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  1. You so inspire me. Your words mesh within me. When I spoke I wanted the truth, the whole truth, the road rose up to meet me and there are a precious few out there including you Jacob who have helped me along my path. Your words flood into me as I recognize them, we become one. Knowing the words I hear is such an experience. It brings wholeness. As I continue to learn to love and accept myself I know the rest falls into place. This life is mine to live and to love and to enjoy. Thank you, sincerely for all you are and do. Let’s Plow.

  2. Wow Jacob, that’s quite the essay.. your tongue sure seems on fire, and i’m all the happier for it because the inspiration and passion and love for Truth radiates through your words. Isn’t it amazing to be on this path of exploration, looking for Truth and the wonders one might encounter? I can think of nothing more exciting, and it’s the one thing that keeps me occupied every waking hour, so to speak.

    As I may have hinted at before, your writings have been instumental in my search. Sure I had a suspicion that there may be something to this bible after all. But there were (and still are) many mysteries within it’s pages.. but it’s starting to unravel bit by bit, in no small part thanks to you.

    Sometimes i’ll start perusing the internet again in search for other people who shed a similar light on the bible, but i have to say there still aren’t many (that i’ve found anyway). Sure there is Gary Sigler, David fields, and a more recent discovery I made was Bill Donahue who does have an interesting youtube channel.. but sometimes when he goes into his’was Jesus an Alien?’and other such stuff he loses me.. but there’s some valuable stuff over there as well.

    The other day I posted a video featuring Mooji, who is someone who has found that which we are all looking for. He’s not unique in that respect.. there are many people who have ‘seen the light’ and come to a realisation of this. To some it happens after a long spiritual path, and to others it just happens sudenly, like an accident, without them ever even ‘seeking’. Apparently you can just ‘stuble’ into ‘it’.

    The thing is: it’s there all along. It’s actually looking out of our eyes right now, as the ground of our being. It’s that which we feel as ‘presence’, before there’s any content of the mind. That’s how close it is. People who awaken to this truth often wonder how they could’ve missed lit.. like it was some cosmic joke.
    How can we mistake our identity when that which we really are is actually so close, and should be so obvious? It’s as if we look at the sky and all we see and identify with are a few clouds.. We then think we are the clouds, ever changing and dissipating as they are, and we forget that we are actually the whole sky, in which those clouds come and go.

    If what we are is Truth, then it should be something that is always there, unchanging, since Truth never changes. So we can start our journey within by looking for that which has those properties.. what is there that never changes, that in which everything comes and goes, that which feels exactly the same now as it did when you were maybe 5 years old.

    I feel that’s what Ephesians 4 speaks of when it talks about One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in us all. It’s the formless presence in which all forms (thoughts, emotions, etc) appear and disappear, the truth of our being.

    The best bit is that it doesn’t have to take a path of a gazillion years with wheels and karma or a ‘day of the lord’ in the future to see all this. It’s here and now.. you can’t help being it already.. all it takes is a shift of focus, and it could happen right now!

    Anyway.. that’s what i wanted to say.. iI hope it isn’t too preachy, but I feel that this possibility of true liberation from our ego-mind is exciting and an important thing to share.. So keep up the good work Jacob! You’re handing out the keys to those who are seeking and longing for this liberation, and i truly hope you’ll keep being inspired and set more minds and tongues on fire!

  3. Nicely done! I’m really moved by the way you shine your light on what needs to be known. Thank you so much for taking the time to do what you’re doing. YOU’RE A BLESSING.

  4. pace ha te jacob come sempre i tuoi scritti sono per me una fonte di benedizione, ti ringrazio tanto di un amore fraterno, sai a volte mi sento come elia in questo mondo, ma grazie a te e altri fratelli come te,sono sempre in compagnia. SAI è difficile fare comprendere le cose di DIO, ma poi me ne faccio una ragione e vado avanti. CHE il signore possa benedire la tua vita e quella di tutti i fratelli sparsi nel mondo. PACE con amore fraterno.

  5. Jacob this essay is like words of fire to my heart burning away all those thoughts that come to mind like you are alone in this others do not want to here this truth about God unconditional love for us all even in my own family that do not see this when I bring it up they have even become angry and I have a fear of even bring it up. But after reading this the love of God in my heart is being more alive then ever before.
    i have read many of your essays and they always bring joy to my heart and encourage me to keep seeking the heart of God know that His love is drawing me i so want to share this gospel to the world and I know that His word is not going to return to Him void my do what He sent to do that is bring love into people hearts and mind. I have had times where it seems like i am not growing in love and things stay the same in our lives but God is not wear a watch His love knows no time and the more i see His love and grace threw essays like this one it bring peace and joy.
    Love in Christ Daniel

  6. I had to read this over and over :) Just like I do with all your essays. I go to your website everyday now, throughout the whole day. It just gives me such peace and hope. Every time I read something, it is as if it were written for me :)) I am so unbelievably thankful I have found you :))

  7. I like reading your essays, they question my thinking. But then there are times I question yours. I mean this in a good way. I know that we have visions, without visions we would have no site in the future. Gold dust, feeling drunk, screaming and dancing around like mad men, and such I turn away from. But vision I do believe in, I also believe in dreams. I give the glory to God the Father, without His provision we would have none.

    • Embarae,

      Thank you so much for your email. My friend, the whole article is about the dream and vision God gives us… I have a dream interpretation show, dreams and visions are such a big part of who we are. Without vision our people perish! I sure hope the essay didn’t make it sound like dreams and a vision isn’t a very real part of our walk. It is. One third of the bible deals with sleep, visions, and dreams… And of course we spend a third of our loves asleep. So please do spread the word and rest assured, I am offering a genuine search for the truth and it is free. I have no church, no movement, no nothing to pervert my search so I am happy to be questioned about the things I now know to be true. So please feel free to always reach out, and please do encourage others to visit the site, they could start with my videos which I think are pretty cool! Don’t forget to subscribe and share with others. Jacob

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