The story of Hosea is a wonderful allegory of how the sons and daughters of God should be reaching out to everyone trapped in the Religious system called Babylon. Like Hosea, when we first do this the “Gomers” we encounter may not stop their adulterous (idolatry) ways, they may not even want to hear what we have to say. And at first the union may not result in a great blessing. But if we persist, if we continue to show the Love of Christ, and we don’t allow others judgment to stand in our way, then we will see the “Gomer’s” in our lives soften, and they too will begin to understand that God is love. They will see that God is in control, and that this True Gospel (the salvation of all) is the only hope this world, and everyone in it has. So reach out to those, big and small, don’t be scared of what they think or say. God doesn’t give us the sirit of fear so if your scared to do so, than the fear isn’t real or true, because it isn’t from God. MARRY GOMER ALREADY! Because the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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