THE MIRACLE MAN – (A poem) and song


Guitar by Eddie Coronado
Lyrics and Vocals by “Yours Trulys”


There was a man that was known for the miracles he performed. Millions came to see him, they came from wide and from far.

He gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, cured the lame, healed the sick, and raised the dead, or so they all heard it said.

“But, what is more important, My friends?” He asked those who came before him in a sea of endless people that never seemed to end.

“Should I give literal sight to the literally blind? Or should I give the wisdom and truth of the Kingdom which men for centuries have wanted to find?”

The audience laughed, they had not come to hear this. They wanted a miracle, they came for his so-called tricks.

The miracle man took his stand, knowing his words would be waisted on some. But sharing the truth of God, to him was never work it was always fun. So he took hold of the microphone and stood his ground. The question is, would they grasp the revelation that this man had found.

“My dear people, what does it matter what a man can see, if he knows not the difference between wrong and right? What does it profit a man what he hears, if he hates many things in his life? Is it so important to walk tall on two legs, if you are not known to be upright? Where is the value in being free from disease, when your true illness is hidden just out of sight?”

The crowd screamed, “This is not why we came here, to philosophise!” “We are here for a miracle, so do one right here, right now, before our very eyes!”

The man’s head sank, they had not understood.

The miracles they wanted could never fix them and never would.

With new ears they might hear, but they would never understand. With new eyes they might see, but forever miss God’s plan.

They wanted assurance, they wanted cheers and praise. They wanted a big show and flowery words, they wanted a parade.

But the man had not come to do great tricks,

He had come to tell the truth, not to heal the literally sick.

He stood before them and made his intensions clear. Knowing his words would be lost on some, but that others would draw near.

So he explained to them the mystery of the rumors that they had heard. It was not some electrical annoiting flowing threw his fingers that was important is what the truth of his spoken words. He began to unravel the parables of it all. It wasn’t as important to believe Jesus walked on literal water, but to understand if we don’t rise above the ways of the world we will all drown and fall. But they stopped him from revealing more than this, for they wanted to continue to put their faith in the things that were leading them adrift.

However, the Miracle Man had another plan. He took the microphone in hand and began to explain what he had truly performed in the heathen land.

“I have given SIGHT to those who could NOT SEE that there is more to life than what they live. I have given HEARING to those that could not HEAR the great truth that I’ve been told and now I give. I’ve healed the sick hearts of hate, worry, and fear. I’ve straightened the walk of those who were lost and made their conscience clear. I’m not a magician, a wizard, or even God no matter how much many claim me to be. I have only come to tell you the truth and not to make the literally blind, literally see. I will not entertain, boldy proclaim, or astound you with words that I know will never physically heal. I will tell you the truth so stop with your shaking, quaking, and before me do not kneal. I am here to lead you to the Kingdom and it starts by looking within. It is your foolish thinking, your ignorance and your belief in fairy tales that is perhaps your greatest sin. You are lost in a world filled with mirrors and smoke, you’ve been robbed by men and women who will only take from you and leave you sick, sad, and broke. You will learn the only man I have ever raised from the dead, is the one who did not believe he was the Child of God, but believed he was a mere mortal instead. So, the only miracle you will find today. Is found by believing the words I came to say. The Truth is within and never without. No man or woman is greater than another, it is the SPIRIT WITHIN that saves. So leave your mega churches, tent meetings, your signs and wonders crusades. Push away from your feeding troth and return to your Father’s kingdom today. There you will find all you have ever wanted to know. You will understand that even your suffering has caused you to grow. You don’t need to invite God in, or call upon someones name. The Truth of who you are, you have always been, it is your Life, you simply need to believe this, and allow Christ In You to have His day.”

Matthew 12:39

He answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.

So stop going to these signs and wonders crusades already. The ONLY SIGN there is, IS RESSURECTION! LIFE AFTER IGNORANCE!

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