With crayons in hand and paper beneath
The young girl creates her beautiful masterpiece

With blotches of yellow, black, blue, and red all over the place
With scraggly hair, eyes that don’t match and an oblong face
A sky that is purple and grass that is brown
A nose colored so red, it would be better suited for a clown

The child draws with nothing but her imagination around
It is a gift for her father, to turn his frown upside down

Without the ability to spell, there are three x’s and three o’s for Daddy to see
A token of her love and appreciation this great masterpiece will be

The child does not worry that she cannot spell or draw straight lines
She does not care if her composition is lacking and is she appears color blind

Her art is her gift and she knows it will make Daddy smile
Times have been hard, he’s lost job and been out of work for a while

She didn’t feel pressured to be perfect, or worried she might not succeed
She only wanted to show Daddy that he is all she will ever need

He sits at a table swallowed by bills,
His head hangs low and is very still

She takes her picture to him and holds it out with great care
“Daddy, I made this for you” she says with a wide-eyed stare

Like a fire lit in his eyes, he takes her gift and to his surprise
After looking at this picture he suddenly began to cry
In that moment there was something that he realized
He may have bills, he may struggles, but he has something money could never buy
He held the picture to his heart, and Daddy finally smiled

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