Pioneer and Perfecter

The Pioneer and Perfecter of Faith!

Idolatry, is the greatest of all sins. To put your faith in a lie, well nothing good can come of that. How could it? If you believed the moon was made of cheese and set out to land of the moon with that belief, you would most likely never land on the moon. We only accomplish building something truly on a foundation that is true.

Idolatry, is more than just believing in a false god, or believing a carved piece of wood or stone can save you, idolatry is living a lie and calling it truth.

So in fact, if you aren’t living to your full potential and you believe yourself to be something you are not, you my friend are an idolator and the truth of who you are you forgot.

And nothing good comes of that.

For example, if you believe you are miserable and depressed your belief hardens into fact. Because truly you are an infinite creative force capable of all things, if you are willing to receive all that.

If your faith is in such idols as depression and misery, then a miserable depressed person you will be. Because you are capable off creating everything, lack and abundance, curse and blessing.

Aren’t you exactly where you believe yourself to be? And if you say you are not capable today of being anywhere else, perhaps its time to take those idols off your shelf, to begin intentionally creating heaven instead of ignorantly creating hell.

Can’t you see you are under jealousy, hypocrisy, and idolatry’s spell? Killing, condemning, shaming, complaining, un naming and taming everyone and everything your idol of a God says is not well.

This is the reason every child of God fell.

People sacrifice much to idols today. They sacrifice their joy, their peace, and their loved ones many times they even throw away. People even sacrifice their own children I must say.

That is why, A pioneer am I, for the whole of the world today. My desire is to lead the way. To leave behind the waisted time, and to live a life of unimagined play. I am sad to see all of the idolatry in the land today.

Friendship sacrificed for jealousy, love for lust, profit preferred before family, and the such. Slaves to the chains and staves of idolatry’s touch.

The true danger of idolatry is, if you believe yourself to be someone who you really are you missed. Because you are the creator of both misery and bliss. Freedom is found in knowing this.

Now let me speak on one idol in particular. Jesus of Nazareth.

Who, by the way, would turn over in his grave, if he knew what religion about him had to say.

This is the great idol in the land. He is the blue eyed, long haired, crucified, bearded man, whose image can be seen in churches, parks, schools, and universities, in pictures, in paintings, and of course on tv.

You are taught that only believing on him can set you free. Even though a literal image of God there should never be. Not on heaven, on earth, above or beneath, not like a bird in the sky, corrupt man in the land, or like a fish in the sea.

God is not a man that he should lie, or the son of man that he should repent. And yet, this is the idolatrous message that the devil of an ego of yours sent.

Now they have said, that for our salvation he wound up dead, and that we would need do nothing but believe on his name, that he, and he alone accomplished something that none of us could ever attain. This was the lie that the liars knew could keep us deaf, dumb, blind and lame.

We were told we would have to hold unto the faith that one day we would be set free. That Jesus was something that we could never dream to be.

We were told that Jesus was the pioneer and finisher of our faith. But once again this idolatry is a disgrace, because the story was never about another man literally being murdered in our place.

The story is about a man who came to understand that there was a bigger plan who simply set the pace.

You see, Jesus was actually a pioneer in what I like to call Radical Faith.

And he perfected it and shared his life as a living sacrifice for the entire human race.

It has never been about what Jesus would do, it is about knowing religious lies from the truth, that as Jesus was and is in the world so are you. This is the faith it takes to understand at your command every mountain will move.

This is the faith that can erase any shame, past sin, or fear. The same kind of faith that motivated me to come on and share with you all here.

Like those ancients who were praised for the kingdoms they helped raise simply because of their faith.

All of whom had to rise from the tomb of all they had to endure. All of whom knowing what their hard times were for.

If not for the eventual discomfort of the eagles nest the chicks would never take flight and explore. This is why we need idols no more. This is why you will often hear me cry, you are more, you are more, you are more.

And so, I want you to know, into your faith you will always grow, whether that be idolatry or peace and harmony, the fruit of your life is always dependent on the seeds you sow.

So, after watching my latest short video please remember “You are more than you know”.

Jacob Israel
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2 thoughts on “Pioneer and Perfecter

  1. KEVIN PFANNENSTIEL June 18, 2015 / 6:05 PM

    Hey Jacob — I’ve been following you on and off for years and really appreciate and concur with your revelation.—- I am all about the finished work of Christ and the freedom that we should be living in . You may remember me from Daystar — I have been in the prayer dept for almost 14 yrs. — and I am the only one that has worked part time all these years. I could not handle working full-time, it would wear me out, and I am not able to anyway. As much as I love praying for people and some of what Daystar projects, there is a lot of religion mixed with grace. And I suppose you will find that in most large institutions.    I have experienced that control has increased especially in the past couple of years from the management pushing too hard, especially when we have money raising times. But I sense that there is some fear going on from the top and it tries to filter down where they micro manage and try to control. They have been scrutinizing and  screening our prayer calls to see if we are doing our job and several other things that are intrusive, and our work load has increased by over twice as much. I do not know how your exit played out, but I wonder if some injustice was done when you were fired or when you left or whatever. I know that many of people that left through the years were put through some bad stuff, not everyone but enough to make me concerned.   Anyway — I just wanted your insight because I am having to stay strong and be somewhat of  a secret agent to watch and pray amongst all the shinnadigans. It is not my intention to leave but to be a light to evoke some positive change. Love and miss you Jacob, Kevin 

    • Jacob Israel June 18, 2015 / 6:37 PM

      Hey Kevin, so good to hear from you. Wow, I so miss so many wonderful people that worked there. So many just beautiful people. I am so glad you have followed the site, and I really hope you do share the link with others. Unlike most, what i share is absolutely free. It is simply my desire to share what I have been given to share (my life). And just like you there was a time when I realized it was time to leave. Before I left I had a nice talk with Leadership. They always knew I never believed the way they did. I was very much like Jacob working for Laban, and I loved being a shepherd but I was tricked into staying seven years too long lol … No, but seriously, Daystar was an important part of my journey. Not because what is shared there is true, quite the opposite in fact. I would not see if I first didn’t understand what it was like to be blind. Most that is taught in religious circles today is in fact detrimental, and without a shadow of a doubt sinful (foolish).

      Religious people simply haven’t had the light turned on within them, but they will. You see for years the kingdom has been taken by force… But no longer.

      It is interesting that when i was at Daystar I told them of what would happen if things did not change and I have not been surprised to hear some of the stories, I feel for them. I can tell they are hurting, i don’t see any peace and from what you are writing it is clear that the oppression you feel is a result of that…

      I remember telling myself if I leave the light will leave with me… And I feel like that may be true for you as well. So do not be weighed down and think of them as someone worse then yourself…

      Paul said God has blinded many so others could be grafted in. There is a purpose for Daystar and there is a purpose for Me, as there is a purpose for you … Daystar has a dwindling following, as other channels, but I have a flock that most don’t know of. Jacob spoke of the speckled sheep… Those that were held captive by Laban, the ring streaked and speckled that flock Laban didn’t want but now they are growing and this flock is now quite vast. Just as I said it would be too.

      Today is the day where things will change . People are tired of lies and promises that are not kept. That is good news, because they will stop believing they must buy their salvation and instead they will turn within and face the Lord saying Not my will but thine be done…. I am sorry if things are hard for you Kevin, just hang in there my friend. You are where you should be until you are somewhere else. Please do share this site with those that are ready for it… Also check out the APP it is free and available on every-smart device. Have the best week ever, and please keep in touch .

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