10 comments on “POWER OF FORGIVENESS

  1. Hey Jacob,
    Loved the post. Forgive and Forget is probably the best thing around. Here is a Post that you might enjoy talking more on how another person learned how to forgive through Jesus Christ. http://goo.gl/OH8aNm

    • Thanks so much, so glad you enjoyed it. I sure hope you have subscribed it is completely free and I have another two hundred essays on here I have written over the years that you might really love. Peace to you and yours, Jacob

    • Tigerkey62, I am so glad you are enjoying these articles… Please do subscribe if you haven’t already and share the good news you fiind with others. I hope you have the best weekend ever! Much love and peace to you and yours, and please do keep in touch! Jacob

      • This is Jeff Peterman, I am Tigerkey62. I hope that you and yours will have a great weekend too.

  2. Jacob again God has used your essay to encourage my heart i have had this on my heart for awhile now about forgiveness in how He is always forgiving and the minute i judge someone or myself it is not from Him. there has many times lately where I have said something about someone or thought something about someone and like God’s love touch my heart and I feel sadness in my heart and mind if you know what mean.
    Thank you again for heart of love that God has planned in your heart.
    Love in Christ Daniel

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