18 comments on “Jesus, The Anti-Christ, And Fruit

  1. Thanks so much for this Jacob.. I always love reading your essays, since there’s always something I can learn from them :)

    As I was reading the following bit, some questions came up for me..

    ´The opposite of WISDOM is IGNORANCE… The Opposite of Power is having NO POWER over your life.

    Do you believe you have no control over your life? Do you believe that things happen to you and not for you, because of you? Do you think you are not in control? Do you worship a God outside of you, far away, coming again soon?´

    I was kindof wondering who that someone in control really is though. I mean if we go with Ego vs That Which We Really Are (Christ), then I see the following issue:

    1: The Ego is in control of nothing. It’s always trying to be in control of situations, sure, but it’s always running behind the facts, trying to force the situation to it’s will, but never quite succeeding.. and even if it does, it’s just for a fleeting moment. We have no control over where we are born, what we are, who we are, what we look like, whether we’re male or female, how long we live, etc. So this can’t be the guy in control

    2: Christ doesn’t need anything: It’s completely fulfilled in and of itself. Christ doesn´t need to manipulate situations to be in control. It is what ´we´ are seeking all along, even if we don´t know it.

    So that leaves me kindof wondering.. what kind of control do we really need? I guess finding truth is more about letting go of control, and letting that which is be, since that is what we really are..

    Then again.. maybe the letting go of control is the kind of control you were hinting at ;)

    I hope this doesn´t come accross as being too contrarian.. just trying to understand your point of view here..

    Once again thanks for another amazing article Jacob!

  2. pace fratello jacob, come sempre i tuoi scritti mi danno l’uminosità nelle cose del padre nostro, per quel che riguarda l’anticristo come tutti i religiosi del mondo pensavo bastasse confessare che gesù cristo è venuto nella carne, per non essere un anticristo ma invece ho capito che non è così. GESù CRISTO la parola fatta carne è venuto in ogni uomo in spirito e verità, perciò chi non confessa questo spirito dentro l’umanità quello è un anticristo. COL.c.1 ver.27 cristo in voi speranza della gloria. è molto difficile fare capire le cose spirituali,se il padre non li attira, io ancora ho molto da imparare però con umiltà vado avanti come dice nostro fratello paolo dobbiamo fare un buon combattimento della fede,e saremo più che vincitore. CIAO JACOB e grazie.

  3. “The bible states that love is patient, kind, gentle, meek, long-suffering, it does not boast, it is not proud, it does not condemn, it does not strive, and love most certainly does not cast out… Love never fails.”

    God is Love. The bible does NOT state “Love does not condemn” as you have it above. God condemns all things that are abomination to God, not righteous, illicit, or go against God’s commands. There is no where in the bible that forbids condemning. The bible actually says the wicked or unrighteous are already condemned if they do not repent and turn away from their wickedness. The bible warns not to judge in hypocrisy for example, if I am a thief, liar, or adulteress I can’t judge and condemn others who do the things as I do the same thing. This is why Jesus said to cleanse and purify ourselves FIRST before we try to rebuke or judge others.

    1 Corinthians 13 defines love and no where does it state “Love does not condemn”

    • Meme, is that hard to swallow that you aren’t to be the judge of others? The scriptures do tell us very clearly not to condemn and that IN CHRIST there is condemnation. Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven: (Luke 6:37 KJV) — look the truth is until you stop believing a person believes they are no better than another individual that person will not know the truth. Love is the key! And I am glad that the truth of what I wrote stirred you so much that you had to go and try to prove that I was incorrect or insincere, as I wrote that there would be some people who would do this in the very same essay I wrote that you dismissed as false. Well, love does NOT condemn another, ever. As proverbs states, A good man obtaineth favour of the Lord : but a man of wicked devices will he condemn. (Proverbs 12:2 KJV)… Only the wicked roam too and for seeking whom they can devour. I hope you can now see that there is no condemnation in Love :) peace Jacob and thanks for commenting

  4. I just had to add this…also the 24 elders are called the 20 and 4 elders why? 20 of the cranial nerves come down from the cerebrum the other 4 come down from the brain stem.

  5. Dear Jacob, I am utterly amazed at what I read on your website. My life was in complete turmoil when I “found” you. I found you because the “thought” about Adam and Eve being really about me and my ego and my self delusion entered in my mind and I started searching the web trying to find someone that interperted that story in that way. That is how I found you. Well I know I have maybe wrote you and told you that before but now I read your essays over and over. Everytime I am blown away! and I cry and I am so happy and I am just shocked (in a good way :)) I read my bible now and it actually makes sense!!!! Unbelievable! Even the “hardest” to understand old testament books. You have helped me to get through one of the toughest times in my life and to help me to “see” the truth that I have been longing to know my whole life. I AM so thankful for your essays and your website. And I love how you write like a regular nice guy! :) A friend :)) Thank you Jacob Michel

    • Thanks so much Michelle, I can’t tell you how much your Words to me. This is why I share what I share for free because I know these words are truth and that the truth will set you free! Much love and peace to you and yours… Please, please, do share this website with others and do subscribe if you haven’t already . Thank you so very much!!! Jacob

  6. Everything you speak of brother is of God in you.
    Love is the foundation of understanding.
    For God is love.
    And who ever knows love, knows God and is born of God!!
    God calls you friend cause you know your masters business!!
    I used to chat with you in Facebook
    I love your heart for it is of the same unity the same vine we are grafted in!!!
    God bless you Brother you truly know the lord!!!

    • Right on my friend… Why don’t you email me again on Facebook and let’s catch up! I am so glad you took the time to comment!!! I so look forward to hearing from you. Peace Jacob

  7. Some of the things that you say are true but half truths are more dangerous than blatant lies because they give those that hold them the illusion of accuracy. You say:”Because the word has always been within us all” have you read 1 John 4:4? Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is “in you”, than he that is “in the world”. The Bible makes a clear distinction between he that is in us and he that is in the world. Have you read Have you read 1 cor 2:12? Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Ye i.e Christians have not received the spirit of the world but the one from God. Our progenitors as a result of their disobedient ingested the satanic spark i.e consciousness and in order to return to the state that God originally intended, we must reject the ingested spark and enthrone Christ. Please always be holistic when you write. Half truths are from the pit of hell and they always mislead those who hold unto them.

    • My friend, as I don’t know your name and the name “Truth” is a very bold name to proclaim oneself to be, and since I know from your email that you are actually not yet able to grasp the truth of what I write, I will call you friend. In a few words… You are wrong! You first condemn me for stating the word is within us all and then back up your argument with the very scripture that proves my point? … Friend, the ONE that is IN you IS the REAL YOU… The one in the world is your Carnal EGO… Greater is he that is IN ME than who I believe myself to be… Look, I get it you think you have the answers… Well you don’t. And the only HELL there is, is a person’s ignorant suffering… Also there is no such thing as a half truth… It is either truth or it is a lie… Thank you for the ability to answer your critique. Lets all look to build instead of always looking to tear down. We all think much to higher of ourselves than we ought.

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