Until three years ago the things I had written over the years I kept hidden away. I was worried no one would receive them. I was worried what people would say. I was like Gideon hiding the seed I had been threshing. But circumstances led me to step up regardless of my fear. It was the answer to my prayer, “Lord teach me the truth no matter what the cost, lead me to do your will, not mine.” And so circumstances forced my hand to begin this blog and now three years later I am humbled, excited, and overjoyed to see what it has done in my life and in the lives of all those who come here and share. I am stunned at how many visit here, and my heart beats faster thinking of all who I have yet to meet in the future. I thank God for the circumstances that led me to write this simple post tonight. I thank God for those very hard times of threshing, where suffering would pave the way for the harvest to come. Without it, I wouldn’t be writing you all tonight.

I see a new day rising for many, I believe now is the time our tears will be wiped away, now is our moment and now more than ever we need to let that light shine. It is no coincidence that last night the web address that I had wanted for so long became available and led me to redesign my site. It is no coincidence that I could not longer showcase a picture of “dead woods” my heart told me it was time to show the life that is taking hold of us all. Now is the time for us to Live That Life!

Don’t ever keep your “candle” under a bushel, as I did many years ago. Put it out for all to see. Without that light how will others ever find their way?

You are more than you know, you are not your past, you are not your fears for the future, you are the moment. Live for the moment, live your life, live to love, live to laugh, LIVE!

Where you are is exactly where you are meant to be, where you are going is what will set you and many others free. Please enjoy this short video I did awhile ago but never posted here. Please do subscribe if you enjoy it, share with those who may benefit from it, and of course I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you all for being the light you are to me. Jacob

The instant you give up on your dreams, the instant you give up on hope, you have chosen not to live in truth but to shackle yourself with fears yolk. The instant you stop reaching out to others, the instant you stop being a light to those around, fulfillment, joy, and purpose will be lost and your God given potential will not be found. The instant you decide to no longer forgive, in anger and resentment will become the life that you live. So choose the right path, love yourself and others and always reach for the stars. You will soon find heaven within you and the pain of yesterday will be far. The moment is yours to do what you will, the instant you choose wisely and your cup will always be filled!