotions, and thoughts), He removes all Angels of the Lord from the person, He sterilizes the person’s reproductive organs (if it is a woman then it is her eggs/if it is a man then it is his sperm), He allows Satan to mate with the person’s mind (with me it was done by allowing me to go into deep thought) where Satan will be in the person’s subconscience, He severs the person’s conscience, He then severs His own conscience from that person’s existence, and then He places a mark upon the person’s forehead which marks them for death/Hell. The above is not what I read somewhere, but what I have experienced. A modern day example of Diabolic Possession is that which can be found in a man on experienceproject.com who goes by repro1.

    • Tracy, I can seen you are very passionate about what you believe and what you believe your experience to be. But I will say, what people believe and what is true are two different things. A devil or demon is a LIE, people become possesed by things they believe are true but are not, and that can get them to do things they should not. But there are no spooky monsters that possess people, people are possessed by ideas. In any event, bless you and yours and I sure hope you have peace. Jacob

  14. I do understand the revelation of chapter 1in Romans, but first of all to take a stand against an action is not saying that you don’t love the person nor is it judging. ALL OF US –YOU AND I –all have things to align in our lives with the inborn Grace that we have been given. And no there is no Hell that we have to be afraid we will be sent to simply because of
    what was done on the Cross. What I am simply saying is that we don’t frustrate the
    grace given to us to transform our minds according to Romans 12:1&2. The grace of God is within us to make an exchange for the darkness for the Truth. We as the people of the kingdom cannot compromise what Spirit is doing in the Earth –bringing an ALIGNMENT to his people in all areas and walks of life. You say same sex relations bring no harm to anyone, but whar about humanity as a whole. If EVEYONE on earth decided to be in same sex relationships –including youself and your wife– then how would we procreate?Now those who choose not to align to Kingdom Principles God still loves them but like any of us who refuse to reform our thinking we are not part of that authority in the earth. God set the pattern for Mankind in the garden ALLEGORY or not ….Adam and Eve …man and woman..and yes a deeper revelation is SOUL AND SPIRIT. ..I GET THAT BUT BROTHER LET’S NOT COMPROMISE TRUTH TO APPEASE A PEOPLE WHO HAVE DECIDED TO GO with their own ideas. We are to PROVE the will of God in our own lives so I challenge everyone including myself who has any thought about anything concerning this issue to look at your own life and see if what we are doing is truly bring us peace and not because we got a mass of people we can hide among and drown out our own consciences amidst the noise of protest. I love you

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