Below, is a short poem and video I did recently that can open your eyes to who you really are, and help you to realize you can do more, be more, and live for more than ever before.

I have written many articles over the years documenting my many findings within the pages of the world’s holy books. I live my life to try and share this great message with all of you in many different ways. Whether it is daily poetry on my facebook page, critical essays on scripture, videos, radio, or even my novel, I live for one thing and one thing only and that is to make life better for everyone around me by sharing what I know to be true.

John 8:32
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

It is the TRUTH that sets us free. Everytime we see Jesus laying hands on someone, or healing someone, it is the LIES they believed that they were being set free from.

Scripture is an allegory. Sight is a symbol of understanding, hearing is the same. These are those Jesus “healed”, those that couldn’t see or hear the truth, those that couldn’t stretch their hands to help another, those that couldn’t walk upright in the world, those possesed by devils (LIES).

Devils, demons, these are all tormenting “SPIRITS/THOUGHTS” because they are LIES.

Satan is called the FATHER OF ALL LIES… meaning anything SATAN creates is a LIE. (Check out my article “man’s ego is the devil)… a messenger of SATAN is someone spreading LIES… Because there is NO TRUTH is SATAN (WHICH is also another allegory of man’s ignorant ego).

Jesus called himself “The TRUTH, the LIGHT, the WAY” — Jesus is yet another allegory of all of us in our risen (enlightened) state… Jesus is a symbol of how the TRUTH within man, sets man free from the prison of LIES we have all found ourselves in.

I have done many papers and videos on this topic, “garden of eden revealed”, “who am I”, “Christ’s resurrection now”, etc etc… I have written so many essays over the years it will keep you reading for the next year or so, which is what I hope you do. I hope you find the true revelation of who you are, I hope you find the TRUE MYSTERY that has been hiding within the pages of our holy books.

Because, I have found the truth is hidden within them all, told with slight variations, but the TRUTH is IN everyone of them. Now, since most of audience understands the bible, I use the bible to show these messages of truth that are hidden within the allegories found there.

For example, we know LIGHT is a symbol of Enlightenment, DARK is a symbol of ignorance. Once you understand this basic principle of scripture the truth becomes clear. Jesus clearly told his disciples, “Unto you it is given to know the MYSTERIES of the Kingdom of God”, which means, the things of God are a mystery, and the revelation of this mystery is only revealed from within, because it is given within… The next thing Jesus states is, “…Unto those without this understanding ALL THINGS ARE DONE IN PARABLE.” However, Jesus is not the only quoted as saying these things, the scriptures state, “God opens his mouth in parable, in dark sayings”. The literal (letter) interpretation of these scripture kills (makes us ignorant of the truth/life) yet, the SPIRIT of the PARABLE gives us life. It is the SPIRIT of the story, ANOTHER WORD for that is the MESSAGE of the STORY, or the THOUGHTS that are birthed within you after hearing/reading the story… In fact SPIRIT is THOUGHT. Jesus said, “My words are SPIRIT AND TRUTH”. In this life we will find both TRUTH and LIES! The question is which are swimming around in your head?

This website is filled with hundreds of essays and videos that I have done over the years which reveal the mystery hidden in plain sight. It is my hope these essays will encourage you and help you to find the TRUTH hidden within Eternity! For it is the TRUTH that sets you free from the lies you have believed about the world and yourself.

Please enjoy this short poem then please watch a short video that will encourage you.
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If you listen to the poetry of scripture you will see eternity.
For in these verses, you’ll find blessings or curses, but it is always the allegory that sets you free.
The letter kills, the thrills, that can be found when reading with eyes that can see.
For example, eyes and ears are symbols of those who understand and perceive the truth of who we are intimately.
The religious, will miss, the miracle of bliss, sets before their eyes.
For it is the spirit that gives life that they ignorantly despise.
The Kingdom,which is the rule of heaven is not a place, that can be erased, but it is the space, within us called righteousness, peace and harmony.
It comes without observation, it isn’t a literal place, that you can point and say, this is how the end will come some day, because all along, this beautiful song, is a throne upon which we create and play along.
It is this space within you and me separated by a great chasm called inability. Separating us from who we really are and who we seem to be. It is the depth, of unending ignorance, it is this hell that keeps us from living free.
It is the trick that has licked us all, causing mankind’s greatest fall, which was eating from the wrong tree for far too long.
When all along it is wisdom, which is the tree of life, which scripture says is more than nice, that is the creator of all.
It is wisdom that we let our souls forget and forced us to always want more.
There was a time, when for no reason or rhyme, we would smile and laugh instead of whine and cry, because we knew the truth that’s been hidden inside.
We knew purpose was the glue that held us together, regardless of whether or not we believed that we could receive whatever dream created with you and me.
There was a time when to fly was nothing more than a high thought placing air beneath our feet.
A time when there was no crime there was only possibility.
This is the story within the story that you need to see.
You are a god trapped in the belief of mortality.
This is why I written the rhyme of hidden eternity!
-Jacob Israel