“My People Perish for their Lack of Understanding.” Today, so many people are being taken advantage of by greedy men and women who claim to have the power of God. The internet has been flooded recently with all of these “revival” claims, minister after minister stating that people are being healed in their services. They claim the blind, deaf, lame, diseased, and even the dead are brought back to perfect health at their “churches” or “crusades”. But the days of these Charlatans are coming to an end. People will see that they are empty, vain, fear mongering, biased, prejudice, thieves that care very little for your TRUE HEALING, which is the Healing of the Heart. Watching so many people fall victim to the lies of these so-called profits has truly saddened me. This video is not to claim that miracles do not exist. I myself know God can heal, but I also know that illness has a part to play in our salvation as well. Faith comes by hearing, not by sight. God cares more for the healing of the inward man (Christ/You) then he does for the outward man (the Flesh/Carnal body). Being miraculously healed does not save you, knowing the TRUTH, which is CHRIST, which your is your LIFE does. Please test the spirits (words) to see if they are of God or not, if the focus is on the OUTWARD MAN then it is not the TRUTH. If the focus is on the INWARD MAN, and the works of the Spirit, and love, then you know Christ IS COME (revealed) in the Flesh.

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  1. Laurie September 24, 2012 / 9:57 AM

    You have an awesome week as well!! Oh, one more thing that happened at “That time”. I had a revelation about “Taking the Lords Name in Vain”. It has nothing to do with saying “God Damn it” or “Jesus Christ” when you stub your toe. Where is the “Vanity” in that? At the time I didn’t understand about “Ego” but I knew that there was no “Vanity” in that. “Taking the Lords name in Vain” is attaching it to something he didn’t have ANYTHING to do with. Like how the Church did. Like how the Pastor did. Like how “I” did (at the time) Now I have more defined terms for that…”Taking the Lords name in Vain” is your Ego attaching it to something that isn’t God’s will at all”!!! I tried explaining that to a few people in the Church, before I left. They couldn’t get past seeing “God Damn it” and “Jesus Christ” as being swear words. Their Ego wouldn’t let them see it. I see that so clearly now. But, it was those 2 things that God used to start to open my eyes.

  2. Laurie September 21, 2012 / 5:27 PM

    Wow, Powerful and True. Yes, I came out of a “Word of Faith” church. Full Gospel, what ever label you want to put on it.

    I’m going to “Share” something and bare with me. There is a point to my “Sharing” and it lines up with what you said.

    About 23 years ago, I was in this Church and System. Name it and Claim it. I know you can hear the preachers voice in your head as I posted that! lol 😉

    My 2nd son (I have 4) was born with a Hole in his heart. He was on medication and saw a cardiologist to check on him. It was getting Smaller. I was “Believing God” for a miracle. *rolls eyes* Hang in there with my story…it’s not going to be what you think it’s going to be, ok?

    So, the Pastor and everyone was telling me to “Call things although they are not as though they were”, you know the drill. That I have to receive it by Faith and KEEP it by Faith”.

    I took him to one of his visits to the Cardiologist. They did a routine Ultra Sound and the hole in his heart WAS smaller, but there was a problem. The Aorta has like 3 leafs in it and one of them was sucked into the small hole in my sons heart. The Doctor said he had to be operated on to fix that (get the leaf of the Aorta out) and cover the Hole. I asked if we could wait and give it time to heal on it’s own? They said “No, it can’t heal on it’s own, if we wait, it will turn him into an invalid”.

    I had listened to the Church, I was truly Trying to WORK my Faith *rolls eyes* There was even a healing service in our Church and I took my Son up and the Pastor laid hands on him and prayed. Nothing happened. They kept telling me, it was me and that Satan was trying to steal my Son’s healing. You know the drill, you’ve experienced it and you have seen it. They berate you, condemn you…etc… YOU are the reason he’s not healed.

    The Cardiologist schedule another Ultra sound, right before we were to schedule the Surgery. The night before we were to go, I was praying. I was praying SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hard and “working” everything I could work to try and get that healing.

    Something Miraculous happened that. Something Rose up inside me. I went to the Garden. I tarried…. I then asked for the Cup to pass, but not my will be done, My Father’s will be done. I surrendered. In plain words I said “God, I really don’t want my baby operated on, but if it’s your will, that he go through this Surgery for Some reason that will glorify you…I accept that. Just walk us through it.”

    I had peace. I let go. For the first time I had peace!

    We went for the Ultra sound the next morning. It was the same technician, the Same machine and the same Doctor. Normally this takes 20 minutes. It was taking 45 minutes. My son was getting uncomfortable, I was trying to quiet him and asking God to quiet my fears. I kept surrendering in that little room. THY WILL BE DONE.

    Finally, the Doctor looked at me and said “I can’t explain it, it’s the same technician, the Same machine”. I looked at her and said “Excuse me, I don’t understand”. She said “The Hole in his heart is completely healed, the leaf of the Aorta is back where it should be and it’s as if someone put a new piece of skin over the hole and closed it”. This is documented…I’m not making this up. Then the Doctor said “Pretend he never had a hole in the heart”.

    I was in shock. God healed him. I had nothing to do with it. God did it. The Pastor had nothing to do with it. God did it.

    Of coarse, I couldn’t wait to share this with others in the Church. My pastor called me up and had me share it. I was going to Glorify God with sharing this (or so I thought). I soon as I told the Church, The Pastor said “That happened a couple of weeks ago when I laid my hands on him”. Inside of me, I almost go sick. I knew that was a lie. The pastor was lying and trying to take credit for what God did.

    This was the start of me waking up and leaving the Church.

    Yes, I left…I was in the wilderness for so long. I always wondered WHY my son was healed.
    Why? I knew it was for the Glory of God, but why him when there are so many people hurting?

    I recently (23) years later, got my answer as to Why.

    It wasn’t my son that was healed. It was Me. What am I saying? God used that healing to not only Glorify himself, but to show me the Truth. I KNEW That the Word of faith, name it and claim it was wrong. God’s own spirit rose up in me the night before to surrender and let go of that stuff. He also used it to show me that Men/Pastor’s can be Glory seekers and claim to have healings and healing powers and they don’t.

    God just used healing my Son as a way of showing me the truth. That was His Will.

    It started me in the path of seeking REAL truth.

    We are not to seek signs and wonders. We are to seek the Will of the Father. Signs and wonders will follow those that believe, but the bible never said it would be all the time. And every day thing. Nor is it something will can WILL/BELIEVE to happen.

    I see that it was my healing and My being set free, that he used that healing for. I had nothing to do with it.

    BTW, Crohns, Celiac and IBS are all through my family. I understand the pain of that. I have Celiac disease. I am not healed, but I am in remission right now. Also, I have learned SO MUCH from having this disease. THings I never would have learned if you could turn on a button and heal it.

    Thy Will be done. Trials and tribulations are for me to learn. If it wasn’t God’s will, I wouldn’t have had it in the first place.

    I understand the “Peace” in that. Truly. Other’s don’t yet…but their journey isn’t over yet, Jacob.

    I don’t seek a Physical healing. I seek the Truth. 🙂 For that is the Greatest of healings. Truly to be blind spiritually and be healed? YES. God did that to me. To be Deaf spiritual and finally hear? AMEN, brother. I hear now. To be Spiritually LAME and now Walk? Amen, brother…I’m now walking in the truth. That’s why God healed my Son. I can see that so clearly now. So that I would be Spiritually HEALED!!! Priceless, I tell ya! 😀

    Your Video was RIGHT ON, Man! You speak the truth and get me all fired up. I am so grateful to have found your site.

    • jacobisrael71 September 24, 2012 / 8:31 AM

      Right on Laurie! Stayed fired up 🙂 and keep firing others up to. Have an awesome week and keep sharing your story with others, it’s never wasted.

  3. Vicki R Forney January 26, 2012 / 12:31 PM

    jacob, I do have one more thing to say, I know how we get frustrated, because others don’t believe, but in time, they do believe, you have planted seeds. I know when I first started reading and listening to your articles and videos, I was like yeah that is so true, a light bulb would go on, then I would come to a part that bothered me, and bothered me, but with time, TRUTH is revealed, the seeds were planted. And I came back and back to learn and understand more with God’s help to reveal to me what was being said to me in my heart. Turning the Bible into allegories/parables/symbols and going deeper, for God said to seek Him diligently so He may be found by you, go deeper and then deeper yet, that is where God is. Now we have to read the whole bible in the light now. So when you get frustrated, know that, what was said is getting through, and with time the seeds will grow, their planted. Even what was said really upsets someone, its planted, they will stew on it, eat and chew on it, til the light is revealed in them, I did this, I know. They may go away from your websight for a time, but over time some will come back, because they were touched by the light. Vicki

    • jacobisrael71 January 26, 2012 / 12:42 PM

      Wow Vicki, what a great message to read. You have been through a lot and what i really get out of your story is your true desire to know te Truth of God, and guess what GOD GIVES YOU THOSE DESIRES, so not only will you continue to learn and grow, this is what God wanted for you. I am sorry to hear about the whole religious church thing and the way people tried forcing you to do things you didn’t want to, and family pressuring you to continue… but you are on the right track and that is the path of seeking God and trusting God for yourself. I pray we all continue to pray for understanding, guidance, and above all else FAITH, it is faith and love that we need the most today! Have a great weekend if I don’t hear from you and thank you for your message. Jacob

  4. Vicki R Forney January 26, 2012 / 12:21 PM

    Hi Jacob, you are so TRUE, I have read books from almost everyone on healing, gone in front of the church many times, heard the church say a man was healed of cancer and its in remission and then a month later it was back. I looked at my husband and said that don’t sound right, that sounds foolish, a lie. My mom wants me in church, she calls and says their having a christms party, a new yrs party, a harvest party on halloween, I tell her those are mans traditions and I don’t want nothing to do with it, it is not of God, its of man. And at other churches people flopping around on the ground, is like a circus, one lady grabbed me and asked me to lay hands on this flopping lady and just about draggged me over there and I did not want to go, she said I had the gift of discernment and that I needed to lay hands on her, yes I do but what i am discerning is not of God, they say the flopping around is the Holy spirit, it is not. Yes I have at times discernment, of good and evil , I hope true worshipers have it, but my hands were not healing hands, that they wanted, they were so big on everyones special gifts that God gave each one of us, I believe the gift is given at the time it is needed and it is lead by God when and how to use it, He uses it through you, and it can be any of the gifts, as God uses it through His people, true worshipers not clown circus. And this lady had never been to this church it was her first time there and she made a big scene flopping and yelling out, right there should tell them she may have come has a wolf to put on a show. That church tried to correct me and I refused their ways and left the church, you have to stand firm in TRUTH and not sway, after I was gone lots of bad things happened and a guy from the church told us, exactly what I warned them about. God is not a God of confusion, showiness, screaming, flopping, circus, And on top of that they had people with these banners running up and down the isles waving these long trailed banners to add to all the confusion, there was way too much action and noise.Then I tried a BIBLe church, they would read a chapter every sunday out of what ever book their in, and that was it, I said I can do this at home, it was a dead church, no life. So I have experienced both, and more, I had Jehovah witness friends at my work and they got me to go with them, they were like robots, conditioned, following what the watchtower says so and nothing else or added, and anyone in the back row do not talk to them they are disfellowedship and they are to come and be ashamed and no one is to talk with them til their time was over, that was about a yr, I new two of them. One smoked so she got disfellowedship, the other old 86 yr old man married that disfellowshipped woman and so he got disfellowedshipped and I was their care giver and they tried to tell me I couldn’t take care of them anymore. And they told me the steeple on the churchs is Nimrods hat represnting a penis, that is where steeples came from, and that they are the only ones that are going to be saved and they were so proud of it. I had enough of them. Religion can be so cruel, and very ruling, they like power, man’s power. So I don’t go to church anymore either, my mother thinks and worries i will be lost if I don’t go, she pushes all six of us adult children all in our 50’s. She knows I study daily and I share with her what I learn. Plus my ex husband his family were of witches they called themselves high priest witches, then they went to white witches, they said it was safer, it got to dangerous for them. So I experienced all that too, both sides of the coin. But all that I have learned up to this day was for a reason, to become the person that I am to help others and understand what they are going through, I can relate, and with Truth revealed to me, I understand, and daily God is giving me more and more of His Wisdom/Knowledge/truth. Plus I am a care giver been in nursing alll my life. It all comes together for God to do His will thru us. Vicki

  5. Carlos October 30, 2010 / 10:42 AM

    Jacob, brother, you are either ignoring what I’m writing, or I’m not explaning myself correctly, I know, I’m not a writer, I’m terrible at writing. I never, ever said that it was hard for me to accept the symbolic miracles, I said totally the opposite, I have said it from the beginning. I don’t believe the literal. But with the same breath I say that we can’t dismiss it, (when I say this, I am not saying that we must accept it, or that it’s hard for me not to accept it, I don’t accept it, I will not accept it, that is what I’m saying), and if anyone dares to dismiss it, he/she must give a logical explanation, if not, then we are still in the same boat.
    Yeah sure, we now have the allegorical interpretations, let’s discard the literal, we don’t need it, well, it’s not that simple. And all we are doing is going to the other side of the fence. So what I’m trying to say is, what I’m trying to find is an explanation as to how we can reconcile the both. And I repeat myself, we can’t just ignore the literal, it’s not just a matter of, well, I just don’t bother with the literal, I don’t believe it. Anyone who claims to be inspire by God or to teach the word of God, or to write down revelations from God, must give an explanation, a logical explanation as to why they believe what they believe. Sure I can say that I believe in demons and don’t care about what anybody else says, but that it’s not logical, it’s not smart. And Jacob I repeat myself, I don’t believe, I don’t accept the literal, and that’s why I left the faith, but I can’t ignore it, this doesn’t mean that I want to believe it, it means that we can’t ignore it, and throw it away, it must be explained. Because if we do, then we have to be ready to give a logical explanation, a logical interpretation of what the literal really means.
    We can’t just say that Noah’s ark is spiritual, but not give a detail explantion of what all those literal bits of the puzzle mean. The allegorical interpretation of Noah has been around for a long time, but so what, if the person saying that is allegorical can’t explain it, then there is something wrong with his/hers interpretation. It’s like a prophecy, if it doesn’t come true, then it’s not from God. Why, because anybody can do that, I can do that, the net is full of people given out wackout symbolic interpretations of the bible, (like a guy name Bill), you know who I’m talking about, but no logical explanations, no pieces of the puzzles matching to other pieces. So now we have a new church(body) of christ forming, a symbolic church with an allegorical interpretation, but with the same confusions and unaswered questions as the literal church. I will not and can’t accept this either and Jacob, that is all that I’m saying. Now you can send me to hell, ignore me, brush me off if I’m tiring you, but others will come asking the same questions.
    If we interpret the bible literally we must understand what it means, and if we interpret it in an allegorical way, we must also understand what it means. Broad interpretations about, but no real answers. And that’s why I say it’s about time, past due actually, that these pieces come together. There are literally hundreds of interpretations of Genesis, but solid answers.
    And Jacob that’s why I press you and others who come out in public to write these revelations. I will not accept simple answers, I will not be brushed off. If you have a revelation from God, then I want to know about it, I want to know everything about it, I don’t just want my ears tickle.
    Jacob wrote: “Carlos, it’s ok to still believe that is literal as well. But I don’t believe the literal, why would you say that. Jacob I don’t mean no disrespect, honestly, please I will sound a llittle harsh, but I’m playing the devil’s advocate here. I’m only here in your post because I’m looking to solve a puzzle. When you say; “It’s ok to still believe the literal”, I feel that you are dismissing what I say, and that you are addressing me as if I was a baby christian or something like that, do I sound like a baby christian, I don’t think so.

    I am going to press you harder, because I want you to answer my questions, that is, if you want to of course. You see a baby chritian might come to your site and accept everything you write, he’s ask you a couple of silly questions and you’ll pat him on the back with some silly answers, and send him off. I’m trying to get more out of you than what’s on the surface, I don’t give up that easy, and I’m not here seeking milk, nor meat, but something else. I’m here examing what other christians write and to test the spirits, yes I’m testing your spirit. I am not one of those christians(ignorant) that you describe in your post. Jacob, believe it or not, I’m enlightned just as you are, so you don’t need to repeat what you write to me.

    Ok, let’s continue. Your entire reply doesn’t even begin to answer what I’m asking of you, it’s as if you were writing a template answer for your listerners. Your reply to me, from the beginning and all the way down to “God knows if I am wrong” doesn’t apply to me, that is not what I’m asking you. Then you wrote, “God knows if I am wrong, and for all I know there could be literal dead people coming out of the ground, I simply don’t At THIS POINT believe that to be true, but if it is, God will reveal it to me when I am ready, (here comes something else that you write that needs clarification) and he will reveal what I know to be true TO YOU(ok, what is it that you know to be true), when ready. How can this be when you yourself don’t even know that what you write is true or not, since you yourself tell your audience to test the spirit because you can be wrong. So how can you said that what you know is true, meaning that God has revealed it to you, but with the same breath, in all your posts you say that you can be wrong. And what truth will God reveal to me, that you know is true to you?

    God gave us a brain, a mind and a spirit, I believe, so that we can test if what people say is wrong or right. If I read something you write, I’ll know if it’s wrong or right, I don’t need God to be manipulating my brain and mind constantly. I’ll use my brain, my mind, my spirit to test it, and if I don’t understand something you write, then I’ll ask you what do you mean, and that is what I’m doing. If you yourself don’t know if your revelations are from God, because you yourself say that you could be wrong, how can God reveal to me what you know to be true.
    And I asked you this very question in one of my first posts, then I repeated it in one of my last posts, but either you didn’t see it, or you are looking at the letter of the word. And this has been my search, this is what I’m searching for, the truth, not accepting the literal or the spiritual, but the truth of both. Jacob I really feel that you are brushing me off, I really feel that your interpretations, not to say that mine are better, are being interpreted with a wide brush stroke, and what I mean is that if we are going to go public with revelations, then we must or at least give assurance that the revelations that we are given are from the Lord, and not from your own minds, this is critical, it’s a must.

    I asked you this same question again in my second to last post, but you didn’t address my questions. Of all the sites I’ve found on the net, your has been my favorite because your thoughts are so much like mine, and that’s why I responded. And your allegorical interpretation of the bible God revealed to me in 2007. Now, when I said that God revealed it to me, I’m just like you not really sure, I will like to believe that it was God, but just like you, I don’t know. And this is my quest, I’m not here or there for anyone to reassure my belief, or to pat me on the back, I’ve been around the block, I’m not even looking for meat anymore, I’m looking for bone crushing truth.

  6. Carlos October 29, 2010 / 6:50 AM

    Hmm, I’m sorry Jacob but I seek the truth, and something is wrong with your anology, and mines’ too cause I also agree with the allegorical interpretation. But there is a big problem and this is what I’m trying to get at and to solve. You say that the literal doesn’t matter and I thought so too, but it does matter, very much indeed. Prime example is Jesus telling his disciples to go and heal the sick and raise the dead, this can’t simply be brushed off, why, because this is the key to understanding if Jesus was really the son of God, or just a dreamer. We can’t ignore the literal, that is scapisms. And this is my biggest problem when it comes to the bible and it’s interpretations. We can’t say that Jesus was both speaking to them in parable and literal at the same time. If we ignore the literal, then Jesus didn’t exist and didn’t raise from the literal grave. We as christians can’t go around telling people that it doesn’t matter if Jesus raise for the literal grave or not, it does matter, the whole of christianity is base on this answer. If we say we don’t know, then we can’t defend the bible, no one will take us seriously. If Jesus told the disciples to go and raise ppl from the dead and he meant literally, then Jesus was a freak. And if we say that it was only an allegory, then we must tell the world that all miracles are an allegory. Another point to ponder, if the allegorical means spiritual, then when Jesus said that God is spirit, he was really saying that God is an allegory. Thanks

    • jacobisrael71 October 29, 2010 / 8:56 AM


      I know it is hard for you to see that raising people from the DEAD, is merely symbolic, of RAISING PEOPLE out of their ignorance/carnality. Jesus said, “those that believe on me, THOUGH they ARE DEAD, shall LIVE”, “LET THE DEAD BURY THE DEAD”… Carlos, it’s okay to still believe that is literal as well, God knows it can be, I simply care more to know about the SPIRIT of things, not the Flesh of things. The OUTWARD MAN PERISHES the INWARD MAN is renewed day by day. So of course, we are NEVER TO GIVE UP BELIEVING GOD HEALS, God can do all things, so I agree, it can be both. I simply don’t focus on what is SENSUAL (five senses, sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) I focus on the most important, the SPIRIT which cannot be seen, heard, felt, smelt, or tasted LITERALLY… God doesn’t look to the OUTWARD MAN WHICH PERISHES, but the INWARD MAN (CHRIST) which is renewed day by day. So please don’t take offence, we are all where we are, and God knows if I am wrong, and for all I know there could be literal dead people coming out of the ground, I simply dont AT THIS POINT believe that to be true, but if it is, God will reveal it to me when I am ready, or he will reveal what I know to be true to you, when ready. EITHER WAY, faith in miracle healing (as it is presented) today is NOT what God is after, he is AFTER, PEOPLE LOVING GOD, AND LOVING OTHERS. Just do this, and the rest takes care of itself. Peace bro

  7. Carlos October 27, 2010 / 10:45 PM

    Jacob wrote;
    Everything in scripture, all the healings, all those raised from the Dead (Ignorance) is an ALLEGORY.


    Jacob wrote: “Logic alone, states you would have to be a very gullible to believe such a tail. But that is what religion does, it brainwashes the common sense right out of you.
    Then Jacob writes;
    Now I’m not saying that there wasn’t some kind of an ark, or some kind of a flood. You see none of that really matter, what I am saying is the way people are literally taught scripture today is foolish at best.”

    And I agree with you Jacob, but just because someone offers another perspective or interpretation doesn’t make it right either. We need to know for sure what’s going on here. We need to put this puzzle together once and for all. I myself are no longer satisfied with reading all different kinds of interpretations, this is confusion. There has to be one answer and one answer alone. I just want to make people aware of this.

    Jacob wrote;
    ” We don’t grow spiritually by believing that this story, or any story in scripture is literal.”
    Carlos wrote;
    I’m sorry but I disagree. You don’t grow spiritually either by believing that it’s allegorical, but by understanding what it really means. Why, because I believe that the bible is a puzzle, and if we can’t put those pieces of the puzzle together, then we can’t understand the message or the meaning. We grow spiritually by understanding what the story really means, by its true interpretation. And this is where the problem lies. Jacob this is the problem, the problem is the same as always. There are many interpretations, but no solid answers. I’m not writing to contradict you, but to dig deeper and come to a final conclusion, to understand what it is really going on here with all these interpretations. I know that you know that you are not the only one with revelations, I myself have revelations and believe it or not they are very similar to yours, with even more details. And not only are they similar to yours but to others that I have found on the net. I have two theories as to what is happening, and I’m on a mission to solve this puzzle was and for all. We can’t continue on this way. What do I mean. I mean that many are writing revelations bits, but not given out the full revelation and the full interpretation of a particular story. The example of the meaning of the animals, many interpret the animals as to mean the nature of man, but that doesn’t answer the question, it doesn’t clarify what do the animals really mean. I myself have my own interpretation for the animals, but I don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle together, and that’s why I don’t write anything publically. I find all these loose ends, but no one given a complete and detail answer. My question is this. Are these interpretations our own minds trying to find a more logical explanation, or are they from God. I am studying and observing what is going on, and so far I see no solid answers.

    Jacob wrote;
    “Now I know this may come as a surprise to many of you but the truth of the matter is, many of the stories in the Old Testament were allegories and nothing more.”
    But Jacob also wrote that “everything” in the bible is an allegory.

    Carlos wrote; you see, this is what I mean, this is a big problem and causes big problems. When we say that Adam is/was not a real person it causes many problems and raises many questions.

    Jacob wrote;
    “Look people, just because something is written in the bible doesn’t make it literally true. Especially since God only speaks in allegory and opens his mouth in dark saying.”
    I would agree with you and I do, but this again causes many problems and leaves the bible open to private interpretations. Yes I know the bible says that no scripture is of private interpretation, but I also know that I don’t see anyone posting and putting this puzzle together.

    There can only be two answers. One is that we as Christians don’t accept anymore those old fairy tales. This new reasoning automatically causes our minds to shift and change, so we create, or invent new perspective so that we can cope with our own believe in God. We know that those stories just don’t make sense if we take them literally, so we must either reject the bible or reinterpret its meaning. And when we do, we end up with all these new interpretations and loose ends and more questions. It’s like rewriting the whole bible again. This is not something new, it has been done since the beginning, and ever since believers have been reading the Holy Scriptures they have been trying to understand God.

    The second answer is this. These are the last days and God is pouring out his spirit which can also be allegorically interpreted and believers are beginning to see visions and have dreams. I know that something is happening and I want to believe that this is what’s happening. But it’s very frustrating for me not to see this puzzle coming together. I left my faith for almost 14 years because I could not accept the bible literally anymore and then God called me back with new revelations, or like I said, maybe my mind started to reinterpret the bible in a totally different way. Something amazing happen to me in 2007 and this is why I’m writing this.

    I don’t really know why it happen, but it happen and now I see everything completely different, but like I said, it has also raise more questions than answers and new pieces of the puzzle, but no puzzle yet.

    Jacob I’ll give you this, you have many, many interesting revelations and many things you write make me wonder. I read what you write and I get tiny little pieces and they make me think and I even try to incorporate those pieces in my puzzle, but this puzzle is so complex and infinite, that, I don’t know, it’s very tiring. That’s why I will like to see something solid come out of all this.

    I feel good when I read what you write, but then at the end I get that same feeling of emptiness, it’s like I’m feeding on this. The same happens to me when I get a “revelation”, I the beginning I get excited, but then at the end I have more pieces of the puzzle, but I see no image, just a fog.

    Well, thank you for your time, I hope you understand. I admire what you write and I admire your courage to write it.


    • jacobisrael71 October 28, 2010 / 7:21 AM

      Hey Carlos,

      I should have explained better, I have explained the “everything” in scripture is an allegory thing in better detail in other posts, as everything in our lives are “allegory” as well. I thought I made that clear. What I mean to say, and have said many times before, and stated in this paper you’re referring too. Is it may have literally happened, but it doesn’t matter, IT’S AN ALLEGORY. EVERYTHING in scripture is an ALLEGORY, as EVERYTHING in our LIFE is an allegory. Meaning what happens in the NATURAL is a symbolic way of explaining what happens spiritually. I hope that cleared that up for you. Also, I don’t believe I have never said ADAM was not also a literal man, I simply focus on ADAM being a symbol of all of HUMANITY and his STORY is our story. I believe we are ALL ADAM and we also will all become CHRIST (scripture backs this up) – AS ALL DIE IN ADAM, all will be made alive in Christ (our new name, we’re his body, and have his mind). But sure there could have been one single man and one single woman to start it all. But once again, Not important for my faith, what is important is what it means. I also agree about private interpretation NOT A GOOD THING, if you have read many of my articles you see I constantly write DONT TAKE MY WORD FOR ANYTHING, seek God. I am not a GURU, PROPHET, OR CHOSEN ONE, I as Jesus said, am the same as you. And Carlos my man, I don’t have all the answers, I am constantly seeing new things, building off old things, and it is scary. THE DAY OF THE LORD (REVELATION OF TRUTH IN YOU) is scary because it flies in the face of everything we once knew to be true. Just know, that we know in part, and this is a process like birth, we will continue to grow in grace, and it sounds to me like you’re on the right path, THANKS BE TO GOD! Peace my man, and thanks so much for the comment.

  8. T.J. October 19, 2010 / 10:16 AM

    When God was beginning to open my eyes to the truth, I became very angry towards church and religion because of all the lies and garbage it contains. Then I took every opportunity I had to tell others how wrong they were in their beliefs because I wanted them to have the truth that God had given me. It took me a long time to understand that even though I know that religion and church are carnal/dead and full of dead works, that it still has a purpose otherwise God would not allow it to still exist. What I realised is that there was a time not that long ago that I also believed in it all even though much of it troubled me, I still believed. I believed that God expected me to be in church every Sunday, be baptised, tithe, and volunteer in the church and what not. Then I realised that I did not open my own eyes. God did that. Back then, I was very much carnal and dead myself and knew nothing. The dead know nothing. I had no truth, only lies that I believed was the truth. Jacob, you were there once also. I don’t know why but God began opening my eyes and I am so thankful for that. What I finally began to understand through many trials is that EVERYTHING is worked after the counsel of God’s will. That means that regardless of where any of us currently are in our spiritual growth, it is God who has brought us there. If we are still carnal and going to church because that is what we believe, it is because God has done it to us. If we are being woke up and resurrected from the dead/carnality, then it is because God is doing it to us. I think what we all forget, myself included, is that God is the potter and we are the clay. He forms some into vessels of honor and some into vessels of dishonor and He does it all from the same lump! That lump is humanity. We all serve a purpose, even church and religion. In order for God to bring us out of Egypt, He first has to make us slaves to Egypt. And when our time comes to be taken out of Egypt, it will be God doing it. Everyone will be resurrected but each in their own order according to God’s will. Jacob you know that I have great respect for you man and mean you no harm. But I have thought about this a lot and I think what happens is when we begin to have the truth poured out on upon us regardless of measure, we instantly think we need to go out and pour that truth on others. But what happens? Many become offended by what we speak. Some even grow to hate us and call us such things as atheists. And all of that has it purpose for us. But what I have come to believe is that it is not up to us to change anyone else. Instead, God is using church, religion, and everything that troubles us to change us. God uses the things that trouble us the most to drive us closer to Him and His truth. Try as we might, Jacob, you or I will never change anyone, but God will use them to change us and drive us closer to Him and His truth. Now with all that being said, a new day is dawning. I am not trying to be prophetic and say Jesus is coming back or anything like that. But a new day is dawning. We are coming to a time where cycles are closing and new ones are beginning. With that comes change, not just for some, but for all. Soon more and more people will gravitate away from the physical and move closer to the spiritual. Actually, it is already happening all over the world. Sure, church and religion are still going strong, but EVERYTHING has its season and that season is coming to an end and a new one is beginning. Take today for example. A mega church is going bankrupt. Now, one could look at that and only see financial bankrupsty, but really, it is spiritual bankrupsty. You see Jacob, times are changing. And you may think, yeah, but is only one church and you are right, but how many churches to you think are in the exact same boat as this mega church? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if the majority of people in this world are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families, then eventually the churches that exist from robbing many of these same people of their hard-earned money will also begin to struggle and cease to exist.

  9. PAULA October 18, 2010 / 7:55 AM


  10. PAULA October 18, 2010 / 7:45 AM


  11. Brad Cullen October 17, 2010 / 3:44 PM

    Jacob, it is interesting — I have been troubled by my last response …I said, “Well said, Jacob,” and I wanted to add, “from one perspective.” There are several others, Jacob, and they all fit if we don’t lock ourselves into looking at God’s work through just one window. He sees the whole landscape… including the truth of what Carlos said… I certainly don’t want to argue with you, brother, but I would like to have dialogue with you …there are always alternatives to each of our God-given positions, no matter how much more prophetic one seems over the other.

    We are ONE

    • jacobisrael71 October 17, 2010 / 3:57 PM

      Right on Brad, and Carlos, I didn’t mean to say there is no healing in the physical of course that would be silly. We all get colds and they go away, I have a disease you can die from and yet I have been in remission for four years. God does heal, but not the way we are hearing it be said today at these miracle crusades. That is my only point here.

  12. Carlos October 17, 2010 / 10:32 AM

    Jesus said onto them, go out into all the world and heal the sick, and raise the dead. Brother Jacob, you must make up you mind.The miracles are eiher literal or spiritual, they can’t be both. If Jesus was telling the disciples to literally heal the sick and raise the dead, then I don’t want to know anything about Jesus, because that is nonsense. I restle with this conflict all the time. Jacob, my point is this, how can a dead person raise himself from the dead. Someone must do that for them. The dead don’t know anything.

    • jacobisrael71 October 17, 2010 / 11:31 AM


      Everything in scripture, all the healings, all those raised from the Dead (Ignorance) is an ALLEGORY. The outward man perishes, the inward man (christ) is renewed. Jesus said, those who believe in me, “Though they were dead, they shall live” – Literal dead people have no belief, ignorant (carnally minded is death) can believe, and when they do they will LIVE. No mind to make up, the truth is God RAISES and GIVES LIFE. Christ is GOD’S WISDOM. pEACE

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