Below is a thread that began on my page a couple of nights ago. One of my friends asked me to post it on her page, I thought I would share the whole thread here as I know there is a lot of great stuff in here. My friend Dean, told me he once came across a woman’s post (he didn’t remember her name)… but she said on facebook: “why pay for the hotdog of religion when people are giving away juicy steak for free.” — I really love that, and have learned so much over the last two years from all my wonderful friends on here. — So please enjoy this, and please add to the conversation here in the comment section. Enjoy Jacob ( I did not edit this, so excuse any mistakes. 🙂

Jacob Israel: ‎”It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing” = God’s glory is to hide something. Christ (the truth) comes (literally means “reaveled”) in the hidden thing. We have this TREASURE HIDDEN in our EARTHEN vessel. What did God conceal? “Isaiah 45:15 Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself, O God of Israel, the Saviour”…. No longer I (ego) that lives. Because you give away all you have (all you think you are) to obtain the TREASURE that is HIDDEN in YOU

Glenda Jolly: got it…saving it….much love and healing..keep us posted

Anastacia Hatcher: will be praying 4 ya. thanks 4 the fire balls.

Jacob Israel: Christ comes in The Glory of God = The Hidden thing which is God is revealed by the Power and Wisdom of God… which is WITHIN us. Because our LIFE (God is Life and Love ) is HID in CHRIST (The wisdom of God) – Christ (the wisdom of God) is the Hope of Glory (The hidden thing (God)
meaning – The Wisdom of God in you is the hope of understanding that God is HIDDEN IN YOU! “Ps 82:8 Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations” — look who else inherits the nations…. Revelation 21:7 “He” that overcometh shall inherit all things

Gayla Masterson: Word/ God/ Jesus/ Us= One. As One you are healed you just need to catch up to it for it is done. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Jacob Israel: When GOD wakes…. OVERCOMES your EGO, God will be ALL IN ALL. Everyone and all things is GOD’S INHERITANCE

Joe Danna: Oh, what must be waiting to be known.

Glenda Jolly: Jacob it is a gradual awakening yes?

Jacob Israel: Glenda, when we wake up from natural sleep, most times we fight it, othertimes it is gradual, for some sick of a NIGHTMARE it is QUICK! 🙂

Jacob Israel: Now here is the riddle? – If God inherits all things, and if we overcome inherits all things… who are we? And what else must be overcome beside the Veil of who we think we are, which God is HIDDEN within. … Hhhhmmmnnnn 🙂 … And who REALLY does the OVERCOMING? …. Romans 12:21 Be not overcome of evil (THE VEIL/EVIL), but overcome evil (THE VEIL) with good — GOD IS GOOD.

Glenda Jolly: He/God/us – Word/God/Jesus/Us=One. God rises up and overcomes.

Glenda Jolly: God does the overcoming..I can of myself do nothing…right?

Jacob Israel: Jesus said “I” (Ego of Jesus) can do nothing of My “self/ego of Jesus”

Joe Danna: How can we do something that’s already unchangeable/Omnipresent? It was never done in our time/space concepts. It just is. So we need to stop “doing” and just BE (still and know I’m God).

Joe Danna: Is=Mother Ra=Father El=God

Christine Ikenberry Molina: AMEN!! AMEN!! AMEN!! I think some will “leave out” the part where Christ must wake / rise / be formed in you in order for the spirit of God to “Dwell in you”, in order for you to have “eternal life”. They forget that “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground AND DIE, it abideth alone: but IF IT DIE, IT BRINGETH FORTH MUCH FRUIT.” There is a “resurrection” that must take place. And when HE IS RISEN, we are RISEN WITH HIM! Then we come to know THE POWER of HIS RESURRECTION… by having “part in” THE FIRST RESURRECTION. PTL!! Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, Jacob, and GET WELL SOON!! So you’ll be able to take of that little one that will be arriving soon. It is getting close, isn’t it?

Jacob Israel: The trap is thinking who you think you are (your ego) is God. Who you think you are you must Deny – meaning you don’t really exist as your Ego, Your “Ego” Is not really you. So trust that all things are happening exactly as planned. All things work together indeed. You (your ego) will never be like God…God is hidden in Your Ego, and for many their Ego right now is their god. (god of this world = our lusts, all that is in the world (lust of the eyes, flesh, pride of life))…. Your Egos god is a your Ego (A projection of your Ego)… Your Ego made a god in It’s image (wrathful, angry, hypocritical, not in control, impotent, doesn’t finish anything in victory, jealous, etc.) But the ONE TRUE GOD, which is OUR LIFE, is merely hiding behing the VEIL/EVIL (ignorance) which is man’s ego… “The Veil that is to say, the flesh (carnal thinking/ego” – and the good news, is “that which was, and is not, and yet is” doesn’t really exist, and a lie (who you think you are) only lasts until the BRIGHTNESS (enlightenment) of Christ’s coming (The power and wisdom of God is uncovered, revealed, risen)—- SOOOOOO, ‎”Let go of YOUR ego” for you wafflers out there.

Joe Danna: The ego is just a shell of encapsulated thinking within the One. There would be no sense of limited ego identification, or anything, without the One. The One is in ALL and all is in the One (In you I live and move and have my being). There is NO two sides. There are degrees of wakefulness all within the One. We never really left. Only our sense of identity can be misplaced…and I certainly am not fully SELF-Realized like Jesus and the Avatars. I can’t think who I think I am is God because God is Omnipotent and “I” can’t even control my digestion.

Marie Baker Can you please put this link on my page? I can copy your post but, not all the comments… SPEAK BROTHER~ PS. Pray all is well with you and fam~

Wanda Lee Farlow: There is some might good word here,wow wow ,wow, and truth wow

Ann Trapp Hall: Fabulous!All of you are awesome! I have tasted and have experienced incoruptiblity.. It is amazing and it is all God no us. Prayers for you Jacob.There is still time for that miraculous healing . Come on God..

Dawn Davis Hairston: God Hid Himself in us…..The us who we think we are (ego/carnal man) doesn’t even exist,,,its an idol….and when we (god) rips/ removes that …The true Christ in us is revealed!….good stuff Jacob….great comments too

Suzette Swart :‎….yes, who we think we are does not exist, it is a lie…’The Carnal Mind is no longer within the New Creation, it was crucified with Christ- Golgotha, the place of the Skull, WE HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST. Then why do we have carnal thoughts and reasonings, because those thoughts of the first Adam are spirit that are outside of us now, that come against us… People think they are not changed because these thoughts come, but the body and soul still maintain contact with the “WORLD” ,, from which these thoughts come to rule the body and soul as they had in Adam just before the fall and all mankind before the unveiling that Christ was slain before the foundation of the world. Those thoughts are just rememberance of the former way of life, but if not taken captive, we will believe they are still our present state, but they are not, they are a lie. (Joseph Black says it very well) JACOB, ALL THE BEST FOR TODAY! Bless you Jacob Israel!!! Awesome thread!

Daniel Fraser: I agree Jacob, The Christ & our Father is hid from the world in all of us, & it is our place to reveal Them to the world. Jesus said in John 14:23 that Him & His (or our) Father will live in us.

Joe Danna
: ‎…and there will be many who are surprised on that day.

Ann Trapp Hall: Right on Suzette.. Daniel that is so true we are the book of Revealation.

—- I hope we all continue to share and learn from each other. Just want to say thank you all for being in my life. Even those who never comment at all. Much love, Jacob Israel

6 thoughts on “CHURCH OF FACEBOOK

  1. Dan G. July 30, 2011 / 1:11 AM

    Pro 28:12 When righteous [men] do rejoice, [there is] great glory: but when the wicked rise, a man is hidden…..Lets start by clarifying one thing, I do not see two lives..if this were so we would have two souls…This topic can be greatly enhanced by pondering the parable of the FAITHFUL (raised up by the revelations of God) and WISE (a hearer) SERVANT (one of habitual obedience).
    Mat 24:46 Blessed [is] that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.
    I must say one needs to see the return of their lord. We are all in charge of our household while our lord or master is away. It would better serve the understanding if we changed from who we THINK we are to who we are. Just from the scriptures above the truth is there. Righteous men rejoice (because) there is a great

    glory (presence of God)
    BUT when the WICKED rise…Rise from where? The righteous man is hidden…Now I will plug N play…The households we are in charge of is our souls always represented by a feminine noun….SHE is longing for her husband Christ..Without faith (the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Faith is given by God it is revelation…the just shall live by faith)the servant cannot be expected to keep (guide) his household (soul). The revealation of CHRIST is from faith to faith. Christ formed in you. The knowledge we gain void of understanding is worthless unless we seek to fill it by faith… The question is “WHEN DOES MY MASTER RETURN?” Return unto my soul and be reunited with his true love. Noone knows the hour…except the father….We see in 2 Thess that by the brightness of HIS coming the Wicked is destroyed..Where? In our soul…People it is our soul that needs to be delivered (born again). It will only be by faith, no amount of knowledge void of faith will amount to anything. You see if you are not the Christ the true love of the soul…You will only hinder your own salvation…Seek from God the understanding of the knowledge you have received….Ever wonder why it is “wood” a beam and a splinter that needs to be removed from ones eye in order to see clearly? I think the two ark’s were made out of wood and can one see out of either of those ark’s? Know who Israel is…Know what happens when Jacobs name is changed. Know what Israel is. It is Israel that is scattered like sheep upon the hills. they have no shepherd. Why? Cuz they have no Master…know what these things are and you will see death flee and you will laugh at it….

    • vickirae57 December 29, 2011 / 6:40 AM

      This is so good how you explained this, I would like to hear more. Vicki Rae

  2. Kathy Collins July 29, 2011 / 5:31 PM

    I am so Blest to hear the Words of Life coming forth in this day of uncertain things going on all around us~~~Revelation is not just a Book it’s all about Christ and who He is in us and who we are in Him: Thank God for the Overcomers in this walk, we are knowing our Resurrection even now in Him, for He is God of the now and we can have the promises of His purpose within us: Praise God for the Truth who His people are bringing forth as is one of His promises to us the Body of Christ and the Living Church of God. Yes,we do Live and Move and Have our Being in Him. Just to be what He Purposed us to be~~~~Restoration is upon us and for His Glory to be seen. amen

  3. John July 29, 2011 / 11:58 AM

    What a lovely ‘growing’ body He has. Oh that the sleeping members would ‘wake up’. They will.

  4. Zachary Lange July 29, 2011 / 10:20 AM

    I have been thinking of Jesus’ comment, “He who seeks to save his life (ego) shall lose it, but he who loses his life (ego) for My (Christ) sake….has eternal life.” There are two lives, a life of concepts and memories and perceptions (ego), and a life that IS. The life that IS is vastly more intelligent than the egoic consciousness, for it runs every part of your body, which is more complicated than the known universe, and I believe it is the intelligence that orchestrates the universe. Who is “the devil who is fallen down to earth, full of wrath for he knows he has but a short time”? This is the egoic consciousness, afraid of death, afraid to not be, and he is an old dragon sapping a lion’s share of our energy, trying to assert that he is real and that he can say “I AM”. This is the abomination of desolation, that the beast (ego) sets himself up in the temple of the Holy Spirit (the Natural body) and asserts that he is god. This is the man who “knows not what he does” as he divides the raiment of the Crucified Christ. But love is attention and cultivation, and the Life that IS is always planting seeds in dreams, in omens, in everyday life, speaking to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is easy to wake up, the hard part is wanting it enough to do it. Peace!

    • jacobisrael71 July 29, 2011 / 10:51 AM

      That is awesome Zachary! The good news I think, is I don’t think we can want this until that desire is ours, and once it’s our desire, it’s God’s desire, and the two become one.

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