JULY 18, 2015 – I wrote an essay called “A WARNING TO EVERYONE” which cost me many friends, my reputation in certain circles, and gave many envious people the opportunity to poke fun and go on tell just how very wrong I was. Yet, there is no denying that the world has changed exactly as I said it would. From flooding, to earthquakes, to migrant crisis, to martial law, to war, and economic troubles as well as possible collapse. I have never called myself a prophet, but I have said very clearly that I was inspired to share what I shared each and every time. Not to mention, I had been given the gift of having my blinders taken off so I could truly see the signs of the times.


I had a dream the night before last that I feel inspired to share. It was a different dream than my typical ones, I felt it held great importance. I want to begin this very important essay by sharing it.


“I found myself standing in Israel, in what I believed was the Western Wall Plaza but it could have also been the Temple Mount. I just knew it was an important “holy” site in Israel. It was daytime. Thousands of people were there behind gates all around me. I was standing in the center of it all. In front of me I saw a huge Statue in the distance that reminded me of the Nebuchadnezzar’s dream Daniel interpreted.”


This IDOL stood tall overlooking all of Israel. I stood in the center of this open air plaza and noticed the thousands behind me, they were anxious to see the PRESENTATION. I understood in the dream that everyone was there to watch what many in Christianity would call Witchcraft, as the presentation was called “Harry Potter 3”. (It was a dream people, think of it in terms of symbolism.) I remember thinking about the scripture that states, “the spirit of rebellion” is witchcraft”.

I was then told by someone I did not see that the Statue was called Laiash and the name meant “Lion”. Next, I realized that I did not have my wallet so I left. At that point the gates came down and everyone started running around chaotically. As I walked away I found a reader of mine who was with someone carrying a briefcase that was opened and inside it LOOKED VERY MUCH like I complex BRIGHT RED bomb. I was told by the man holding it it was a “Bong” (to get high with) disguised as a laptop that they were going to use within… he called the fake laptop the “NEW SUSSMAN” … I remember thinking in the dream that I was worried there would be a terrorist attack and I woke up.”

I knew there was more to the dream so I did some research. I found out that “Laiash” is actually found in scripture, it become DAN. I also found out that believe it or not it actually means LION, which surprised me.

I immediately drew a parallel to the LION that goes about seeking whom it may devour (the devil/carnal ego of man) as being the IDOL worshiped there.

I also looked up the NEW SUSSMAN, which also was strange as I found a woman named LILY SUSSMAN had visited Israel with her laptop a couple of years ago and it was shot up because they thought it was a bomb.


This dream troubled me, but I did not immediately tell anyone publicly about it.

It did scare me to think that there might be an attack during a Jewish Holiday or a bomb going off at or near the Western Wall or perhaps Temple Mount which of course would be devastating… so I instead am praying that since I did not witness an attack, perhaps an attack may be prevented or not happen at all, and the dream was simply there to inspire me writing to you all. Of course, I would be lying if I didn’t feel like an attack in the Western Wall Plaza was imminent.

That all being said, the dream at least inspired me to finish this essay. To bring you all up to speed and to encourage you as the world has indeed changed since I first warned of such things.


In my July 18, 2015 Warning Essay, I explained how in the month of September I had felt that the world the way we knew it was about to change. I explained that like Jonah I had felt that I was meant to warn everyone. That warning was shared from my heart after much prayer and I did not take this lightly. I knew the consequences of sharing such, but I was not worried about maintaining a following, I was concerned about the state of the world and how to adequately follow the will of God.

I did not know the days or the hours that these things would happen. God did not literally speak to me. I simply woke up one night after a troubling dream and knew what I had to do. I believed that if I did this than like the people of Ninevah we would not see such terrible things visit us around the world. However, I did know that UNLESS people everywhere began to love and chose positive Godly change in their lives that these things would come to pass because THIS CHANGE was happening one way or the other.

HERE IS A DIRECT QUOTE from that essay “A Warning For All” July 18, 2015.

And so, I want to let you all know that things are going to seem to get much, much worse in the world.
That’s right I am talking like end of days worse… Earthquakes, massive flooding, famine, wild fired, war, disease, and more.
Fun, right? … Not at all. And neither is this essay an ear tickling one.
THE GOOD NEWS is, I know this leads to something truly beautiful

Before I had written this essay we hadn’t yet scene such devastating things. Sure we had seen them in the past, but not in the amount, and progression, that we have seen the last couple of months and coming into the month of September through today.

JULY 19, 2015 – Shortly after writing this essay I followed it up with video that I shared from my heart. You can tell by my expression that I was not truly comfortable talking about such things. However, I knew I had to bring people’s attention to the things I believed would soon happen in the world.

Following the release of this essay and video I began to share (as promised in the July essay “A Warning to Everyone”) more videos and feelings on other events that would follow, and boy did they… From Flooding, Earthquake, Martial law, Economic Collapse, Migrants, War and more.

JULY 30TH, 2015 – I was invited to share about my “Warning” essay on a Pod Cast called “The Wondering Pilgrims”. At that point I was already familiar which much of the conspiracy theories surrounding the month of September. Up until sharing that essay, I knew nothing about any of it. In fact, I was very focused on things that pertained to the inward man, as you all are aware.

Up until July 18th, 2015 I was not very focused on the END OF DAYS as many call them. In any event, I shared many insights on their program, but I focused the people’s attention to the change I knew was coming. I even used the example of a Nightmare having to get worse to wake the dreamer up. BECAUSE PEOPLE WERE SLEEPING EVERYWHERE IT SEEMED.

Below is the link for this program, around 53 minutes in I began speaking about this specifically.

Shortly after this appearance I began to feel differently in my day to day life. I began to walk around with a feeling of expectation. I did not truly know what to expect but I knew change was coming one way or another. I just never thought three short months later we might be returning to the COLD WAR.

Many people from everywhere were privately and publicly trying to persuade me of how wrong I was, and how I was spreading gloom and doom. These people did not truly care about me, nor did they really have a clue as to what I was saying they simply loved the opportunity to attack my insights.
You see, I was kindling a fire in the hearts of people about what was happening in the world and the vipers came out to bite my hand because of it. They not only told me I was wrong, but tried to convince others that I was something of a heretic.

Like Paul, I simply shook it off. A sign that follows believers is they can be bit by any poisonous snake and not be hurt by it, they can drink any deadly thing (as many have tried to poison others against me) and it will not hurt.

The truth is, it did hurt my personally and professionally but it did not stop me from sharing what the Lord (existing one) inspired me to share.

Along the way, I had written an essay about Jonah. I explained that JONAH was the sign for the people. THE SIGN WAS JONAH himself. I knew in my heart, that I TOO WAS A SIGN FOR THE PEOPLE.

In this essay, “No Sign But Jonah” I shared about how Jonah did not want to warn Nineveh, because he knew of God’s Love and that God wanted good and not evil for his people… and when Nineveh was spared Jonah was upset because HE WARNED THEM OF ALL THE BAD THINGS TO COME and THEY NEVER CAME… That made the prophet look foolish. This was a great lesson for me.

I learned also that God took pity on Nineveh not just because they repented but because they were ignorant. They didn’t know right from wrong and that is why they were acting so rebelliously. And so I held out hope that if only I shared that LOVE would be inspired in the hearts of people everywhere and WORLD WAR 3 would be avoided. Yes, that’s right I did a video at the beginning August titled WAR IS COMING. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I, of course, do not want to see war, flood, earthquake, heartbreak, I want to see a world united, I want to see freedom, joy, love, and peace. At the time, North Korea and South Korea were about to come to blows, and when they came to an agreement I felt like reconciliation was possible for us all. Even though, back then World War 3 was unimaginable.

So let me tell you how this all played out.


August 5, 2015 – I shared a video entitled, “THE FLOODGATES ARE OPENED” — as I was doing this video I found it odd that I began talking about the Flooding the whole of the world was about to see. I explained that it was going to happened naturally and then spiritually. I shared this video on facebook alone… you can watch it here.

I did not know at the time of the devastating Flooding we would begin to see ALL AROUND THE WORLD within 24 hours of me posting such. Major storms like Typhoon Soudelor, Etau and many many more… I began each day searching out floods around the world and I began sharing links to flooding everywhere… The comments contained flooding from all over, here are a few from the list of major floods that began after my video.

Asia floods displace millions, as death toll increases – CNN.com
Flood situation grim in Assam, over two lakh people affected
Typhoon Goni Nears Philippines and Taiwan; Japan and South Korea Future…
Philippines: Typhoon Goni leaves trail of destruction – BBC News
Floods in North Korea kills 40, strands thousands; 6 inches of rain in just 3 hours
Flooding Rains Hit Hawaii; Sewage Spill Closes Waikiki Beaches
Tropical Storm Erika Floods Puerto Rico, Caribbean (PHOTOS)
Video Captures Massive Flash Flood in Utah – NBC News
UK flood chaos warnings as alignment of moon, earth and sun sparks SUPERTIDES Flood situation worsens in north, central regions
Torrential rainfall causes flash floods in southern Spain, washing away trucks and…
Flooding, Landslides, Injuries Reported in Japan as Tropical Storm Etau Approaches
More than 100,000 flee floods in Japan after ‘once-in-50-years’ rain
Japan: Typhoon Etau floods send hundreds of tonnes of contaminated Fukushima…
Japan flooding: 2.8 million advised to evacuate – CNN.com | Daily Read List
8 Dead, 5 Missing as Flash Flood Hits ‘With a Vengeance’
Wildfires, flooding, earthquake hit California
8 Dead Due to Flash Flooding in Utah
Rain Moves Into Southern California, Wreaking Havoc on Roads, Prompting…
Israel “It Felt Like the Apocalypse”: Extreme Flash Flooding, Hail Strike Israel on Jewish New…
Flash flood in Iran, 10 killed
Iran’s state TV says flash floods triggered by heavy rains have killed 10 people in the capital, Tehran, and south of…

There are many more that took place around the world, many remember the floods that Colorado experienced and the tragedy in Utah, but this was just the beginning of the labor pangs I believed we would begin to see in the as we approached the month of September.


AUGUST 5, 2015 I began speaking of the shaking that would be felt around the world. I was still in a bit of shock as to how accurate the flood video was and to do a video and to now talk about earthquakes so soon, just seemed overwhelming to me. I did not know at the time if my Earthquake video, entitled “Will The Earthquake” that we would actually see more earthquakes then before, and larger earthquakes like the one in Chile we all experienced recently. Below is the video.

It was at this point that I began to understand my purpose in sharing about these events. I realized I needed to draw people’s attention to Climate Change, and the affects of corrupt governing and the rule of greed.

There would be a shake up, this much I knew. I knew spiritually soon the foundation of what everyone believed was about to be broken up, and before that happened I also believed we would see it take place in the world. I had hoped that after sharing this video people would become concerned with the state of the world and perhaps try to find out what they could do to help bring attention to others as I had done, so together we could turn from our corrupt ways and change this world for good, with love. Because honestly, what could someone like me do on my own?

ALL I CAN DO IS FOCUS ON LOVING MORE, FORGIVING MORE, AND LIVING FOR MORE. If we all did this, the world would change peacefully.

Well, some did criticize me, one of which was a dear friend of mine in California. Ironically, my friend in California that made me feel bad for what I had been sharing, actually experienced a Earthquake the very next day, in his own town. I had woken up in the middle of the night and sent him an email to assure him I wasn’t crazy but had faith there was a reason for what I was sharing.

September 5th, 3:12am
Good talking with you (?????). Love you my friend and I promise I am not crazy. My best to your lady. But I think you know that by now. Just woke up thinking about you. Peace J

Ironically, around that time an Earthquake struck Marina Del Ray, which is where that friend lives… it was a strange coincidence, but thankfully not one that brought damage to his home.

No damage after 2.7-magnitude quake shakes Marina Del Rey

That all being said, once the Earthquake in Chile hit, which once again could have been much worse thank God, some people began to take some of the things I was sharing seriously. Others went so far as to say I was ignorantly creating it by sharing what I was sharing. This did not dissuade me, I went on to speak about the wild fires, the drought, the migrants crisis, the economy and of course war, all of which I saw coming and now we all have seen revealed this month of September.


AUGUST 12, 2015 – I began talking about CONTROL, Martial Law… in the video I explained that when order seems to be lost, when people can take no more, than we would see those in power taking action in the form of CONTROL. I was surprised at how quickly we began to see Martial Law in other countries, police states, and more because of extreme weather, economic issues, and the migrant crisis… even last week the word “Martial Law” was set in motion in Congress to force the hand of some who are in disagreement over passing legislation.

Below is the video, and once again, after sharing the video I began sharing links to help people to understand how serious this is. The governments of the world are doing everything they can to maintain CONTROL right now, and as I shared in the video, it will still get worse if things don’t change peacefully within us all.


AUGUST 20, 2015For days I had worried we might soon see a war unlike I have known in my lifetime. I felt like World War 3 was on the Horizon. Of course, once I share that many people told me such a thing was not possible… AND YET today both President Obama and President Putin are saying we are on the verge of such. Below is that video.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 I had about had it with the way some so-called spiritual teachers, religious leaders/pastors/evangelists/gurus/etc were treating me. I was surprised that the media was not reporting on some of the terrible things happening around the world, I was angry at many of peers for criticizing me for what I was sharing and saying that THE THINGS I WAS SHARING WOULD NOT HAPPEN… I was also tired of watching many religious and spiritual teachers talking about how they were GOD and there was no GOD but them. And so I shared this video below called “THEY SAY PEACE THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION”.

A COMMON THEME in each of these videos is that good will come out of all of it… ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.


SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 I shared a video on Facebook about how I had felt that the Economy was indeed going to take another major stumble. I had briefly touched on this in July but really felt that turbulent times were immediately ahead. I saw all of the things that I had been sharing up until that point as connected. As if God was trying to show us that everything carnal man creates will fail. Ironically, since then we have had some pretty disturbing news with the economy. Bio-tech price gauging, fraud, major automotive companies and other industry announcing major lay offs. We have heard about how China’s economy is unstable and losing ground fast. Not to mention the migrant crisis and the failed economies of countries we all depend on. I am not an economist but I do know many economists are now saying the exact same thing. People like Ron Paul and Presidential hopeful Ben Carson acknowledge martial law is also on the horizon because of how dire the consequences are for us all today.

I have shared many more poems, posts, and the like, on Facebook and to many who email me on a daily basis. My message has never changed. It is one of love and submission to the God of us all.


SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 I was inspired to do a very different video. I started with the creation story and the second part of the video I used only footage from this year. I wanted to somehow convey to those who are not aware of the crisis we face today worldwide just has important it is to become actively involved in peaceful change… THAT STARTS WITH YOU… Scripture teaches us, Judgment begins at the house of the lord… and that judgment is upon us all… and it is a beautiful thing when PEACE is the result.

I want to close this entry with the video I created today. And with my prayer that perhaps the Lord will inspire love everywhere and that people everywhere will lay down their weapons and open their arms in love so that together we will finally know peace.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

In July when I warned everyone of what was to come, the world was a very different place. Within two short months we have seen such devastation around the world that even for me it is hard to believe. However, I am hopeful and so should you be. It is the FEAST OF TABERNACLES after all. And God promised all of us, that he would wipe every tear from our eye. And God does not break a promise like carnal man. So I want you all to also be hopeful, hold your families tighter, forgive those who have done you wrong, and get ready… because the world may not be coming to an end… But the way things are in the world and have been is at it’s end.

Please do share this essay and any essay or video you find on here with others. If you haven’t already SUBSCRIBE it’s free. Together we can change, and together we can make sure we will never again no war or hate or lack in this world or any other. I love you all, Jacob

33 thoughts on “A WARNING IGNORED

  1. Jacob Israel November 2, 2015 / 4:00 PM

    Wanted to see is anyone is at all surprised that J.k. Rowlings and Harry Potter is now linked to Israel… How bizarre is it that in my dream that I share where I was standing in Israel at the entrance to the Temple Mount everyone was behind barricades waiting to go see HARRY POTTER 3 — I knew there was a connection but didn’t find out until recently how accurate the dream has proved to be…. Here is an article … Is JK Rowling going to visit, will there be a major attack when she does, we will see. In any event be well and I love you all, J http://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2015/oct/29/jk-rowling-harry-potter-and-the-boycott-of-israel

  2. Chad October 10, 2015 / 11:05 AM

    Oops i mixef moses and noaha….lololol means same thing lololol

  3. Chad October 10, 2015 / 10:26 AM

    I really like the allegoric to the mountain and Moses the mountain is an elevated consciousness and the God that was hiding from Moses was Moses himself…Haha he sacrificed his animals the carnal mind hahaha and made a rainbow let me see seven colors to a rainbow each color represents an archangel hahahahaThe seven churches John addresses seven stars in your right hand 7 candlesticks…..These are the angels of God’s wrath….Moses is s that true identity and when found the Ark of the Covenant is obtained and the Ten Commandments come naturally and you become the Holy Grail a cup full of purity……Understanding why people do the things they do because they are blind to the Moses that is them the fall is necessary in order for us to find ourselves again but the big design has the fall never ending for some..It’s no wonder of these relics are kept hidden hahahaha hide you from you…..We forgetFar more than we remember.But that time is upon us

  4. Chad October 10, 2015 / 10:00 AM

    Nice…..I will say this there is a plan a design to keep you from rising out of the manure. I agree with you I’m not trying to fix the outer world instead fixing the inner world which is the only way we could ever have peace inside or out….You know the old ancient design of the snake chasing its tail you know the old occult symbol hahahah if u know how works and I am speaking of reincarnation those who do can manipulate it for their benefit.It was said once that there was a man with a mighty sword who wanted to kill a certain man so he tested his hand with a sword on the walls of his domain then he went and killed the man…The man is the true identity the sword is the truth the walls of the domain is the mind and the man that he killed is the false identity….Ordo AB Chao they create the chaos inside and out and have you calling for them to fix it but when the truth is givenYou become your own master and no longer need the crutch that they so desperately need you 2 have. It is this blinding of souls that needs corrected..The game that domestication the competition between us all is the design of Commerce and those behind it will have your desire chasing its tail.Our Creator did not want it this way it is Lucifer who wanted to be the most high and created a collective consciousness of competition full of un empathetic souls. It is all smoke and mirrors by the wave of the Hollywood wand the truth I give will remove the smoke so when I look in your mirror I see myself because you are my twin outside of these bodies we are the same the only difference is what is in the mind. And when you look in my mirror you will see yourself and when you look in others mirrors you will see yourself and treat them with the respect they deserve which is love and equality.You only have to research with your eyes open to see that secret societies have boarded the ship like pirates flying the Jolly Roger and anyone supporting this flag under the law of The flag….Is it Pirateers…….

  5. Mike October 9, 2015 / 12:24 PM

    This world has not changed in the last few months, it is still very much the same. We have always had and always will have what we consider to be natural disasters. The only difference between our current time and past history is our awareness of such events. We are highly connected through technology and are being constantly bombarded with news on all events around the world 24/7. This does not mean the weather is getting worse or disasters are happening more frequently, or wars or the threat of wars is happening more frquently, we just hear about them exponentially faster than our ancestors did in the past. The bible teaches there is nothing new under the sun. This is a fallen world. It has always been a fallen world and it will always be a fallen world and no one will ever change that and no one is meant to change that. People must change, not the world. The world is fallen so we can rise out of it. Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world. Our kingdom is not of this world either. Rather than putting our energy into making this fallen world a better place, which is only a desire of the ego, we need to be putting our energy into making ourselves better, that is why we are here. There are infinite higher dimensional spheres of reality waiting for us to ascend into, but it requires us to change, not the world to change. This world is our starting place. Just as a tomatoe plant grows best in manure and rises above that manure as it ascends higher and higher towards the sun, such is the reason for our existence here. The manure serves its purpose. It provides the plant what it needs to rise above the manure towards the sun to produce good fruit. This planet is serving its purpose for us to rise above just as it always has for those who have gone before us and as it always will for those who will follow behind us. Climate change is a perpetual condition. Glaciers have always thawed causing the sea levels to rise and then they will reform causing the sea levels to lower back down. Ocean currents and cycles are in a constant state of change. The PDO and AO are always fluctuating higher and lower impacting our weather in one way or another. The Sun’s magnetic field is always in a state of change. The less sun spots the sun has, the less CMOs there will be resulting in an overall cooler climate on the earth. The reverse is true as well. The planetary orbits along with the Earth’s own magnetic field also has an impact on climate and daily weather. Volcanic eruptions have an impact on the climate and daily weather. These are the real drivers of our climate and daily weather, not the lie that man is the reason for natural disasters. Natural disasters and significant climate change occurred long before man evolved on this planet and they will continue to occur long after man is gone from this planet. Today, the self proclaimed authorities of climate and weather base their claims on a very small sliver of time in recent human history. They say the earth has been warming and will continue to warm for the next 50 years. They deduce this based off of a measly 100 years of human history. It’s rediculous and irresponsible to make such profound claims based off of such a small fragment of time. To see the truth, you must climb high enough to see the whole picture. No one can tell what lies ahead when they are standing at the base of a mountain because the mountain is blocking their view. Those people are left to their own devices and mis-guided conjecture. To see the truth in anything be it climate, government policies and procedures, scientific disciplines or spirituality, you have to climb the mountain to see the big picture and to receive the truth of the matter. Remember, God did not come down to Moses, but rather, Moses met God on top of the mountain. The way I see it, we have a very important decision laying at our feet to make. We can continue to get our information from fellow man who are wandering around at the base of the mountain, or we can take the road less traveled and climb up to meet God for ourselves. The Israelites in the bible wandered in the desert while Moses went up to meet God. They made an image of God of out of their own gold they melted down and combined together. This is very important because it is symbolic of what is going on here. People are taking their own gold(flawed human understanding and wisdom) and melting it down and combining it with the flawed human understanding and wisdom of others to form their own image of God. This is an act of the ego. The ego seeks admiration, praise,agreement, and most importantly, compliance. I have seen it time and time again in my many years on this Earth. Organized religion will give you the boot in the rear if you don’t comply with their flawed, human understanding and comply with their rules. I have personally been on the receiving end of this myself. As lon as I sang their praises and followed their rules, they claimed to love me. They called me their friend, and even considered me family. However, as soon as I didn’t agree, that is when things began rapidly changing. I was told I was wrong for “attacking” them even though all I did was offer my own perspective. I was told that unless I changed back that I would no longer be welcome in their abode. How quick they turned on me like vipers. In front of other members of the congregation they pretended to to care about me and to have my best interests at heart, but behind closed doors when they would meet with me in private, they let their true colors show. They were completely different people than they showed to the public. They were very aggressive and emotionally abusive. At the time it hurt me deeply to have people who for years called me friend and family to treat me like that all because they took my perspective that I simply desired to share with them and became threatened by it and me. I struggled for a long time and beat myself up emotionally because I truly cared about these people even after they way they hurt me so. Eventually, I decided it best that I leave them behind once and for all and it ended up being the best decision I ever made. I abandoned the act of going to my fellow man when it came to the things of God. Instead, I prepared myself for the long and arduous journey ahead and started climbing that mountain to meet God myself face to face. Friends, I am still climbing that mountain today, and even though I have yet to reach the summit, the I am blessed with an ever increasing incredibly beautiful view I would have otherwise never known. So, my advice to any of you who may read this letter in its entirety, start climbing. Seeking out fellow men and women of flawed human understanding will never bring forth fruit in your life unless you take what the hard lessons you have learned from them and rise above. God is waiting to meet you at the top but you will have to leave those you once sought approval and validation from behind to do so.

  6. Joanne October 7, 2015 / 4:17 PM

    It saddens me to read of how excited, even happy, you seemed to be, thinking you were right about the tragedies that have occurred here and around the world (seen from your perspective). Jeremiah was called the Weeping Prophet because he wept about the destruction and terrible times coming to Israel; Jesus wept when Jerusalem was to be destroyed.

    • Jacob Israel October 7, 2015 / 4:56 PM

      Joanne, what saddens me is that I was judged for sharing about this, and mocked for sharing this, lied about because of sharing this, attacked for sharing this and then when it is proven that we all indeed need to come together to make a difference because the world has indeed changed and is worse than before people like you Joanne are still looking to attack me, misjudge me, lie about me, and condemn me… That makes me sad. If I wanted the world to get worse I certainly wouldn’t be begging people to come together and do something. I certainly wouldnt be putting my name and reputation on the line to draw attention to it…. My question to you is, what are you going to do beside try and shoot the messenger? If you don’t have anything nice to say, you aren’t nice… And should change.

      • Charleen October 20, 2015 / 1:10 AM

        I am hoping you will be back on Facebook sometime Jacob.
        You have incredible insight and I believe He uses you to share His heart with us.
        I for one, truly miss hearing from you.
        Much love to you and yours. You are missed and you are loved. Charleen

      • Jacob Israel October 20, 2015 / 9:13 AM

        Charleen, what a beautiful thing to say. Thank you so very much. I will be back very shortly. I felt inspired to leave facebook for a short time for a couple of reasons. I need to focus on my novel which will be released hopefully by Christmas, and I also feel like the things that I have been sharing lately, although what I have been saying has actually been happening almost as soon as I say it, is being largely ignored, mocked, and laughed at. My latest video I released I shared my concern about Israel and how I felt like they were going to enter into a time of terror like never before I mentioned that in my last essay on the 28th of September and then released a short video on Oct 2…. The frightening part was the very place I was standing in my dream was where the Knife attacks began… on Oct 3… just one day after my video. Now Israel is facing the greatest threat of terror in their history and they are NOT handling it well. War, hate, and responding to terror with terror is never the way. So I felt a heaviness about the whole situation and simply needed to step back and seek the Lord (God, Inspiration, Source – whatever you want to call the SPIRIT that animates all)… I am working on a short essay to further explain this. I am so thankful for your email and please do let everyone know, my life is wonderful, everything is amazing, I just need to focus without the distraction of Social media right now. Please do have the best day ever… Here is that video by the way, appropriately titled “The Terror Of Israel” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAoHJ-9Qr4Y – please do have the best week ever, see you soon, and as always you can keep in touch here, or email me at Thomascalls@aol.com 🙂 Jacob

  7. Chad October 2, 2015 / 7:42 PM

    I know the petition will not be enough but maybe a few can awaken to some things

  8. Chad October 2, 2015 / 4:38 PM

    P. S. If anyone is wondering how the rulers which I called the elite can make things happen in the world to seem as the Bible is prophesizing I asked you to research harrp

  9. Chad October 2, 2015 / 4:29 PM

    There is nothing in the Bible that should be taken literally it is all speaking of the spiritual the minute you read it literally you straight off of the message….But I will say this there is an ancient bloodline that has been the ruling bloodline on this rock we call home for thousands of years… this beautiful book known as the Bible speaks of the spiritual but those who rule this rock can and will make events happen so the Bible looks like it is prophesizing When Read literally.. it is a system based on division andLies ….blinding lives from the truth. It is an ancient systemOf pledging…..Truth set you free and what is the truth?? I say with all of my soul and my heart we are domesticated into a system a game at play designed so that you never find that truth that sets you free.This truth is stated clearly in the Gospel of Thomas and the gospel of Mary and in the Bible itself it is a book that is a path to your Christ hood and in your Christ hood you can reach your Godhood.Flesh gives birth to flesh Spirit gives birth to spirit..I will give you the truth right now. Our spiritual parent is self begotten from the source and is the only one of us to truly face eternity alone. After exhausting all of the emotions from creating the material realm the fulfillment of love was never met which only another soul can give so our Creator sacrificed himself I see himself as male because self is male and mind is female hahaha so he sacrificed spreading seeds like a flower to make other souls now if you hold a piece of yourself in your hand what is it that piece of yourself can give back to you that you already do not obtain?? Think about that really think about that. It can give you nothing that you do not already have so this is where the saying if you love something let it go and if it loves you it will return.. We are here to become individuals each and everyone of you are a child of the one creatorBut there is only unconditional love allowed in our true home and you will not be able to return there until you have received it and the only way that you can receive unconditional love is my understanding who and what you are and in seeing this you will see yourself in everyone…And you will see everyone in yourself because outside of these bodies we are twins the only difference is what is in your mind. Which is the bottom line become the master of your domain which is your kingdom within become the king that you were born to be.Now those who wish to rule the world must first rule the inner worlds of those they wished to rule over which is the all seeing eye above the pyramid it is no less than the eye of perception if you can control how people perceive you can and will control them. I tell you in truth we were all created equal in the eyes of our spiritual parents father self mother mind….But those who rule the world have made us all equal created equal under the eyes of admiralty law which is the birth certificate which is a fraudulent act done two souls for mass control.A birth certificate is synonymous with a warehouse receipt it is a contract and in order for a contract to be valid both parties entering the contract must be fully aware of what they are entering we were of unsound mind to object to this slavery contract and our moms were tricked into signing thinking they were bound by law making this foundation identification document fictitious and if the foundation identification document is found fictitious which it is all others tied to it is null and void…..I am personally starting a petition demanding an overhaul of government to bring common law the law of the land back to the land if the law does not pertain to everyone it pertains to no one! Jacob I will be sending you this petition.. All who read this know I am the son of the one creator and you are my brothers(Self/male)It is this truth that will set us free but we have to do it together if we want to bring heaven to this hell

  10. Lena Wickey September 30, 2015 / 7:59 AM

    Thank you for sharing this Jacob…I am very much going through my own changes and cleansing…and my Father is teaching me many things the majority cannot hear…we have all been called to walk unique personal paths here on earth…and I hear your heart. Much love….Lena

    • Jacob Israel September 30, 2015 / 8:54 AM

      Amen to that Lena! Very true indeed, many are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory, this is why we must always go within, pray/meditate, and seek the Lord so that you may love always and be encouraged.

  11. Suzi September 30, 2015 / 5:03 AM

    Hi Jacob,

    I am sorry to hear you are feeling rejected and persecuted by people – we all want (and deserve) to be loved so it’s pretty devastating to feel that that is threatened. I think it’s very human to desire for people to agree with what we say and give us some validation – I really understand where you are coming from. I think you seem like such a compassionate person that you are really attached to the outcome of this – you genuinely care about your fellow man and it hurts you that others aren’t seeing what you are seeing. Inevitably, as we are all so different there will always be people who disagree with us. I think the best approach for our sanity and well-being is to try not to take it personally when others don’t see things as we do – remember, we don’t know what a person’s individual experience is, so you can’t be sure what it is that has triggered an undesired reaction. I think some of the things you are sharing might feel very frightening to people, so it’s very possible that they are rejecting the fear this brings up in them rather than you as a person. Try not to let this upset you – it’s really not about you. I used to get really upset when friends said nasty things about Christians, I took it very personally until I found out that some of them had had really horrible early experiences with being judged and controlled by Christian people. This coloured their whole perspective of Christianity. If we base our self-esteem or happiness on others liking or agreeing with us we will encounter great pain and unhappiness in life. We are so different that we are always going to see things in our own unique way. It’s okay if people don’t agree with you or accept what you are saying – it doesn’t mean you are any less of a person or that your message is flawed. It is your truth – release it into the world like a dove, and release all expectation with it. Do your best and be satisfied with it – try not to put so much pressure on yourself. We are finite, limited human beings and it would not be fair of God to expect any one of us to single-handedly change the world. I used to feel like I had to jump through all these hoops or God would reject me, that I wouldn’t be good enough just as I am. I felt like I had to perform lots of ‘works’, and this pressure I put on myself made me have high expectations of others. I couldn’t really accept others when I had this belief that God wouldn’t accept me as I was. I eventually accepted myself, and the resulting faith was the hope that God would understand the human condition and love us anyway, even if we do make lots of mistakes through our ignorance. Do this make sense to you?

    I had a very similar experience to you, and I hope you don’t mind(?) but I would really like to share some Carl Jung quotes with you that really helped me:

    ‘Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.’

    ‘Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.’

    ‘Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.’

    ‘Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.’

    ‘As a child I felt myself to be alone, and I am still, because I know things and must hint at things which others apparently know nothing of, and for the most part do not want to know.’

    ‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.’

    The acceptance of oneself is the essence of the whole moral problem and the epitome of a whole outlook on life. That I feed the hungry, that I forgive an insult, that I love my enemy in the name of Christ — all these are undoubtedly great virtues. What I do unto the least of my brethren, that I do unto Christ. But what if I should discover that the least among them all, the poorest of all the beggars, the most impudent of all the offenders, the very enemy himself — that these are within me, and that I myself stand in need of the alms of my own kindness — that I myself am the enemy who must be loved — what then? As a rule, the Christian’s attitude is then reversed; there is no longer any question of love or long-suffering; we say to the brother within us “Raca,” and condemn and rage against ourselves. We hide it from the world; we refuse to admit ever having met this least among the lowly in ourselves.

    Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.

    The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.

    ‘Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event’

    Keep following your path Jacob – listen to your dreams and intuition and have faith that you ARE loved. Others are not rejecting you, but some shadow aspect of themselves. Likewise you, them. Keep sharing your insights, but don’t emotionally attach to the outcome – this will bring suffering. Try and stay humble, and of something hurts you, seek within for the cause, and the solution – after all, the Kingdom of God is within you.

    If all else fails, I find meditating on this good old 1 Corinthians enormously helpful during times of crisis:

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. 11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

    13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

    Peace be with you, sending love. X

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Jacob Israel September 30, 2015 / 8:56 AM

      Suzi, thank you so much for such a thoughtful and enlightening email. It was filled with love and wisdom and I cannot tell you how truly grateful I am that you took the time to encourage me and others with it. Love indeed is on the throne of my heart and so I rejoice when hard times or persecution comes my way because I know that these things must come first… the good news is eventually it will all be as it is meant to be and not one will be lost. Much love to you and yours, Jacob

      • Suzi September 30, 2015 / 7:05 PM

        Your blog is fantastic and your interpretations have really inspired me – I’ve linked so many friends to them. Please keep sharing your insights, and don’t worry too much about pleasing everyone – as you say, it will all come to good in the end.

        I’ll leave you with a little story I heard in a Brian de Mello lecture:

        There was a man who bought his papers from a little stand, and each day the vendor would be very rude to him. One day, a friend joined him, and witnessing the vendors rudeness asked him why he didn’t buy his paper from somewhere else. The man’s answer was this:

        ‘Why should he decide where I buy my paper?’

  12. rksouliske September 29, 2015 / 10:46 AM

    Reblogged this on R.K. Souliske and commented:
    Reblogged From Jacob Israel. A warning ignored is a warning forgotten. In the end you can only blame yourself, even if you do not see what He sees. We need to wake up and no long live as sleepers caught in the adamic dream.

  13. Drew September 29, 2015 / 8:35 AM

    These are no different than what happens and has happened on Earth. I can say there will be a bad Winter and somewhere it will be.

    I can say there will be a drought next Summer and there will be some place on Earth.

    Whatever you focus on most with the wgomind you will see. Nothing is any different than any other time Jacob.

    These are not signs nust your carnal ego who seeks signs

    • Jacob Israel September 29, 2015 / 9:23 AM

      Thanks for your insight Drew. Of course it was an obvious attack on what I wrote but hey, what I write is not for everyone and I am fine with that. Drew, I will say that until recently I was not aware of how incredibly serious and dangerous our climate has become. If course we have always had floods, earthquakes, etc… but a simple search will prove that we are breaking weather records on a regular basis, even the President of the United States is pointing out how incredibly devastating it has become. So to answer your email, our climate is worse then ever that is fact and it is do to human interference (that also is fact) – not to mention the fragile state of the world. My essay is meant to bring awareness to it, to hopefully encourage people to get involved. A lot of people were saying the things I was sharing would not happen, they did and they continue to happen. But I am not the only one saying this, many important people way smarter than you and I are saying the same. The only reason you are criticizing is because I happen to be a man of faith who believes everything is connected. That all being said, thanks for reading and I do appreciate you taking the time to comment man. Please do check out other essays on here. Jacob

      • Drew September 29, 2015 / 3:05 PM

        I wasn’t attacking you. Simply pointing out it is no different than any other time.

        Climate is caused by many factors. Some years worse than others. So it doesn’t mean end of times or signs.

        Look up 1993. One of the worst floods in history. Nothing changed but the river banks.

        Just cause I don’t see things as you think doesn’t prove anything.

        The Father lives in me too,btw. He is in everyone. You may be right and may be wrong,but you are no better or less than me. No more jave insight or inspiration than anyone else. I have them too

      • Jacob Israel September 29, 2015 / 6:33 PM

        Drew I dont believe I have stated I am better than anyone else. And you were but it is okay. Be well

    • Dawie Steyn September 30, 2015 / 2:53 AM

      Where is the Love, if your Father lives in you then you should be overflowing with love for each other…maybe Jacob delivered a deep message to someone…let’s stop attacking each other and just love whatever is done and said and just try and see what is the Love that could come from this…

      • Jacob Israel September 30, 2015 / 8:59 AM

        Right on Dawie, it is always best to simply let love rule and have patience for all those who see things differently. It is easy to deal with it when it is from people you don’t know but when it is from loved ones or friends, it is always harder, but we must always put our anger or hurt feelings aside and lift the other up. Love leads a multitude to repentance. Peace to you and yours, Jacob

  14. Dawie Steyn September 29, 2015 / 6:59 AM

    Hi Jacob, the United Nations has just adopted a document called Transforming our world: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is an agreement by all UN member states. It contains a set of 17 goals and 169 targets that each member state must attain within the next 15 years, it’s a plan to eradicate poverty world wide. Please ask all your aquintenances on all your platforms to speak to their local governments and get involved to make this a reality. Thanks

    • Jacob Israel September 29, 2015 / 9:26 AM

      I know DAWIE… I think that is amazing… and I sure hope it works! I am trying to encourage people to get involved. I sure appreciate the email and comment here. Please do come again and again and tell the world about this resource. Much love to you and yours, jacob

      • sspencer200 September 30, 2015 / 8:31 PM

        I read an article on the UN Agenda 2030, only it also had commentary by someone else telling us what the Agenda really meant point by point. If it is the way the article portrayed, then the Agenda will not be as good as it appears. Forcing their Agenda on our country is unconstitutional. Peace and unity is good and right, but only when God brings it and not the UN. I for one do not want the Elites controlling the world.

      • Jacob Israel September 30, 2015 / 9:47 PM

        I agree big time.

      • Dawie Steyn October 1, 2015 / 4:21 AM

        Everything is God given, you, me, the UN. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna is all God’s instruments even as we are. Let us try and make life better for others. What a good thought to eradicate poverty for the poorest. We can all be part of a great shift. God is Love, we can willingly submit to love our brothers or not, it’s a choice. The UN just gave targets, I’m gonna try and be of service and show love and help and I ask all readers of this to get involved.

  15. dana pearson September 28, 2015 / 9:28 PM

    Beloved one…My heart aches for you every time i read your posts. I feel your pain in seeing so many things and people do not seem to have ears to hear or eyes to see what you are trying to share. I did that for years and years and always had and always will have more questions for God than there are stars in the sky. You may remember that I responded to a couple dreams that you had posted on Facebook…I had the same dreams as you, on the same night and probably at the same time. I love your passion and there is nothing I would like to do than talk to you. I know everything that you talk about in the natural as my husband and I have been called to know that. I truly understand your spirit and may I please share one thing that God told me years ago when I was in the place that you are right now with rejection and persecution over what you write and say. “Your mission in this realm is ordained to be one of dislike,and no understanding because as my first born of many son,Jesus was ask “What good thing could come out of Niniva.’ ….As you know, there are a multitude of things happening in this realm and in the Spiritual Realm. WW3 has already started and Mighty unbelievable things are happening in the Spirit…”First the natural and then the Spiritual.” I had to learn the hard way that no matter how much God is showing you…”A word out of season is death.” And that death is different for all of us….Please remember that we are Eternal and that God CREATED EVIL, so there is nothing that is happening that is not allowed from His hand not only to us but to ALL of His creation. So we must always remember that what ever we are going through is God’s Eternal Plan for each of us and the entire planet which Jesus dropped every drop of His blood on it before he died.Just clear fluid was running out of the gash in His side, so we can rest assured that God is in control of every bird that falls and every hair on our head. I have been where you are at Dear One and I still struggle with wanting everyone to understand what I do…but Beloved, stay strong,I pray Wisdom, Grace a greater understanding for God’s Eternal Plan for ALL of His Creation. You are loved and Blessed Beloved one and if you would like to talk sometime…We may be able to encourage each other….Always strive to go higher in His Spirit because His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways…I am a king Jameser so if you want to maybe see how much we don’t know about the scriptures…look up every scripture that has the word “Mystery” in it and see that Jesus called the Parables a mystery and remember that He turned Peter over to Satan and it was for amazing benefit to all involved. Stay Strong…dana

    • Jacob Israel September 29, 2015 / 9:38 AM

      Dana, thank you so much for your very encouraging and enlightening email. I will admit I do get criticized quiet a bit and it does hurt my feelings. However, I understand it is all part of my journey and the journey of others. I will try and remember your advice from here on out 🙂 Much love to you and yours and thank you once again, please do feel free to share anything I write with others, it always helps me to reach more people that might have ears to hear. Peace Jacob

  16. ljoyant September 28, 2015 / 9:12 PM

    Thank you jacob….i so enjoyed this and know that we are becoming one on this planet. …wow its so exciting to hear someone share what the small group i am involved in fellowship is sharing these same things… I am going to suggest a couple friends on fb , one who is a wise soul who “sees” many things in dreams and reveals some of the answers in the annointing…deedee nemecek. Aloha and keep speaking Lindy anton

    Sent from my Boost Mobile Phone.

    • Jacob Israel September 29, 2015 / 9:39 AM

      Lindy, that was so very cool of you. Thank you so much for the encouragement and support. I so appreciate people encouraging others to take a look at what I share here. It means the world to me, ALOHA to you and yours, peace and love, Jacob

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