Who are we? Why are we here? What is heaven? What is hell? A short video blog by Jacob Israel about the mystery of life and who we are in it all. And Who we are is AMAZING.

6 thoughts on “JACOB TALKS Mystery!

  1. Linda Keith January 26, 2010 / 6:57 AM

    Hi Jacob, it is good reading your articles. I enjoy MOST of them, but not all. lol I do respect you for being the “studier” that you are and not being afraid to voice your opinion.

    On the article, “Is Jesus, God”, I would like to comment on it. I hate doing this because I DO get long winded. lol But, here goes: you said:

    The question I pose today is… Are many misled into worshipping something they should not. If there is only ONE GOD, and ONE SON (Humanity, either dead in ADAM (Soulish ways) or Risen in CHRIST (QUICKENING SPIRIT) then why the confusion? And if Jesus is GOD, then why the confusion?

    First, I would like to say, that I know that not a lot of folks agree with me, but we must be true to what we feel that WE are being shown. #1 your words above, are taught of the bible. Me and the bible do not see eye to eye. I have studied out the “making” of the bible and have found that it IS A BOOK WRITTEN BY MAN. I do believe that MAYBE the original was inpiried by the Spirit, but man has messed with it to the point that it is not reliable. There are some truths in it, but they are few and far between. The scripture that says, “all scripture is inspired by God and good for……”; even that scripture was added to. The word “is” was added. This leaves us with the idea or choice to make, (without the word, IS) that SOME of the scripture was inspired, but not all or it all is. My choice is the first. Even Paul calls the Gospel “Paul’s Gospel”. So, it is clear, at least to me, that ONLY the Spirit can give us the Truth. And is it not written that “God wrote His word in OUR HEART? So to me, that leaves me with one choice. Seek within. And of course, IF we receive a Truth and it is not compliable with church teaching, one is a false teacher. I think that this is the MAIN reason for all the confusion.

    Second you said, “First of all, we all would agree Jesus never came out and said. “I am God” … He did say “Before Abraham was (I AM)” – But let’s be real, according to scripture, before Abraham was, WE ALL WERE AS WELL… And we don’t go around claiming to be God, DO WE? — And No, I’m not talking about you “Crazy Carl” on the corner.”
    LOL, I don’t know “Crazy Carl”, but if he says that he is God, I totally agree with him. I will say, we are not in the maturity of God, YET, but we heading in that direction. So, Carl, you go man! As you said, in the next sentence, “most didn’t even believe that Jesus was God, let alone God”, well are we not going through the same thing. Most do not believe that they must walk through the realm of being a son of God, let alone believe that they are God. And as man just wants to worship man, not only does man want that, MAN IS DOING THAT, in the person of their teacher, preache, priest, pastor, or whoever. Man wants to worship man so much, that they have allowed themselves to come to the point of being FEARFUL to disagree with what they are taught. It is like the blind leading the blind.

    You said: “Many look to John Chapter One as the answer… But if you read carefully, and closely inspect the text. John 1 is not saying Jesus is God, John states the Word (God’s Truth and Spirit) is GOD… And then goes on to say that “the law came by Moses, but grace and truth by Jesus Christ..” Many will say this line makes it clear that Jesus is the Word which is also God. But does it? ” Can I ask a question? Why do you capitalize the word “Word”? Why does the bible capitalize that word? In reality, back in the time that the bible was written, and when the scrolls were written, NO CAPITALIZATION was even used. Nor paragraphs, nor numbering of verses and chapters. The capitalization, I think, gives people the “idea” that this word “Word” is special; in other words WE have added OUR OWN interpretation to the meaning. ADDING. Exactly what was done in the beginning of the bible. Know what I mean?

    I am so totally in agreement with your words; “Adam was the 1st MAN (soulish/ignorant) and Jesus was the LAST (Enlightened/resurrected). – These are symbols people, allegories, parables, literal or non literal aside, they are for our learning, and the story is ours as well. But moving on.Jesus was the LAST ADAM (Man)… Clearly making his humanity known.” I did study out when the Change of Mind Began (it’s on my website Sigler.org/keith) and what most need to do is study out for themselves, the DIFFERENCE ing God and the Lord God. I won’t go into that right now, but I will say this. It was the Lord God, (us) that changed the thinking , fromGod thinking to natural thinking. God DID NOT call the Man, He created, Adam. It was the Lord God who changed the name. It was God Who created man, male and female ( and I do understand that there is a Spiritual meaning to this) but it was the Lord God who thought , “Oh no, God was wrong, it is not good that MAN SHOULD BE ALONE”. Well man wasn’t alone, he had the woman within him. See what I mean about being long winded? lol But, to make my point, it is MY thinking that the entire bible is parable, symbolic, and allegories, just to help us to learn to GET THE SPIRIT TO TELL YOU TRUTH of ALL THINGS.

    You said, “Keep in mind, while reading this essay that never once did Jesus say he was God. He called himself two things “The Son of Man” and “The Son of God”I started this essay with a quote from Malachi = God doesn’t change. We must keep this in mind as well.” The word for GOD in Genesis one is Elohim. Elohim means PLURAL GOD. Not GODS, but God. Again, here we each have our own interpretation, and we all say, we received our interpretation from the Spirit, so who is correct? We DID COME OUT FROM WITHIN GOD. That is what that little word “OF” means; out from within. Did not the flesh man Jesus, say, “my father and I are ONE?” Any way you look at it, ONE IS ONE. WE can say that “one means….”, so again who is correct? Does not God/Elohim fill, dwell, and make up our Being, in these bodies? True the body is not God, but what makes up what dwells within these bodies are. I mean, if He lives in the bodies, then Who is the True Identity OF the bodies? We are the SAME SPIRIT that God is, are we not, since there is ONLY ONE SPIRIT, and we are Spirit, dwelling in a body. Just as the chruch has taught us of “evil spirits, spirits of lust, spirits of greed, spirits of…..on and on.” and yet THERE IS ONLY ONE SPIRIT. I changed those words of “spirit of…” to ATTITUDES of…., yes, I changed the bible that MAN wrote. Shame on me. lol

    Next, you said; “In Deuters 4 we see that when God “appeared to Mankind” he did not appear in any VISIBLE FORM, and we learn we should NEVER liken God to Man or Beast, or Stars in the Sky, basically anything that is seen… CHECK IT!
    DEUT 4:15 YOU SAW NO FORM of any kind the day the LORD spoke to you at Horeb out of the fire. Therefore watch yourselves very carefully, 16 so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol, an image of any shape, whether formed like a man or a woman, 17 or like any animal on earth or any bird that flies in the air, 18 or like any creature that moves along the ground or any fish in the waters below. 19 And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars—all the heavenly array—do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the LORD your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven.
    Well doesn’t the same bible tell us, “God is all in all” or will be “all in all”. You see, I dont think we can go by the OT. It is only to show us the mistakes of the people of that age. But again, this is just MY interpretation.

    Could this be man’s biggest offense? Worshipping the Image of Jesus “the Man” as Jesus “the God”, as opposed to seeing Jesus is the image of GOD… God’s only begotten SON, which is the only way to the FATHER… Which is what scripture clearly says Jesus Christ is. Well Jesus WAS A MAN; he laid aside all glory and privilege of God and became as man. So, why did Jesus the man, call God “Father”.? When in reality, the bible does not tell us that we are created in the image of Jesus, the Son, it tells us that we were created in the image of GOD/ELOHIM, it doesn’t tell us that God is our Father. It does SOUND very religious to say, “oh God IS our Father”, but it was a MAN who called Him, Father. not God or Elohim. could this be another religious mask that we have to figure out? I don’t mean figure out with our natural mind, but the God Mind that we changed from. The scripture says….. the scripture says……, well we have to remember it was MAN who wrote the scripture. It was MAN who dicided what would go into the bible and what was not profitable to THOSE WHO DICIDED what could be put in it.

    You said, “The Image of Something is NOT the Something, it is merely a REPRESENTATION of that Something. Which makes that SOMETHING KNOWN… Make sense? I sure hope so, because I am CONFUSED by what I just wrote. I would also like to draw attention to the words “INVISIBLE GOD” – Invisible is NOT VISIBLE. Being invisible is something I know a thing or two about. When I was a youngster, BEING INVISIBLE AND FLYING were my two COVETED favorite superpowers… So, believe me… YOU CAN’T SEE AN INVISIBLE GOD, just like you can’t see me, when I wear my neighbor cloke of invisibility (I’m telling you, the dude is wacky!) So you cannot see an INVISIBLE GOD, but the INVISIBLE GOD can be man MANIFEST (REVEALED) BY ITS IMAGE. (Jesus Christ) So, you CAN see THE IMAGE of the INVISIBLE GOD. This is the whole point of Humanity and Jesus to begin with. “Let us make MAN in our IMAGE”

    Well I see it as this; IF the IMage came out from within a thing; made of the very substance of that thing and has the very fullness of that thing, then that image IS THAT THING. WE came out of God, or more correctly stated, we came OUT FROM WITHIN GOD, and STILL have His Fullness and was THEN formed. Like God, we have never CHANGED; from what we are created, the only thing that has changed is OUR THINKING about it. And all that changing of the mind is what started this whole illusion of being separated from God; not being worthy enough to BE What we are made to be; thinking that we are an “image” of something instead of BEING EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE MADE. We were not made as a SON, or a Father, but the VERY IMAGE and same Being that we are made of. (out form within). Being a son is just a step in our journey of returning to BE what and Who we Truely are. We ARE a SPIRIT BEING that IS INVISIBLE, in this formed body, but when we change realms, we are what we are, a Spirit Being. Our Life does not end just because we are invisible, in fact , it goes until we LEARN or REMEMBER our Truth. True, God is not a MAN, and neither are we. These bodies are simply veheciles. Again, this is just MY interpretation.

    I won’t type all the words are that tell what you belive that Jesus is; but where I differ with you is that I don’t believe JESUS is all those things, he was just a man, but I do believe that CHRIST is and was all of those things that you believe Jesus is. The difference is in what you and I believe on this subject , I THINK, is that you believe that Jesus was the Christ, which he was, but I see Christ not as a PERSON, but God’s Life flowing through each one of us, that will ALLOW it to flow. So in reality, we are all Christ, God’s Life, whether we know it or not. We WILL all come to know it.

    You said, “I’m sorry to say, if we worship Jesus as God, IF he is NOT GOD, then we would be committing BIG TIME IDOLATRY… and vice versa, If Jesus is GOD, and what I believe is a bunch of Hogwash, which could be true (as I am a man, not perfect, and as I have been corrected in the past, I understand I make mistakes) then I have made big boo boo to begin with
    You see, this is an example, and it is not condemning , it just that these are YOUR words, so I am using your words as an example: the bible that you believe tells us; 1. you are perfect 2. you are holy 3. you are righteous 4. you are as he is 5 you are his fullness 6. you are that same Spirit that he is (what we were created, AND CANNOT CHANGE 7. you know ALL THINGS. And yet you believe that you are “as I am a man, not perfect”. These are two different realms of understanding. The egoand religious mind has made us to think that we should be ashamed to say Who, What We ARE. IF we say we are not these things, then it is US makeing God a liar. And our idol has became the MAN that we THINK we are.

    As for all the scriptures that you listed, read Proverbs 22:17-20. it says, “Boe down thine ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply thine heart unto MY knowledge. For it is a pleasant thing if thou keep them WITHIN THEE: they shall withal be fitted in thy lips. That thy trust may be in the Lord, I have made know to thee this day, even to thee. (20) Have not I written to thee EXCELLENT things in counsels and knowledge that I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth; that thoumightest answer the words of truth to them that send unto thee?” This word “excellent” is number799. It means “3 REALMS OF UNDERSTANDING. ALL of the scriptures lised has AT LEAST 3 realms of understanding to each of them. Yes we CAN study out the meaning of words, (which we end up with the teachings of MAN , AGAIN) but the Spirit will guide us into all the realms of understanding. After all, all 3 ARE WITHIN US. Yes, just as in the day of the man, Jesus, when we hear a new understanding, WHO IS GOING TO BELIEVE US? But, I do think that the Spirit, does and will give understanding.

    And please know, that the reason I added my two cents worth, here, is because I know that you do not have a condemning or mean attitude in your body and I knew that I could share my understanding to yours. I do not mean to try to conform you to MY way of thinking, just adding mine to yours.
    In His love,
    Linda Keith

  2. Thomas Song January 6, 2010 / 7:02 PM

    a very wonderful essay that brings up the truth.

  3. Sharon DIbenedetto/ Cher Sterling January 2, 2010 / 1:01 PM

    Greetings Jacob,
    Happy New Year!
    I must share that this video is excellent. My Desire for 2010 is that people wil look with in and KNOW that they are back in the Garden walking with Christ Jesus, as I had true experience being in Paradise and Jesus told me we are the Garden of God and that we walk in, not in the flesh but is Spirit.
    Love and enspired by your Messages. God Bless you..for telling the TRUTH!!
    Love and Blessings
    your Sister, Sharon

  4. Bobbie Cotton December 21, 2009 / 9:26 AM

    Hi Jacob! Thank you so much for saying we are all sons & daughters of God, so we must be God’s ourselves!I have always tried to get that message across to others.If RELIGIONS, would be left behind & spirituality embraced…we could all be as one!And what may THAT MANY god’s be able to accomplish? What COULDN’T we accomplish?

  5. berita mooneyhan December 20, 2009 / 9:43 AM

    Wow! Loved the insight! Need to remember WHO we are. Keep going J. Shalom

  6. starla31 December 20, 2009 / 6:48 AM

    Great Video Blog…good reminder of what we are and who we are…THANK YOU FRIEND for your faithfulness to keep speaking the truth in any form the Lord gives you to use!!

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