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Their Stone is not Our Stone – #Coronation

Good day everyone, I wanted to share a very insightful email/essay my friend Lancelot Knight (Some name huh?) shared with me and gave me permission to share with all of you. It comes on the heels of my last video. So watch it first if you haven’t and then enjoy this … I will pick up where this leaves off in my next video.

In your last couple of vids you have talked about the first fruits, resurrection from the dead, Christ rising (in order of 1 Cor. 15), the king’s coronation on Jacob’s pillow/pillar, the 144,000, harps (Lyrid meteor shower), verified users only getting priority from now on… etc.

Remember I told you yesterday’s video gave me goose bumps so I thought I should pay closer attention and try to see why.

From all that you’ve said, coupled with our conversation yesterday, I think we’ve reached the benchmark (the until) of Rev. 7:3. I could be wrong. (I know this is spiritual but things do play out in the natural)

Rev 7:1 And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

Rev 7:2  And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, 

Rev 7:3  Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. 

Rev 7:4  And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel. 

Then the tribes are listed in verses 5-8.

Rev 7:5 Of the tribe of Juda were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thousand.

Rev 7:6  Of the tribe of Aser were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Nepthalim were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Manasses weresealed twelve thousand. 

Rev 7:7  Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar weresealed twelve thousand. 

Rev 7:8  Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph weresealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand. 

12 in Biblical numerics is governmental perfection.

These tribes are all the children (youtube viewers, lol) of Jacob/Israel… and there comes a time when they’re all finally “sealed”. Well done my good and faithful servant.

Not only that, these are the firstfruits. Rev. 14:4 (I’ll get there in a few)

Here’s what follows the completion of the rising from the dead of the first fruits.

A Great Multitude from Every Nation

Rev 7:9  After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands; 


So as I see it, this is what happens AFTER the first fruits are sealed. There comes a great multitude (great harvest) out of coming tribulation.


Rev 7:10  And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb. 

Rev 7:11  And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God, 

Rev 7:12  Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen. 

Rev 7:13  And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they? 

Rev 7:14  And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. 

Once the 144,00 are sealed (the channel has peaked, lol)… the great (or more intense) tribulation (wrath of God) takes place… out of which are redeemed a great multitude.

So it seems the first fruits of Jacob/Israel don’t rise out the great tribulation… but ripen (rise from the dead) beforehand. They are already verified with the “check mark” (lol) in their foreheads. The great harvest comes out of the great tribulation… the winepress.

There’s also the mark (tav) upon “set upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof” found in Eze. 9:4.

Here are some interesting verses from Rev. 14.

Rev 14:1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. (SEALED)

Rev 14:2  And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps

This is what came to my mind with the Lyrid (lyra, harp) meteor shower… the singing of the 144,000

Rev 14:3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.

Rev 14:4  These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins (with plenty of oil in their lamps). These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb

Rev 14:5  And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God. 

Check out this next verse.

Rev 14:13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

Blessed are they which are crucified with Christ, who die to self.

Now here’s where it gets really interesting to me. The singing of the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb by the HARPERS.

The Seven Angels with Seven Plagues

Rev 15:1  And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God. 

Rev 15:2  And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God

Rev 15:3  And they sing the song of Mosesthe servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints

The song of Moses is the 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy.

Rev 15:4 Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest.

Rev 15:5  And after that I looked, and, behold, the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened: 

Rev 15:6  And the seven angels came out of the temple, having the seven plagues, clothed in pure and white linen, and having their breasts girded with golden girdles. 

Rev 15:7  And one of the four beasts gave unto the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God, who liveth for ever and ever. 

Rev 15:8  And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power; and no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled

They have to go through these plagues for their good.

The Song of Moses (Deut 32) was Moses’ last song, his swan song so to speak, before the announcement of his death.

(There was another song in Ex. In Ex. 15 that Moses and Israel sang right after they crossed the RED SEA.) 

But verse 44 in Deut 32 shows this chapter is the Song of Moses… not to mention the content of the chapter is so applicable to the day we are in!

Deut 32:44 And Moses came and spake all the words of this song* in the ears of the people, he, and Hoshea (salvation, the Lamb if you will) the son of Nun (posterity or perpetuity).

This is a harper’s song.

*Song shı̂yr / shı̂yrâh

BDB Definition:

1) song (noun masculine)

1a) lyric song

1b) religious song

1c) song of Levitical choirs

I’ll just print the entire chapter here for your convenience. Rock is mentioned several places in this chapter.

Deu 32:1  Give ear, O ye heavens, and I will speak; and hear, O earth, the words of my mouth. 

Deu 32:2  My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew, as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass: 

Deu 32:3  Because I will publish the name of the LORD: ascribe ye greatness unto our God. 

Deu 32:4  He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he. 

Deu 32:5  They have corrupted themselves, their spot is not the spot of his children: they are a perverse and crooked generation. 

Deu 32:6  Do ye thus requite the LORD, O foolish people and unwise? is not he thy father that hath bought thee? hath he not made thee, and established thee? 

Deu 32:7  Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee. 

Deu 32:8  When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel. 

Deu 32:9  For the LORD’S portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance. 

Deu 32:10  He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of his eye. 

Deu 32:11  As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings: 

Deu 32:12  So the LORD alone did lead him, and there was no strange god with him. 

Deu 32:13  He made him ride on the high places of the earth, that he might eat the increase of the fields; and he made him to suck honey out of the rock, and oil out of the flinty rock; 

Deu 32:14  Butter of kine, and milk of sheep, with fat of lambs, and rams of the breed of Bashan, and goats, with the fat of kidneys of wheat; and thou didst drink the pure blood of the grape. 

Deu 32:15  But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked: thou art waxen fat, thou art grown thick, thou art covered with fatness; then he forsook God whichmade him, and lightly esteemed the Rock of his salvation. 

Deu 32:16  They provoked him to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations provoked they him to anger. 

Deu 32:17  They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up, whom your fathers feared not. 

Deu 32:18  Of the Rock that begat thee thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee. 

Deu 32:19  And when the LORD saw it, he abhorred them, because of the provoking of his sons, and of his daughters. 

Deu 32:20  And he said, I will hide my face from them, I will see what their end shall be: for they are a very froward generation, children in whom is no faith. 

Deu 32:21  They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities: and I will move them to jealousy with those which are not a people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation. 

Deu 32:22  For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains. 

Deu 32:23  I will heap mischiefs upon them; I will spend mine arrows upon them. 

Deu 32:24  They shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat, and with bitter destruction: I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison of serpents of the dust. 

Deu 32:25  The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy both the young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs. 

Deu 32:26  I said, I would scatter them into corners, I would make the remembrance of them to cease from among men: 

Deu 32:27  Were it not that I feared the wrath of the enemy, lest their adversaries should behave themselves strangely, and lest they should say, Our hand is high, and the LORD hath not done all this. 

Deu 32:28  For they are a nation void of counsel, neither is there any understanding in them. 

Deu 32:29  O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end! 

Deu 32:30  How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had shut them up? 

Deu 32:31  For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges. 

(Their Stone of Scone is not our Stone of Scone. Their Holy Grail is not our Holy Grail)


Deu 32:32 For their vine is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah: their grapes aregrapes of gall, their clusters are bitter:

Deu 32:33 Their wine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps.

Deu 32:34 Is not this laid up in store with me, and sealed up among my treasures?

Deu 32:35 To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.

Deu 32:36 For the LORD shall judge his people, and repent himself for his servants, when he seeth that their power is gone, and there is none shut up, or left.

Deu 32:37 And he shall say, Where are their gods, their rock in whom they trusted,

Deu 32:38 Which did eat the fat of their sacrifices, and drank the wine of their drink offerings? let them rise up and help you, and be your protection.

Deu 32:39 See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand.

Deu 32:40 For I lift up my hand to heaven, and say, I live for ever.

Deu 32:41 If I whet my glittering sword, and mine hand take hold on judgment; I will render vengeance to mine enemies, and will reward them that hate me.

Deu 32:42 I will make mine arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh; and thatwith the blood of the slain and of the captives, from the beginning of revenges upon the enemy.

Deu 32:43 Rejoice, O ye nations, with his people: for he will avenge the blood of his servants, and will render vengeance to his adversaries, and will be merciful unto his land, and to his people.

Deu 32:44 And Moses came and spake all the words of this song in the ears of the people, he, and Hoshea the son of Nun.

Deu 32:45 And Moses made an end of speaking all these words to all Israel:

Deu 32:46 And he said unto them, Set your hearts (harps) unto all the words which I testify among you this day, which ye shall command your children to observe to do, all the words of this law.

Deu 32:47  For it is not a vain thing for you; because it is your life: and through this thing ye shall prolong your days in the land, whither ye go over Jordan to possess it. 

We’ll all be singing the Song of Moses throughout the coming plagues, praising God and explaining why we’re going through all this crap… I mean all these labor pains. We already sing the song of Moses… but the music is going to get much louder and people are going to understand the lyrics.

Have a great day man!

Lazarus is You Today! The truth of this Story Revealed.

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The Battle of Badr and the Flock of Christ!

Jesus once asked, “Who is my Mother and Brother?” He did this to underscore the spiritual reality of our soul. Who created us? Who Loves Us? Who do we show our devotion to?

Recently we have heard of massive produce shortages. Thousands of Cows dying in the heat in Kansas (we aren’t in Kansas anymore ;)) and almost 16000 sheep drowning in the Red Sea.

This following video I shared on YouTube will highlight some amazing points. Don’t be caught unaware. Enjoy this video because we are all going somewhere… To the Kingdom of God. Please do like, subscribe, comment and share. And check out the links in the video for new merch, and links to all my socials and novel. Much love Jacob