BREAKFAST WITH DEAN – Reincarnation?


Early one morning, I and my friend Dean Dosher spoke about the possibility of re-incarnation, universalism, who all of humanity is, and how we are finished in perfection. I decided to record the conversation, which usually lasts about 30 minutes or so, every day or so, last night I edited the conversation down. So much ground in covered in these eleven minutes, that you may have to watch this many times, to grab hold of what is said. Philosophy which literally means the LOVE OF WISDOM is something, so many people are hungry for. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? WHAT IS THE POINT? WHO ARE WE? You’ll have to watch and find out, and you may be surprised in the end, to find out, if we know or not. 🙂 Enjoy



Got a secret to share, a revelation that’s clear, a new way of looking at parable we’ve held dear.

Jesus turned to Peter, whose names means Stone. HE TURNED TO THE STONE and said UPON THIS ROCK will I build my church and throne.

The ROCK that everything is built upon, this Rock my friends is called the FOUNDATION.
Like every good house, that can withhold the storms, houses built upon STONES are quite strong.

This is why Jesus turned and said, Peter though you be dead, upon this Rock, which is the Word of God, which is TRUTH and Wisdom, though many have forgotten… Jesus said, upon this ROCK, which is the word, the spririt in us all, OUR LIFE… He said, upon this Rock, I’ll build my church, and so great is it’s worth, that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

Now you’ve believed, and recieved that this meant, a simple man named Peter was where it all began. The reason, people ask you, which church do you go to or are you a “Christian?”
A whole religion in fact, remains in tact, upon the simple misunderstanding of this ancient transcription. To believe the Rock was Peter, sure if you want to worship Carnal Flesh Man whatever words are neater, but I assure you these many religions have gone wrong.

He said, upon this ROCK, this rock I will build my church upon. The Rock which is the WORD OF GOD, which is the FOUNDATION. We just forgot, the whole lot, when we began to listen to the chants of religious leaders saying, they are the foundation of this Kingdom, which is within us all.

Let me explain, in a very simple way. Forgive my ryhming it just makes sharing what I learn feel more like play than a labour of love. But after learning what has been churning in my heart since talking with a man named Peterson. I knew I would share it, and I’m ryhming because let’s face it, its fun.

It’s about us having great power, about how our weakness, in us, God has made us strong. You see everything was made by the son, for the son, through son, and the son, ain’t this fun, is you, and me, and everyone.

Wait! Don’t run! I haven’t even begun to help you shun the lies you’ve been sold, or told, that have you believing what Peter was recieving were words that proved if you were apart of a man made church the Gates of Hell you’d never call home.

And you understood this to mean, there was no in between. Become part of the religious church, or things will most surely get worse, look Hell’s gates await. Join the Church, they say, and escape such a fate.

But let me explain and re-arrange the thoughts in your mind. If you have time, don’t worry this will be one of my shorter rhymes.

The purpose of GATES is to KEEP PEOPLE OUT or KEEP THEM IN.
So the power of the Gates is NOT FOUND in their swinging.

But the POWER OF A GATE is found in being LOCKED IN PLACE.
Keeping in or out the entire human race.

You see, for the Gates to prevail they must stay strong.
But gates that can swing open for us, not only will they not prevail, that don’t even belong.

A gates purrpose is to seperate, to keep out, or keep in,
the only way a GATE can prevail is if there is NO OPENING!

But we were given keys, let me explain what they are please.
From science, to nature, to life, to love and strife, from scripture, to moby dick, to the matrix movie for some that’s how this all seems to fit.

It is through parable and allegory that our understanding is found.
We’ve been taught to only listen when punished, and we have believed we shouldn’t be praised for what we’re doing.

We’ve been tricked, and man made religion has kept us all under lock and key.

They have made us twice the son of hell, by saying our salvation isn’t here yet, and submitting to church authority is the only way for any of us to be free.

Such a sad and sorted story, but this story is not for me.

For we are the SON, Humanity, that’s right, everyone.

I could say, if you’ve seen me you’ve seen Christ, isn’t that nice? What would you do if I said I was given his name, I am his body, and now Christ’s mind is acting in my minds stead.

Ah, but that is too much, for such and such, but for those eager beavers, those article, esssay, and awesome book readers, stick around for what I have to say.

The KEYS are the revelation of many mysteries, like the one Jesus said to Peter.
Upon this Rock, I will build my church and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail.

And this revelation will not fail, SO pay close attention because I’m going to reveal,
that for the gates to NOT PREVAIL that would mean ONE CAN ENTER IN heaven or LEAVE this place called HELL.
THE TRUTH IS, we can go in and out, it’s up to us, it’s our choice which mindset we choose to dwell.
We would be hopelessly trapped and locked in if the gates DID PREVAIL, we’d be stuck and to no avail would we find a way out of our ignorance, which I like to call being kept out by the veil.

So you see now, how the revelation of who we are, takes away the bars, that we are limited and doomed to only pain and a tomb. But trust me when I say, even if at the INN there is no room, the Truth of who you are will bloom by first feeding the lowliest of us all.

But I digress, for us to rest, we must learn, that we will NEVER BURN and that we can LEAVE THE HELL of EMOTION we’re trapped in.

We can choosee to create panic, hate or passion.
We can stay locked away, or we can exit or even enter in.
It’s our choice how many times, we visit the place, whose gates, cannot keep us out or in.
Yes, it’s all up to you my friend.

God gave us this WISDOM…. so wait for it, wait for it… I’m almost done.

Believing the worst and getting more. Having no faith, no trust, no love, yet to church every Sunday, for more.
Especially when your Religious Leader, tells you what these keys are keeping you from.
They say there is an eternity of suffering to come for those that don’t believe the way they do,
as opposed to letting you know you have the power to enter ignorance or wisdom, its all up to you.

Upon the rock, which is the foundation, which is the word of God, which is the truth, which is the kingdom of god, which is your life, which is ONLY IN YOU, if for you, so you can stay or go as you please, create or destroy with ease.

Don’t believe me, take a moment and think with me, is your life exactly what you believe it to be?
Do you think that is happening coincidentally?

So today, take control of each of your thoughts. Tend to that garden and decide whether to hide in the trees of your imagination, or to the complete revelation of Jesus Christ to run.

Just remember, the Gates will never prevail. It is our decision, whether to create on earth heaven or to stay chained in the misery of your own personal hell!



The story of Hosea is a wonderful allegory of how the sons and daughters of God should be reaching out to everyone trapped in the Religious system called Babylon. Like Hosea, when we first do this the “Gomers” we encounter may not stop their adulterous (idolatry) ways, they may not even want to hear what we have to say. And at first the union may not result in a great blessing. But if we persist, if we continue to show the Love of Christ, and we don’t allow others judgment to stand in our way, then we will see the “Gomer’s” in our lives soften, and they too will begin to understand that God is love. They will see that God is in control, and that this True Gospel (the salvation of all) is the only hope this world, and everyone in it has. So reach out to those, big and small, don’t be scared of what they think or say. God doesn’t give us the sirit of fear so if your scared to do so, than the fear isn’t real or true, because it isn’t from God. MARRY GOMER ALREADY! Because the Kingdom of God is at hand.