Who am I? This is the question many of us ask. Yet, few dare to dream of just how amazing they are, or can be. Fewer still believe they have power over their lives. We have been lulled into a deep sleep of ignorance and have chosen to see our lives as burdensome. We think more of what do not have than what we can accomplish with faith. We are more than we have ever given ourselves credit to be. WE ARE WHAT WE DECIDE WE ARE. What we do to others we do to ourselves. This is why we must always do well.

This short video contains a great truth. Knowing this truth is the key to living a fulfilled life. For those who are suffering, for those who can never seem to get ahead, there is hope. You are more than you know and when you understand this there is nothing that shall be impossible to you. Enjoy and please do subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already, it is free and you will be updated with all new materials I post here. Please do feel free share this or other essays/videos here with others, Jacob