ANGEL and DEMON lie!

The ANGEL and DEMON lie!

I’m tired of seeing the theatrics of so-called demon possesed men and women showing up at church and the so-called Religious leader “casting these demons out”. It’s hard to watch such nonsence and see those in attendance believe. It’s hard to know the truth of what a devil/demon and Angel really is, and not be able to track each of these false teachers down and put them in their place for what they have stolen from those they are supposed to give freely to.

“My people are perished for their lack of knowledge and understanding”

This saying is very true. People will not listen to sound teaching, doctrine that is simple, not complex. Truth that deals with the heart of mankind, not some supernatural non-existent creatures that either minister or torment us.

Jesus said, “My words are SPIRIT and TRUTH” – In this one simple phrase we understand that WORDS which come from THOUGHTS, are SPIRITS. Some of our thoughts are TRUE, some are LIES.

These are the ANGELS and DEMONS/DEVILS that scripture speaks of. Our thoughts, and those that manifest these thoughts are their MESSENGERS. I hope this video sheds the LIGHT on the darkness that has been around for so very long. Jacob

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  1. VANESSA JACKSON September 5, 2020 / 10:15 PM

    Jacob. I am unable to view this video. It says it is private.

  2. Rhonda Parker June 16, 2012 / 8:06 AM

    Mark 7:15

    There is nothing outside of man entering into man that can defile him, but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man.

    This scripture set me free from spooky creatures trying to get me , or interphere with my life. But it showed me to be careful of my thoughts and words to others , and others words to me. We must take them captive and not let them exalt themselves above the truth of Gods words, which when has become revealed to your heart can protect and save you.

  3. Vicki R Forney February 20, 2012 / 8:48 AM

    Thats how powerful our thoughts acted on are, for the good or bad, coming forth from our tongue/mouth. Thats why the bible warns us to take every thought captive, and the mouth/tongue is corrupt and evil. Think on these things, goodness, kindness, uplifting, etc…so then what comes out of your mouth is good and pleasing to God, uplifting and loving others. Action happens on what comes from your thoughts to words unleashed, it depends what you unleash, blessings or curses. When God speaks, His Words do not return to Him void, so wouldn’t our words spoken move and act too, to what we just unleashed from our thoughts.

  4. Vicki R Forney February 18, 2012 / 11:08 PM

    I have read all the comments and your writtings, I am trying to understand this, because of my past life with my ex and witchcraft, I saw things felt things, heard things, was attacked, held down by nothing in the room, I was all that was home. I saw manifestions, heads floating, my young son screaming from a floating head in his room over him, we all saw and heard and felt it. but we found out my ex motherin law and her pottery in our home a high priest witch, sent protection, she called her indian apache guides and they attacked us and her son had to call her to retreve them and we had to break and crush and get all the pottery out of the house. So she sent forth from her thoughts those spirits to our home, a manifestation from her, from her thoughts, her creating them and loosening them onto us. They came from her. And when I saw my future husbands head floating across th room twice at me and I could hear him say my name when his head passed thru me, he asked me if I got his message, we were 3hours away. So he sent forth from his thoughts the manifestation of his head floating at me and intering me to hear him speak my name. He was drawing me was why he sent the messages. Because of thoughts and manifestation from him and his mother, by them meditating. These people who confess to be witches seem to have a better hold on thoughts and manifesting them better then we who went to church all our life and are so ignorant. They seem to know something we don’t and understand something we don’t, and know how to use it. They can draw from the spirit and cast it forward into being/manifesting. We learnfaith is action, I guess religious people pray but don’t act, they don’t move forward, they sit there and wait and wait and wait, faith w/o action. Like the pool of sour water, the action of faith was a branch was thrown into the pool and the water became sweet. Moses hit the rock and then water poured from it, he raised a rod and things happened, an act followed faith. These proclaimed witches know how to act on something and bring it about, their faith is strong. I was beaten, broken, crying, praying to God, too weak to take action, my faith was weak, the beatings weaken you, and their goal is to weaken you so your faith is weak.

    • jacobisrael71 February 19, 2012 / 8:02 AM

      Vicki, I can’t deny what you experienced as I didn’t have it. I’m not about to say that what you experienced was either your imagination, a dream, or didn’t happen regardless of my beliefs because this was your experience. Our minds can manifest sights and sounds and when I was a kid I swear to this day i saw the Easter Bunny, I still have the vivid memory of it, but I know there is no such thing as an easter bunny, but there was the will to believe in an Easter Bunny. I don’t believe in demonic spirit being that are outside of us, possesing us, but I do believe in powerful thoughts and beliefs that posses us and can get us to see, hear and do about anything if we are possesed by them. Regardless of what you went through, trust that God will use even those events to bring you into his truth. I wish I had more to give you on this. Peace to you and yours, Jacob

      • Vicki R Forney February 20, 2012 / 8:35 AM

        The thing is I am not the only one that was affected, my sons have seen and been held down, my husband was held down, we all heard things, walking loudly, doors and drawers opening and slaming, we were awake, just went to bed, and the house was quite, then all of a sudden all this comotion happened , then screaming from my 8 yr old son. I remarried 07 to Joe, he had a past problem, his bedridden wife let this sharman woman come to their home and brought her mushrooms and pot to help with the pain, Joe got upset and flushed everything and ordered that woman gone, then things started to happen to him, he was being held down too and couldn’t move, couldn’t scream out, this big man, then he started seeing this dark headed women appearing, and his wife saw her too, all of this happened after Joe got this Sharman women mad. Joe says he was held down about 12 different times, and it scared him and upset him, and he always wanted to know why and how could this be. Joe was surprized when I told him I had the same experience too, that I knew what he was talking about. Both joe and I never experienced this stuff before and wasn’t raised that way, we were scared and it was confusing, we didn’t know who to talk too about this, or who would believe us, its embarrasing also. But it did happen we were awake, and of sound mind, we were thinking on other things, daily life, work, kids, not even given thought to all that, so it didn’t come from our minds. BUT, BUT, it always involved someone else, that was either mad, or wanted to disrupt are life or scare us, or drawl us to them, or to weaken us, make valunerable. But the physical beating came thru a real person, but not the holding down, the holding down had your vocal cord too, you could not scream out or get away. To my understanding now, it came from the thoughts/mind of the person/persons that sent the thoughts forward from themselves to be manifested onto the person they directed their thoughts onto, so wouldn’t that be like a curse they placed on you. We are to Bless and not curse. Our thoughts are powerful, and when it is sent out by our tongues/mouth, they become, so we are to take every thought captive and watch our tongues and words. So its not a devil spirit coming at us, its those people themself sending forth from their thoughts thru their tongue/words, which manifest, thats how powerful our thoughts and tongue/words are, and witches know this and sharmans too. It was real, we were awake, it happened many times over many yrs, we have run into others that this has happened too. Our minds were on a normal life path for that day, it comes out of the blue and surprises you, you can be vaccuming, doing your bills at the desk, resting, cooking at the stove, folding clothes, your mind is not on any of this, then it comes, and what a weird thing to happen and confusing, then after your left with, what just happened. Expecially when it happens the first time and your like, what was that, how can this be, I was at the bible store looking for books on this and reading their stories, I wanted to know what was happening to me.

  5. thomas gilchrist October 7, 2011 / 4:28 PM

    thanks brother ;i am enjoying you essays!!!

  6. yashuasaves September 17, 2011 / 8:48 PM

    Hey Jacob, i just read your reply comment in mi email box, hope this is the right place to reply it lol i think i got confused last time cos i was meant be answering the comment someone posted saying their child was involved in witchcraft and smoking weed, i was trying to say that the 2 is not connected that weed is ok with God from mi overstanding. yeah its a gateway drug but not like the govt have us believe ie not a gateway to heroin and stuff but gateway to Christ if you use it rite. I bit tired now but i will be back to check your blog out again i really enjoyed reading it. forgive me if i got it twisted but i like a lot of what your saying about demons and satan etc. I kinda feel at the moment that it is both that satan was an angel cast down from heaven, tho maybe was part of Gods plan else why GOd allow him in the garden, tho i suppose maybe was just a test, tho i get the idea we had to experience being seperated from Him in order to really know ourselves and get back or whatever. I agree, if that is what you are saying 2, that canae just blame it all on satan. i see demons also as a projection of me and mi dark side etc. sometimes i think demons are like angels in reverse. stay blessed

    • jacobisrael71 September 18, 2011 / 8:32 AM

      Well that explains it! Glad you are sharing with others with thoughts on things, we do learn from each other and everyone has something to offer, even if we all don’t agree. We must love and have patience with each other, this is something I am learning well. Peace and Thanks for stopping by man!

      • yashuasaves October 4, 2011 / 10:15 PM

        Hey Jacob, thanks. sorry for late reply had a fire at my place couple weeks ago so not been there had no internet. lucky was a window open i woke up and got out. hope is not meaning signifigant what happening to me on the astral planes or whatever. maybe i should be making the most of what cud be a window of opportunity before it shuts but i feel i slipping down jacobs ladder, again. like i say i enjoy what i have read so far of your blog. yur right too i need share more. so just dropped a next comment on re that hindu thing. hope i dont sound like i pimping some new world order linking all these religions up. maybe is better than religions fighting and killing in Gods name when lots of the leaders seem be worshipping money and invisible demons. though a lot of what ppl call the new world order seems be same world order been here since babylon was Iraq, reminds me of what Erich Fromm said about the machine starting back in those days. cant mind what book was in. maybe we do need a new world order but more like the curtis mayfield song…,t=1,mt=video

        stay blessed….

  7. Penny Duncan May 2, 2011 / 6:59 PM

    Very interesting Jacob. I have a question. If the devil(s) are lies in our thinking(& I believe they are)…is THE Devil an actual being?

    • jacobisrael71 May 3, 2011 / 6:32 AM

      No Penny, I don’t believe the Devil is an actual being. I think it is our lowest form of thought, our ignorance, Freud would call it our ID. Here is one way of looking at it, the Devil Tempts = in James we learn “when we are tempted we are drawn away by our own lusts.” The Devil is a Liar – Carnal Man is a liar. The devil only cares about the things of man (when Jesus spoke to peter “get thee behind me satan thou carest only for the things of man) – Carnal Man only cares about the things of man… Satan is a symbol of ADVERSE THINKING. Remember Jesus called many people Devils, and Satan. These are simply words our the flesh (carnal mind) that opposes the Spirit of God. My take anyway.

  8. marvin February 19, 2011 / 10:17 PM

    Jacob This is truly awesome.I thank God for the truth that He is pouring through you.The truth is setting us FREE.I thank God that we are being set free from those old religious lies that old mannna Oh glory to God .May YOU be encouraged and blessed love you brother Jacob

    • jacobisrael71 February 20, 2011 / 8:35 AM

      Marvin thanks so much my friend! I am encouraged by your words, it means a lot to me. Jacob

  9. David Larsen December 30, 2010 / 10:51 AM

    Jacob I did not say any thing to you about christmas
    I simply stated that santa claus is a lie you asume to much. I have not come here to make you out a liar you have done that your self and for any who truly seek truth this should be evedent. I was leaving your site you are the one who asked me to stay. As for the day of the Lord you are the one who need to be in fear. The things you try to tell people are lies and not the words of God. I came to warn you to stop such things the ones you are lying to are Gods children and you say you came in His name. That is not true. Just as your name Jacob Israel is false so are the things you write in that name. Were you afraid no one would listen if you came in your own or was it to sell more books. I dont care what you write my self almost all of it fiction the problem is you seem to think it is truth and try to convince others it is too. Take the name of Jesus Christ off of it and there will be no problem continue on and the problem will be yours. I have did my part and will leave. Do what ever you think is right the ball is in your court now.

  10. David Larsen December 30, 2010 / 4:13 AM

    I guess we only have the ministry of Jesus to go by and that does not seem to be good enough for you.
    Read Mark Chapter 5:8 Jesus said come out of the man though unclean spirit. He delt with this as something other then the man and his thoughts. Do you really believe that jesus just cast some lies out of the man and this mans bad thoughts caused a bunch of pigs to run down a hill and throw them selves in the sea? Come on Jacob you are the one who is living in fairy tales. And what does santa clause have to do with any of this? Like I have told you I have delt with these thing first hand just like Jesus did and like Him I know they are not just what people believe as in lies or truth.
    That may play a part but it is much more then that.
    I have worked with Guys like you who have thought they were just dealing with something that was not really real. And like in the book of acts they were sent running and barley saved their own life. Go read where the fellow was trying to cast out demons and ended up getting a beating and his clothes ripped off. Because he like you did not understand what he was really dealing with. Not one time do I ever hear in any of the books of the bible where jesus said dont bother me you just have some bad thoughts He delt with the devil and demons and peoples problems with the power of God and they were made free.

  11. David Larsen December 29, 2010 / 8:03 AM

    Never once did Jesus act as if the things that He cast out of people were just thoughts. These things were and are real and by telling people otherwise you are doing them a dis service. I my self have seen many of these things first hand and more then once was called by name from someone I never meant.
    And it was not by the person themselves it was clearly something that possed them. I will agree that sometimes church folk work things up. But if Jesus is our example and He should be. He never treated these things lightly as if they were just some thoughts or something. Do you think you know something He did not? Read the book of acts and see where paul cast the devil out of the girl folling them. It was a spirit and after she no longer had it she was no longer good to those she worked for.
    This was clearly something more then thoughts.

    • jacobisrael71 December 29, 2010 / 9:10 AM


      Of course you can believe whatever you want to believe. My children still believe Santa is real with every fiber of their being. But I believe if a demon is the spawn of SATAN and SATAN is the Father of ALL LIES, that would make a demon a “lie”… And the only thing that can rid a person of LIES is the TRUTH. Since THE WORD of GOD is TRUTH, it would only stand to reason that the TRUTH casts out the LIES people believe, and returns them to their RIGHT (GOD CENTRIC) MIND. David, I will say without a shadow of a doubt what I presented is truth, and anyone who presents spooky creatures as some sort of intelligent beings that possess us, is believing a fairy tale. And the word ANGEL simply means MESSENGER of God. We have thoughts of TRUTH and LIES, there are ministering SPIRITS (THOUGHTS) AND TORMENTING ONES… Man, really come on now… people are putting so much more faith in something that should be reserved for the movies than the Truth of God. Blaming some demon for a person’s actions takes all responsibility away from the person, there are a variety of reasons people say and do the things they do, and it all follows what they BELIEVE (either the lie or the truth) – then of course there is mental illness, which has nothing to do with spooky creatures either. So I am going to have to strongly agree to disagree with you David. If you want to believe that, that is fine, but please consider what I have written and is written, and I have said and is said on the subject, as opposed to just believing what others preachers or religious leaders have taught you. Peace my man, and I really felt like I needed to address this head on, because people have enough to deal with and worry about, and they will never be free so long as they think there is some enemy outside of them, and they never once realize the enemy is their false beliefs. Peace

      • jacobisrael71 December 29, 2010 / 9:13 AM

        And David to address what you brought up. JESUS SAID, MY WORDS ARE SPIRIT… Words come from THOUGHTS. The only ENEMY OF GOD is the CARNAL MIND… the Flesh is emnity with the SPIRIT…. And the last thing I will leave you with is, SCRIPTURE IS AN ALLEGORY! NEVER WAS IT MEANT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY. Paul said the LETTER KILLS (makes ignorant) for a reason. Peace bro

      • David Larsen December 30, 2010 / 4:27 AM

        Jacob if your children still believe in Santa Claus with every fiber of their being as you have said it is because you have not told them the truth. Why would you who are suppose to be preachimg truth allow your own children whom I would think you love allow them to be brought up believing a lie. And you try to tell me I am not speaking truth. My son is 25 years old and never one day of his life did he believe in santa claus because i have always told him truth because i love him. And because i love you I only speak truth because God is light and in Him is no darKness at all. All lies or any thing other then truth is not of God any thing that is not of God is of the devil. But if the devil can convince every one that He dosent really exsist but acting as if he is god then people will continue to be bound by him. This is one of the reasons why I asked you about your name. God knows who you really are and so do I. Do you?

      • jacobisrael71 December 30, 2010 / 7:56 AM


        Do you honestly believe you are somehow better off spiritually than I am because you kept your child from enjoying Christmas? Look all of your comments say more about your insecurity in your faith than your security in it. You aren’t the first and certainly won’t be the last to come here, read freely, and than tear down “me” as an individual for writing what I wrote. But that doesn’t make any of it less true. David, YOU (your EGO) IS THE ONLY DEVIL there is. Man come out of the fog of religious jibberish. The only ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN (moses) is YOUR BELIEF in religious laws, rites, and traditions. You’ll tempt people to turn STONE (dead laws) into Bread, the EGO will tempt you to WORSHIP THE EGO because by doing this, its all abotu YOUR WORKS not GOD, and YOUR EGO leads you to believe by doing this, you can have it all. Last but not least, David, the PIGS (don’t cast your pearls before swine) are CARNAL PEOPLE who will eat whatever slop the EGO (DEVIL) AND RELIGIOUS antichrist (opposed to truth) will feed them. In the SWINE is the only place LIES can find a home. Since you obviously are still so rooted in the hocus pocus of religious spooky demons, devils, spells, and withchcraft, and don’t see that you are filled with all of these, you should not come to this site. And regardless of how much you write, or try and state how wrong I am, it doesn’t change a thing. If you were secure in your faith and knew what you believed to be true, you would have no need to try and prove me wrong. But since you can’t prove me wrong, than that means, you could be completely wrong, and that is a scary place to be. “The day of the lord is scary David! – So either read, enjoy and try and keep it friendly or don’t come on here. Because to be honest, I am no longer going to answer these type of comments, not because I don’t have an answer, obviously I could type answers till my fingers fall off, but because it won’t make any difference. You are where you are and that is fine with me, I am not worried about you or your salvation. In fact, if you’ve read any of the essays on here, you’re better off than you were before. Because they are no imprinted in your spirit and one day the truth of it will be revealed. Now go and enjoy your life, more important work to be done than trying to correct some guy who simply loves to share his faith. Peace Jacob

    • Stevo July 15, 2011 / 10:48 PM

      David what the guy in this video did not tell you is, is that Jesus had come to remove the CURSE (Duet 28) that God had placed upon them for continual disobedience and these people were schizophrenic (mad) in the 1st century from these CURSES and thought they were demon possessed (Pharisaic teaching of the day). Let me know what you think.

    • yashuasaves October 4, 2011 / 10:00 PM

      Hey David, trust me i really feel what your saying, i see these demons and things around me sometimes or sense them, i get glimpses of them too maybe sometimes in my and other peoples faces. I believe as you do that they are real, at least in some sense but then its hard to say exactly whats real in this world especially with all the science stuff and that saying we like in a holographic reality. I also really feel what Jacob is saying, that in a lot of ways these entites are thought forms and are not real in the essential sense, as God, as the manifestation of love is the only real true reality.. or the other side of the coin is how Jacob says that satan is the father of lies. You would know a lot better than me but im sure there is references in the bible to the way that God just thinks of things and they are. If we are created by God in his image then it would make sense that our thoughts also manifest outside of ourselves in some way. All this stuff will fade away insha’allah/God Willing, like the qu’ran says all falsehood must perish. must be why i lost so much weight recently…:-) Hope you understand what im saying, i am agreeing with you they are real, all the religius books talk about it, shaman and gnostics have always known it and stuff. So its real in this world, which is like the devils playground, a world of illusions smoke and mirrors but theres a bigger brighter reality beyond thats Gods world. If you check out the psychoanalyst Dimitri Halleys free videos on youtube he has lots of wisdom about stuff like this. Bless.

  12. Alan August 20, 2010 / 2:18 AM

    Hi brother, I see your love, passion and zeal for the Lord and glorify him. During my visit to your website and the viewing of one of your videos, I happened to notice a symbol in the background. The symbol was an “AUM”. Just like to get your feed back on what is the reason for that symbol, which represents a Hindu doctrine? Peace and Love.

    • jacobisrael71 August 20, 2010 / 3:37 AM

      Alan, thanks so much for your kind words. Well the answer you already figured out. To get people to question why that would be behind me? It’s a mystery for sure 🙂 Alan, much love to you and yours. Peace

      • Alan August 20, 2010 / 8:46 AM

        Ok brother, now please tell me what you understand about it. Thanks.

      • yashuasaves October 4, 2011 / 9:48 PM

        yeah it sure is a mystery, its like we on the magical mystery bus sometimes following the yellow brick road, in my own personal case i like trying get my heart, lion courage, mind, soul and more back but often still feeling like tin tin man. God may be playing the Cosmic Joker, He da Creator guess thats his perogative and then some, but maybe is like the Joker in batman wants to be found leaves bare clues around for us to make like scooby doo , link them up come toegheter try sole some of this mystery babylon. I may just be reflecting my own inner schisms but i sometimes get the idea Yashua/Jesus/Issa, the Messiah, is in all these religions and has been to most countries not just what the bible tells. In the specific case in question, the hindus, lots of ppl are saying India is where He spent His Missing Years. Heres a link to some more info about that

        Issa is also how Jesus is called in the qu’ran. Not sure if it is there i read this next part, i think so but may been somewhere else. Was something about Allah saying some of the Prophets/Messangers came for everyone and everyplace, obviusly that wud be the Messiah but some of the Messangers came for a particular time, place and people. Maybe like Muhammad, tho times change so what may have once been a messanger tailored more for the arab people is now worldwide eg Islam is the worlds fastest growing religion. But as the Messiah came for all times people and places, being the Word that was always with God and laid down before the foundations of the world then i cant help thinking he either travelled to or sent word worldwide. Like in that song new jerusalem i think is called, says “and did those feet in ancient times, walk upon englands mountains green”. There is also the kolbrin bible, said to be half from the black egyptians and half from the irish druids said to be either bought to Ireland by Him or sent by Him. In the americas there is that Celestine Prophecy, i not sure if is meant to just be like stories and myths but then ppl say that about the bible too and any shaman or literary critic can tell you there is lots of truth in myths, all the stories of all the peoples of the worlds seem based on the same archetypes. anyways, that celestine prophecy is said to be written in armaic, the language He spoke.
        I been thinking for a while that if we have had past lifes then its more than likely so has He being so much greater. I know the rastas say He was reincarnated as Haile Selaisse. Makes sense really cos He said He will be with us until the end of the age. I been getting back into Islam recently but more into the Sufi school, they seem the furtherest from these CIA sponsered groups saying they with Allah like Alkeida, sorry cant mind how too spell it, i suppose El-CIA-Duh is a useful spelling lol. Anyway here is an extract from one of their prayers…
        Allow us to recognize Thee in all Thy holy names and forms; as Rama, as Krishna, as Shiva, as Buddha.
        Let us know Thee as Abraham, as Solomon, as Zarathushtra, as Moses, as Jesus, as Mohammed, and in many other names and forms, known and unknown to the world.
        We adore Thy past; Thy presence deeply enlighteneth our being, and we look for Thy blessing in the future.
        O Messenger, Christ, Nabi, the Rasul of God!

        taken from

        Disclaimer – I am currently under some curse from God like deut chapter 28, part of which is confusion, so make like christians and forgive me if anything i say is wrong, dont be led astray just make your own minds up, that cud be what God gave them to us for:-)

  13. G Johnson July 10, 2010 / 7:42 AM

    I have not had the time yet to listen to your video though I will, I love them but just reading above I am not sure this is completely correct. I say this because two times I have seen with my own eyes manifestation of something that does not appear as mans or Gods Spirit rising to the surface or the outward man. I was a prison minister for a few years and in one of our teachings about coming out of the wilderness a large man walked in nearing the end as we begin to pray and silently/quietly praise the Lord. I had invited him to sit beside of me when he came in and he began to softly cry at first then raise his hands when I heard a low growling sound. I could think OH it was jus for show but he slid onto the floor and began to growl, froath at the mouth, face distort when suddenly all of the men were on him pinning him to the floor. Later we learned that he was a pedifile but he did manifest something. Another time I was in a regular meeting with friends when a young women involved in prostatution / drugs etc. came for prayer she began hissing, her face completely changed, COMPLETELY even her eyes looked like a cats, she really did appear like the girl on the exorcist; later she attacted the pastors wife a a very large church near my home town. She was taken to an institution afterward. What do you think caused these things? Thoughts? What do you think is wrong with all of the criminally insane, cutters, and people in insane institutions if not demonic in some form? Thanks for you thoughts and truly I love your writing it is just that sometimes I have SEEN and HEARD though I realize most TV things are for show and money. When my son who is now 32 and out of the Marine Corp after serving in Irak was five years old, I heard a blood curdling scream from upstairs where he was playing in his bedroom in the day time. I came running as fast as I could assumming he was injured, he came flying almost down the stairs screaming he saw a devil on his brothers bed in the opposite room. When he calmed down he began to tell me that he was leaving his room when a movement caught his eye and he looked to see a black chared looking creature standing on my oldest son’s bed. He said that it was like the creature realized he saw him and turned his head rapidly to look at him. He saw it one other time on our kitchen table and went all to pieces. My oldest son had been going to some witchcraft meetings we found out later (he then was fifteen) and smoking pot. No one was home that day but the two of us, HE STILL REMEMBERS IT TODAY AND CAN TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE DOWN TO THE SHOES IT HAD ON. I know it seems odd but the WHY does it we know evil is prevenlent in the world, why should it not take a form? My good friend who is now over a well respected prison ministry experienced rape for years from a an evil dark form half human looking, she is one of the most kind, compassionate loving person I know and has been involved in prison ministry for near 30 years. I myself had an experience of something that jumped on my bed on two occasions……..I was awake, I took authority. Perhaps there is more than we know but these things I have told you are the TRUTH, truth I know for a fact and from the experience. Thanks

    • yashuasaves September 17, 2011 / 4:27 PM

      I like what you say i agree with a lot of it. I sorry to hear your son was previously involved in witchcraft stuff, i think i was in a past life or else my ancestors was that why i cursed with this morgellons. Is from the Most High its like the curse in duterometry chapter 28. SO while i agree that witchcraft is very wrong i am pretty sure that weed is not in the same catergory. I know these rastas smoke weed they are very righteous they are with the most High aka Jah Ras tafari. I used to think weed was making me crazy before when i smoked it but is only because i not righteous and also because i was doing satan’s drugs like anti-psychotics from these psychiatrics which is really code for psychic tricksters the wrong kind of head shrinkers. these govts and most religions are using voodoo and wrong types of magic. I also used lots of street drugs, they just same as govt big pharma drugs really and at least the street dealers are more honest dont try pretend their stuff is good for you.I not saying you are worshiping this white jesus i cant tell from what you say but even though i may be confused by GOd i know the true israelites are not these jew-wish(wish they were the chosen people) but they are realy the black peoples. If you check out the history of Ghana for example you can see that they have a lot of customs that are from the old testament. Yashua was the real son of GOd and he was a black man. i think tthat bible has been twisted and changed its more like libel now. the real man ark of cain is white skin we are like the lepers. That doesnt mean all white people are wrong obviously cos He came for the gentiles too. Yah/Jah bless you and your family and keep you safe.

      • jacobisrael71 September 17, 2011 / 4:41 PM

        My son was never involved in witchcraft LOL… Not sure if you read my blog or not. But thanks for stopping by, my kids are 11, 10, 8, and 3 weeks old, and if they were into witchcraft, I would support them regardless. We are supposed to raise a Child in the “way they should go” teach them to love, forgive, and be compassionate, other than that I trust God. And whether of not Jesus was Black doesn’t bother me at all, in fact, even if I were to find out he never existed I wouldn’t care… Yashuasaves, I wish you did read my blog, come back and read it later and then leave me a comment. Would love to hear your thoughts. Much love Jacob

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