When I first became enamored with scripture, one of the things that strengthened my faith was what I discovered about the meaning of names. Almost every name in scripture when translated from the Hebrew, or Greek, opens up great meaning for the reader.

In this paper, I’m going to try and keep it short and simply share the unbelievable “coincidences” found hidden just out of sight (our understanding)… And of course, there is no such thing as coincidence! It just appears that way. Isn’t the mystery of life grand?

Now to save time, I’m just going to give the translation from the Greek and Hebrew.

Let’s start with my late grandmother’s favorite expression, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!”

Each name means something and when you see all three together, it is almost too good to be true.

JOSEPH – Jehovah has Added

MARY- Their Rebellion

 JESUS – Jehovah is Salvation

 Let’s put them together now: “Joseph Mary and Jesus” “God has added to their rebellion Salvation.”

But let us take that a huge step forward. If Jesus means, “Jehovah is Salvation”… what does Jehovah mean. Instead of just accepting this as another name for God, let us reveal the literal meaning of Jehovah.

Jehovah = “the existing One, One who Exist” = I AM = I exist… and yet “I am that I am” is better translated as “I will become whatever I will become”

Now, that is a whole lot of information packed in three simple names. Joseph, Mary and Jesus… “God has added to man’s rebellion salvation” – and the ONE WHO REALLY EXIST being the one doing the saving within.

Right there in those three names, the Gospel summed up. Inside of each of us, holds the very key to eternity. CHRIST which is TRUTH.

Many are shocked when they hear the name MARY actually means “Man’s rebellion, Their Rebellion” – but isn’t that the truth, haven’t we all rebelled against the TRUTH. And isn’t Christ BIRTHED out of our ignorance if you will?

In the beginning God created the HEAVENS (His Truth/Ways/Thoughts) and the EARTH (Man’s ways/thoughts) and the EARTH became (yes Became NOT WAS, look it up) … and the EARTH (Man’s soul) became VOID (ignorant/rebellious) …

So God said, let there be LIGHT (TRUTH/CHRIST) and it was good. This is yet another picture of the plan for mankind. Out of our ignorance (MARY) comes SALVATION (JESUS).

Ever wonder where there are so many Mary, Martha, Miriam’s, in scripture. It is because these names are symbolic of the REBELLIOUS/ignorance of man.

What is more fascinating is that OUT OF THE REBELLION in Man the MESSIAH is birthed… “Christ in you”, “Until Christ be formed in you”… In fact, this story is the STORY of what happens in all of us. IN US, the LOST TRIBE OF ISRAEL.

Even more wonderful is the understanding that Jesus was a Nazarite, which is understood to mean (One separated from the world, or consecrated)

“Joseph, Mary, Jesus of Nazareth”  =  “God has added to Man’s rebellion Salvation and separated them from the world.”

Side note: Jesus is the WORD, (Your word oh Lord is TRUTH)

Jesus is put to death at Golgatha (Place of the skull) – Symbolic of how the TRUTH is killed in our MINDS.

Here is something that might blow you away. Where does God and Christ sit again? Isn’t it in the TEMPLE OF GOD? – And are we not the TEMPLE of God where the spirit of the most High dwells? J Now check this out “church” … Points to your temples. That’s right take your fingers from both left and right hands and touch your temples…

WHAT’S BETWEEN YOUR TEMPLES? = Your Brain. The same place the TRUTH is killed (Golgatha/place of the skull) it is also where the TRUTH eventually RULES.

Moving on…


Let’s now look at the great deliverance of Egypt: Pharaoh, Egypt, Israel, Moses – The meaning of these names are incredible:

 Hebrew translations:

 Israel : “Prince of God” “God prevails”

Pharaoh: “His Nakedness” in Greek

Moses: “Draw Out, Drawn”

Egypt: “Entrenchment = Infringe, Trespass”

So we see, Israel (Prince of God) is a Slave to (their Nakedness) in Egypt (Their trespasses) So God sent Moses (Drew them out)

Let’s put them together. Israel, Moses, Pharaoh, Egypt = The Prince of God is drawn out of their trespasses and no longer a slave to their nakedness (shame) –

For more on this, please read. “The Ten Plagues of Egypt” article I have in this blog.

You see, these are but a few examples of how the stories in scripture, actually speak of you and I. For we are all ONE in Christ… We need to stop looking at scripture as dead archaic history books, for what happened does not help us, it is what happens in us that we need to know. And these wonderful biblical stories do all that and more… When you place YOURSELF as the title character.

Whether you be JONAH, SAMSON, NEHAMIAH, RUTH, DEBRA, HEZIKIAH or more. My favorite of course is JACOB… Who I share many traits with. Like JACOB I too put on the FLESH (dead works/ignorance) to try and trick my Father into giving me what he already promised. I too, like Jacob, wrestle with God and Man, and I too, have OVERCOME and been given the name ISRAEL.

“Behold my beloved SON in whom I am well pleased.”

Interesting side note for those who know me. I used to write for Professional Wrestling. Seriously. Please do not hold that against me. As I now wish I still had tight connections, as my boys would think me the coolest Dad going… well they already do. But it would be awesome to take them backstage… I DIGRESSSSSSSS.


Let’s move onto LOT and SODOM and GOMMORAH

What had to be removed so the twin wicked cities would be overthrown? Lot!



Isn’t that interesting, to cleanse our SIN, God uses WATER (word) and FIRE (SPIRIT) – BURNING AND SUBMERSION.

But in order for this to happen. LOT must be removed…. And LOT in Hebrew means “VEIL”

The VEIL that is to say the FLESH. You see what keeps us from the HOLIEST of HOLIES, what keeps up from the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, what keeps us from being free, is the VEIL (The FLESH) the CARNAL MIND.

Here we see LOT (VEIL) must be removed for the TWIN wicked CITIES to be overthrown.

The Key to unlocking the mystery of SODOM and GOMORROH is found in the description of these CITIES as TWINS. (Duality)

A Double minded MAN is unstable in all his ways. If you can SEE IT… There is ONLY ONE GOD and beside him there is none else. In Christ there is only UNITY. However when the FLESH is covering the TRUTH we see TWO, TWINS.

Did you know that the most words that describe evil, actually come from the word TWO.  Duality, Dubious, Doubt, Devious, and many others come from the root word DUO (two).

THE WICKED TWIN cities needed to be torn down. THE TWINS.

“I came to split in twain and make ONE NEW MAN”

“That day you will know I am in the Father, the Father in Me, and I in you” – That day, when LOT is taken away, the WICKEDNESS of our double minded thinking is destroyed and replaced by UNITY.

“I can do NOTHING of myself”   

What a beautiful picture of how God takes away our Carnal Thoughts (veil) to “Overthrow” which by the way in HEBREW means to “Turn back, Return”

God takes away the Veil so we can return to Him. Amazing.

Let’s look at Elijah for a Moment. The Tishbite

And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead,

ELIJAH – “yah is my God, Godlike”

TISHBITE – “Captivity, captive”

INHABITANTS – “Sojourner”

GILEAD –  “Rocky region”

So Elijah was a Godlike Captive sojourning in a Rocky Region. Once again, our story people. OUR STORY.

Let’s take a look at those twelve tribes of Israel.

Reuben – “Behold a son”

Simeon – “Heard”

Levi – “Joined to”

Judah – “praise”

Dan – “a Judge”

Naphtali – “wrestling”

Gad – “a troop”

Issachar – “to make straight, to walk straight”

Zebulon – “to exhalt”

Joseph – “Whom Jehovah has added”

Benjamin – “Son of the Right Hand”

Now let’s put them all together.

“Behold a son heard and joined to praise a judge wrestling a troop to walk straight so to exhalt whom Jehovah has added to the Son of the right hand.” 

It’s the story of US ALL in a nutshell.

We all hear and join ourselves to praise the God within wrestling us to walk straight as we could be exhalted as God has added US to the SON.

“That day you shall know as you are KNOWN” – To know as you are known, is to NOW YOURSELF… This is the key to salvation. Knowing the TRUTH of CHRIST WITHIN.


Let’s look at DAVID, SAUL and SOLOMON:

 The 1st man here – lusted for power, didn’t wait on God…

The 2nd man here – was a man after God’s own heart, he didn’t take the Throne he waited for God to give it to him.

The 3rd man here – Reigned in peace and had the greatest wisdom




Solomon is known as the King who shed no blood, he built the Temple without killing. Isn’t it interesting that SOLOMON’s name in Hebrew means “PEACE”

Well, I didn’t have much time to put this together, I will continue to add to this here and there. But I hope that you see, the meaning of names is just one amazing layer that God will peel back for you so you can understand the truth of who you are in Christ.

And for all you JONATHAN’S out there. Who love their FATHER (religious system) and who LOVE DAVID (Christ/TRUTH) – Don’t stay with your Father and DIE. Come to the MAN AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART and RULE FOREVERMORE!


“The Truth Changes Everything”