“No Peace For The Wicked”

“No Peace For The Wicked”

There will be no peace for the wicked.
There will be no rest for those who hate.
There will be no compassion for those who have none,
and no laughter for those who do not appreciate.

For no man is an island, we each determine each other’s fate.

Flooding, drought, famine, wildfires, massive storms becoming the norm, fish dying in every sea and every lake.

Disasters of every kind, the source of which you will always find, the wicked did orchestrate.

This is why, no matter how hard we try, as long as one of us is selfish,
there will be war at every door and every gate.

There will be terror in the land, where time passes and the gods stand, because there is always a price that has to be paid.

A price, for every heartache and strife, for every penny stolen and for every life, the wicked take.

And for those who trust in riches, their hands will callous from digging the ditches, that will eventually become their grave.

For there will be no peace for the wicked, and for the wicked there will be no escape.

Return to me, return to me, for I alone am the only one who can save.

I am hope, I am love, I am compassion, I am forgiveness, I am inspiration, I am wisdom, I am kindness, I am patience, and I am grace.

For no man is an island, we are each collectively tied to our fate.

Jacob Israel

Hello my friends,

I hope you enjoyed my latest poem. I have found it is best to express important ideas through poetry.

There is a great truth in the words that only those with ears may have heard, but I believe the spirit of the poem speaks volumes.

The day we are living in is a direct result of how we have lived.

If collectively we don’t change, and put an end to the way things have been in this corrupt world, an even greater price than we have paid so far waits us all.

This is why we need to open our eyes and no longer follow after the greedy ways of this world.

The scriptures often speak of the many hearts in the world that have grown cold. What a terrible day it is, when everyone you meet seems to miss, that life can be wonderful and exciting once again.

If we enter into God’s rest, if we cease from our labor, if we stop acting like we are God and everyone else somehow deserves less than a new day we will see.

Sadly, the day we are in seems to be darker for those in the world than the day before it.

This is part of the reason I took a short break from social media. I posted that I would be taking a short break, but I found out many people thought that I deleted or blocked them, for that I am sorry.

I want to let all of you know I would not do that to you, unless enough dust had collected on my shoe that I simply had to.

The reason I took this break is simple, it was a timing thing.

I am preparing for what is coming next professionally. My novel “The Book of Thomas James” – a reboot of my award winning “The Calling” is in the works (at Publisher). This novel is a game changer, for those that have read the original, well they haven’t seen anything yet. The timing is, as they say, the Lord’s (existing one/inspiration/creator of all).

And while I am very excited for what is to come for me personally and professionally, I am troubled for what is to come for the world, especially the United States.

The video I shared recently on Youtube (below) goes into more detail about this, it is posted below. Please do watch it in its entirety, it’s important. And then share what you have learned.

But I digress,

As you know I have been concerned about many things happening around the world. Not to mention the things that I have said will continue to plague us, like Catastrophic Flooding, war, and more, which many at first ignored is now as obvious to everyone.

And what is obvious to me, perhaps not to any of you reading this right now is, I clearly see on the Horizon, unfortunately, terrorism becoming the norm here in our un-walled cities.

I have noticed a pattern in the world. Now even the holy places, those recognized as major holy places, like the Temple Mount, Mecca, etc, are safe. They too are now a terror among men.

We have seen tragedy at almost everyone of these sites. Not to mention most of the sites, like Josephs Tomb, monuments, and many other “sacred” altars and buildings that are being systematically destroyed, by rioters and terrorists like ISIL.

As I said earlier, the days of idolatry and hate are coming to an end. This is why, I now see these terrors coming to us here in the states as well as other “un-walled” nations like us.

Mankind is going to learn that they can no longer put their faith in their “high places”, like banks, established universities, holy sites, churches, altars, temples, mosques and of course the economy.

We have seen war, natural disaster, violence, murder and more in Israel, In Mecca and in important Holy sites around the world. We have seen scandal and more as well.

However, before this day TERROR was only experienced outside our door, on a daily basis I mean. This is why I see terror coming to the United Stated and other Un-walled Nations around the world. We will see this happening at major Universities (man’s education) , Churches (man’s so called spirituality) and of course attacks on the things we all put our faith in “money” (Man’s greed) and everything that goes along with it. An attack on everything keeping us “entertained and ignorant” from movies theaters to concerts and yes even malls.

It makes sense to me. This would drive people from the very institutions that are programming them into living selfishly, greedily, and hatefully.

We may even see war.

I believe very shortly we are going to see events popping up, all around us here in the states.

Soon, there will be a feeling that no place is safe, just like the attack at the Peace Rally in Turkey recently.

Now that all being said, I do believe eventually good will come out of this, but it may be a long time coming, because man is slow to realize the error of his ways.

In one of my most recent videos I said, “when you see violence in our city streets and martial law know that the day of the Lord is near.”

I want everyone to know that although we are entering a very difficult time for our country, as well as around the world, there is hope for those who return to the Lord (Love, Peace, Truth, Spirit, Life).

I am also here to remind all of you to FEAR NOT…. we, those who have submitted ourselves to love and have placed the needs of others before our own, WE, who have died to who we thought we were in this world, may see war in the world but WE WILL HAVE PEACE WITHIN it.

We can be IN the WORLD and not be a PRODUCT OF IT.

So, only the wicked need fear. Because God is not mocked, whatever a person sows they shall also reap… FOR THIS REASON, WE MUST SOW LOVE!!!!

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I so do love you all, and I am so grateful for you all, I hope you appreciate my latest video and you take these words to heart.

Jacob Israel



What is salvation, the choir sings, what is it that the future will bring?
Will it be gates of pearl, will it be great wisdom making sense of the pain in the world?
Will there be streets of gold, or treasures untold, will life’s mystery unfold before our once uninterested eyes?
When the cold ground settles and dries, and time has forgotten the tears once cried, over the grave that swallowed what you once called life.
What will it be for you and me? Will we finally be free? Or will be wish we had a chance to do it all over again?
Asking for forgiveness from a dear old friend, connecting with a relative before the end, giving to help those living with struggle and pain, forgetting what it means to blame, complain, or to remain in the sad cycle of should of, could of, would of.
Will we wish someone had dished about the secrets to this here thing called life? Wouldn’t that be nice? Waking up in the morning and no longer longing for things to finally go your way, to simply wake up and be excited to say, “This is going to be a most excellent day!”
That sounds like salvation to me, declared the choir director ignorantly while directing the congregation to the wrong tree so when they leave they’ll forget to see what is in front entirely.
The rear view mirror has never been clearer but it’s an illusion that does not exist anymore. This is what mirrors are for, to keep us looking on what is behind until we become so blind we can no longer find the hunger and passion that we’ve convinced ourself to ignore, even though it put us in the driver seat to explore.
Perhaps, when we’ve come to the end, and this sad choir is our only friend, we’ll see we were always free even though we behaved as comatose slaves who prayed for a savior delayed eternally.
It will be then, our hand will extend, to grab hold of the steering wheel of life all over again, loving ourselves, enemies and friends, living for the moment and forgetting the past while still creating memories that last.
Finally in the driver seat driving and having a blast!
-Jacob Israel

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Everything’s Gonna Be All Right!

Everything’s Gonna Be All Right!

I know a lot of people are hurting today. I know this because I too have my ups and downs, my smiles and frowns, my trials, pain, heartache and sickness like everyone around. But because of my hard times, I am grateful, without them the great treasure of true love I would have never found.

But this entry is specifically for my dear friends, one, (you know who you are Sher Sher!) who I spoke with earlier tonight, and just felt like I didn’t have the right words to say. I hope this entry will say what needs to be said. To help lift up those who are going through truly hard times, those who have lost loved ones, who are ill, who cannot pay their bills, those who feel like there may not be a light at the end of the sad tunnel they find themselves in.

This entry is for all of you, you who I love so dearly, who I wish I could somehow reach down inside your lives and rip your fears, pains, shame, guilt, and sadness away. However, as much as I wish I could, I can’t. We all suffer from the cares of this world, but I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, every bit of our pain will seem as nothing when only the beauty of who we became is revealed and many are healed because of it. All I want you to know is…. every little thing will be all right.

Below is a simple poem I wrote years ago, I wanted to share examples of great and beautiful things that only come from adversity. I hope it gives you the hope you need, in your time of need. Because I promise you, even these hard times are paving the way for a life we never could have imagined, a life that is indeed a dream come true, a life we all will find.

But first, an old original song I wrote years ago. It’s called “Everything is going to be all right” sung by yours truly, and no I won’t quit my day job so don’t worry about me trying to go off and start a singing career. I just hope the below song and poem helps heal the wounds we have all recieved “in the house of our friends”. Jacob

Press play… listen and remember as this song ends, so too will your troubles. So have hope, trust that all things work together for our good, stand tall, be brave, and above all else LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I hope you enjoy the song and poem:) Peace


Where would the flowers be without the manure to help them grow?
Could they ever bloom without their seeds first placed in a deep, dark, horrible hole?

Can a sunrise be as beautiful, if there was never a dark night to rise above?
Can a relationship be as strong without parts of us that are hard to love?

If not for the suffering of the oyster, there would be no pearl left behind.
Laughter would not be as wonderful, if tears never first came to our eyes.

How could we become patient, if we never had to wait?
Could wine be as sweet without the smashing and squeezing of the grape?

Like the flower and its seed, we may feel trapped and believe we will never break free.
Like the sun, we may wonder when will be our time to shine.
We may feel alone because so many seem to hurt us all the time.

We may be sick. We may hurt like the oyster for the pearl.
We may have lost everything that seemed to matter to us in the world.

We may cry, fail, and like the grape we may be put beneath another’s feet.
But there is more to our life’s trials for our eyes to meet.

So hold on, you will rise, you will shine, you will finally be free.
We all have days like these, but these are not the days that will always be.
Your moment is coming. It is not as far away you as you have believed.
Life has been our teacher, preparing us, guiding us, and one day we all will see.
We may feel like a prisoner now, but because of it, soon we will all know what it is like to be free.

When a bad dream gets out of control we wake up because the suffering is to great for us to know. This is why we suffer, why we cry, why we endure, our present suffering are forcing us to understand that there is more.

You are not your body, your pain is not your own. These are like nightmares that aren’t really true but this you don’t yet know. But soon, even these sufferings will force you to wake up on your own. It is then you will see, you are God’s child and you will rule your life from God’s throne!


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“The Smiles, The Smiles” a poem


The smiles, the smiles, what do they hide?
A kind heart twisted from the pain inside?
A tortured soul pretending everything is all right?
Or a beautiful spirit pricked by the thorns in ones side?

The smiles the smiles, what are they for?
A desperate soul longing for more?
A million cares, worries, fears, insecurities one can’t ignore.

The smiles, the smiles where have they gone,
The desperate ones fighting to break free from the stranglehold that has held us for too long.
Wanting to know right from wrong but never feeling one belongs.

The smiles, the smiles, of those around so hard this day to be found.
One day you are up the next you are down.
Why, oh why does our pain continually come around?

The smiles, the smiles no longer able to fake.
The unbearable pain that so many willingly take.
The greed of others, their judgment and hate, rain down filling sorrows lake.

The smiles, the smiles do we remember what a true one feels like. Have we forgotten how to find them, and if so do we know why? Where have the days gone when life was more about living than fighting to find life?
When will we no longer need to avoid fears knife?

The smiles, the smiles, can we find again the joy we’ve left behind. Will we sell, heartaches well, the one we continue to fill with the swill of the daily grind?
Will we stand against pressures hand to find the land where the smiles, the smiles always arrive on time?

The smiles, the smiles they long to be free, It isn’t dificult to find your smile this you will soon see.
The time is now to let things be what they be, the trappings of this world are the lies that have tricked you and me.
The frowns of our downs will be swallowed by the smiles victory.

The smiles, the smiles will stretch to the corners of our face.
The smiles, the smiles oh yes, fear, pain, and worry they will erase.
The smiles, the smiles, let them rise and you will finish this race. The smiles, the smiles sure they have been gone for awhile, but now we need to put them back in their place.

So smile my friend, smile even if you are facing the end, smile when you want to cry, smile when you would rather die, smile when everything is too hard, smile when you feel like you have gone too far, been too marred, too scarred, smile my friend even when you don’t want to. Smile this is what you must do. For in the smile is the key to peace that has been avoiding you. In the smile is the end of the lies you have believed, in the smile you will find the truth.

Because the smiles, the smiles are your escape, so let your smile overtake this moment, and don’t forget to hold it. Keep that smile on your face until know it, until you can show it, until you feel it, until the smiles, the smiles deliver you and you know it.

Keep smiling everyone, everything is going to be okay, Jacob



THURSDAY 1/13/2011

It’s sad how poorly people treat their fellowman. It doesn’t matter if it’s in church, at work, a cemetary, or a newspaper stand. At the gym, the store line your standing in, the red light that just turns green but you paused long enough for the person behind you to scream, to beep their horn with hands raised, as if you’ve killed their best friend and ruined their whole day.

Yes, I paid attention today, so many sad and hurtful things I saw people do, and say. From the teens I encountered, to those much older and even those my age. Some were just disgusted by the things that I said or wrote. Seeing my writings as heretical and never once considering they are simple, analytical, philosophical, theoretical, love notes.

I am nothing more than a man who tries, who cries, and mourns the selfish in the land whose behavior has gotten out of hand, and prays to help in a small simple way.

But this is not my story alone. You all have these feelings, as you sit there reading this at your home. This one thing you know, there are more callous people around you, you may say…but we must always ask ourselves, “Is it them, or is it us behaving this way?”. We need to be self aware, we need to judge our own actions and not those that mock us, point, or stare.

These are some questions to ask, I’m sorry if you feel I’m putting you to task. But I promise it is worth your time. Because we all grow and change when the truth of who we are, we find. So, are you looking to build, or to tear down? To share and listen or do you claim that yours is the only higher and truer ground? Do you think you’re always right, and excuse your many fights, because you believe everyone else is the problem never you? Well my friend, this may not necessarily be true.

We all need to go within and see our sin, which is nothing more than foolish, ignorant thinking. We need to change from this and all will be well. Then we will love God will are our heart and love others as ourselves. We will escape this troubling mindset where we weep, gossip, and gnash our teeth, and we will finally begin to see the plan and purpose of living a life of liberty.

Persecution can come from anywhere. But trust me when I say, your enemies are there to make you better not worse. It may come from people at work. There are those I know, and suppose you do as well, that feel self entitled, like they are better than others, and so feel obligated and empowered to treat you and others like hell.

This hasn’t always been easy for me to say. But let me tell you that their actions and thinking is rooted in insecurity. It’s seed is greed and the need to feed their own ego and sense of self entitlement. Which is why they feel they can blow up, complain, mock, tear down, or throw up all their fear and hate on those that don’t make them feel secure. So their insecurity drives them to drive others to the floor.

Even here, where I simply share my beliefs, in the hopes of helping another find peace. There are those that come to simply tell me, “Desist and Cease!”

Many have said, I’m lost, don’t know what I’m doing or saying. They warned me of eternal damnation for writing about a God of purpose, forgiveness and love. They have told me my heart is with the devil and not with the one above. They say, “Tear down your writings you Satan you, but don’t worry I’m praying for you!”

But all they really want is for me to see God they way they do. Yet a tree is known by its fruit. So if condemnation, pride, hate and debate, is what grows on their branches why should I ever think as they think, or do as they do?

It’s a trap to live a life of pride, it’s actually insane. Chasing titles, or a name, demanding respect and honor, is a losing game. Jesus was one of many messengers that made this plain. When he took the dirty feet of those following him and cleaned each of them the same.

There are far too many NOT acting this way. Which is why I pray they will learn to put others first. It’s so sad to see people literally hating everything they don’t understand. Forget believing in a God of love, they are too busy trying to prove they are above everyone that threatens their beliefs and stance.

So they will attack you if you don’t line up with what they believe to be right.
Just remember it’s only so they can feel better about themselves at night.

Even though this treatment is never right, never try to fight it, because they do this for you, not to you, the sooner you see this, this burden will become very light.

Today is a day where I saw, read and heard many people say things that were not only rude, repulsive, demeaning and cruel, but I saw people trying to rule by putting others under their thumb. Whether it was the young guy filling his work out bottle at the waterfountain not caring about the old man panting away, or the grumpy driver who cut me off when I had the right of way. Or the receptionist that could’t give me the literal time of day, but pointed to the clock behind me, rolled her eyes, as if I was the biggest idiot in the store at the time.

At stores, restaurants and more, today you’re floored by the way your treated when your paying for a service that has truly forgotten the customer is always right. Yes, I know some buyers are wrong, down right mean, and start the fight, but why is it this treatment goes on and on?

If you are to ask, why people continue to act, like they are center of the world and no one else will ever matter. You will find an explanation that will make you sad not madder.

People have been tricked. They believe they are not important, someone lacking and less than they truly are. So, regardless of if they have money driving a fancy car, or are broke collecting foodstamps to trade at the bar, many, oh so many, don’t care about anything but their own misery that they in turn spread like a flu at the mall.

Now the reason this is hard for many is, let’s face it, we’ve have years of others treating us that way as well. But I know we can do better, I know we can forgive, love, encourage and move on. Although it hurts me to see how selfish so many have become, especially those that say, they have come in the Name of God’s Son.

But neither you or I can change these people with our disdain, pain or anger. We can only change re-arrange our own feelings toward them and not care if we no longer belong. To love them and expect nothing more from them is the only way. Perhaps if more do this, we won’t see people starving or war mongering but we will be able to say, “Our brothers and sisters are important, regardless of color or creed, gone are the days of hate and great need.”

Concerning your faith. If you believe a certain way and are passionate about sharing it without shoving it down anyone’s throat or forcing your beliefs in another’s face. Remember you will have critics that will say invariably that you’re an idiot and dead wrong. They will go to great lengths to prove it, even if they have to twist the facts, tear you down, gather an army of yes maen around them to feel better about themselves. But don’t be angry for these poor, sad, insecure brothers and sisters of yours.

They may mock you, and tear you down. But this is because you have done good not bad. This is because you have helped others where they only say they have. It is because you have done what they don’t care to do and so long as you want to make a positive difference, you are the reminder that their hateful, insecure nature doesn’t belong. And so they will come out of the woodwork to shut you up, because your very existence will make their stomach churn. But you will turn and like a parent who knows better than to spurn a child’s acting out, you will say with a whisper not a shout. “I know you’re hurting and are scared, but I hope you’re prepared because whatever you have done and do to me, you’ll soon find in return. Wouldn’t it be better, to stop attacking those you simply believe and say are wrong.

It’s rare to find, someone who cares enough to make the time to return a favor, an email, or a call. Much less someone who is grateful for all you have done for them and for everytime for them you have gone to bat. They may even be the ones that betray you with that kiss and hold up the very rope designed to make you fall.

I saw people lying today, knew of people crying for the way some have treated them or what they heard others say to their face of behind their back. I answered emails, which I really should call attacks, and tried to reach those that only wanted to do me wrong. You see, we must love them where they are, but we also don’t have to be the doormat on which we allow them to stand on for long.

There is now a time, for a people to rise, without name, stature, or the need for others to make them feel better about themselves. That kind of behavior is reserved for those dwellers of hell.

Before these people is as the garden of Eden, they see peace at the finish line and a desert wasteland behind. And those that come against them, with be forced to changed or step aside.

The Truth only hurts, until insecurity, fear, hate, greed, and bias disperse, leaving only the humble and encouraging parts of that person to help others stand tall.

So starting today, I am going to believe and pray that the life we are all living will change.

So come against me, one and all. Say your piece and I will release you from all your wrong doing, but it will be you that realises who is rising and who is not hearing the call. I will see a world of peace, a community of believers, regardless of belief, that link arms and sing songs, about how wrong they and others have been, in the days of Adam’s fall!

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Got a secret to share, a revelation that’s clear, a new way of looking at parable we’ve held dear.

Jesus turned to Peter, whose names means Stone. HE TURNED TO THE STONE and said UPON THIS ROCK will I build my church and throne.

The ROCK that everything is built upon, this Rock my friends is called the FOUNDATION.
Like every good house, that can withhold the storms, houses built upon STONES are quite strong.

This is why Jesus turned and said, Peter though you be dead, upon this Rock, which is the Word of God, which is TRUTH and Wisdom, though many have forgotten… Jesus said, upon this ROCK, which is the word, the spririt in us all, OUR LIFE… He said, upon this Rock, I’ll build my church, and so great is it’s worth, that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

Now you’ve believed, and recieved that this meant, a simple man named Peter was where it all began. The reason, people ask you, which church do you go to or are you a “Christian?”
A whole religion in fact, remains in tact, upon the simple misunderstanding of this ancient transcription. To believe the Rock was Peter, sure if you want to worship Carnal Flesh Man whatever words are neater, but I assure you these many religions have gone wrong.

He said, upon this ROCK, this rock I will build my church upon. The Rock which is the WORD OF GOD, which is the FOUNDATION. We just forgot, the whole lot, when we began to listen to the chants of religious leaders saying, they are the foundation of this Kingdom, which is within us all.

Let me explain, in a very simple way. Forgive my ryhming it just makes sharing what I learn feel more like play than a labour of love. But after learning what has been churning in my heart since talking with a man named Peterson. I knew I would share it, and I’m ryhming because let’s face it, its fun.

It’s about us having great power, about how our weakness, in us, God has made us strong. You see everything was made by the son, for the son, through son, and the son, ain’t this fun, is you, and me, and everyone.

Wait! Don’t run! I haven’t even begun to help you shun the lies you’ve been sold, or told, that have you believing what Peter was recieving were words that proved if you were apart of a man made church the Gates of Hell you’d never call home.

And you understood this to mean, there was no in between. Become part of the religious church, or things will most surely get worse, look Hell’s gates await. Join the Church, they say, and escape such a fate.

But let me explain and re-arrange the thoughts in your mind. If you have time, don’t worry this will be one of my shorter rhymes.

The purpose of GATES is to KEEP PEOPLE OUT or KEEP THEM IN.
So the power of the Gates is NOT FOUND in their swinging.

But the POWER OF A GATE is found in being LOCKED IN PLACE.
Keeping in or out the entire human race.

You see, for the Gates to prevail they must stay strong.
But gates that can swing open for us, not only will they not prevail, that don’t even belong.

A gates purrpose is to seperate, to keep out, or keep in,
the only way a GATE can prevail is if there is NO OPENING!

But we were given keys, let me explain what they are please.
From science, to nature, to life, to love and strife, from scripture, to moby dick, to the matrix movie for some that’s how this all seems to fit.

It is through parable and allegory that our understanding is found.
We’ve been taught to only listen when punished, and we have believed we shouldn’t be praised for what we’re doing.

We’ve been tricked, and man made religion has kept us all under lock and key.

They have made us twice the son of hell, by saying our salvation isn’t here yet, and submitting to church authority is the only way for any of us to be free.

Such a sad and sorted story, but this story is not for me.

For we are the SON, Humanity, that’s right, everyone.

I could say, if you’ve seen me you’ve seen Christ, isn’t that nice? What would you do if I said I was given his name, I am his body, and now Christ’s mind is acting in my minds stead.

Ah, but that is too much, for such and such, but for those eager beavers, those article, esssay, and awesome book readers, stick around for what I have to say.

The KEYS are the revelation of many mysteries, like the one Jesus said to Peter.
Upon this Rock, I will build my church and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail.

And this revelation will not fail, SO pay close attention because I’m going to reveal,
that for the gates to NOT PREVAIL that would mean ONE CAN ENTER IN heaven or LEAVE this place called HELL.
THE TRUTH IS, we can go in and out, it’s up to us, it’s our choice which mindset we choose to dwell.
We would be hopelessly trapped and locked in if the gates DID PREVAIL, we’d be stuck and to no avail would we find a way out of our ignorance, which I like to call being kept out by the veil.

So you see now, how the revelation of who we are, takes away the bars, that we are limited and doomed to only pain and a tomb. But trust me when I say, even if at the INN there is no room, the Truth of who you are will bloom by first feeding the lowliest of us all.

But I digress, for us to rest, we must learn, that we will NEVER BURN and that we can LEAVE THE HELL of EMOTION we’re trapped in.

We can choosee to create panic, hate or passion.
We can stay locked away, or we can exit or even enter in.
It’s our choice how many times, we visit the place, whose gates, cannot keep us out or in.
Yes, it’s all up to you my friend.

God gave us this WISDOM…. so wait for it, wait for it… I’m almost done.

Believing the worst and getting more. Having no faith, no trust, no love, yet to church every Sunday, for more.
Especially when your Religious Leader, tells you what these keys are keeping you from.
They say there is an eternity of suffering to come for those that don’t believe the way they do,
as opposed to letting you know you have the power to enter ignorance or wisdom, its all up to you.

Upon the rock, which is the foundation, which is the word of God, which is the truth, which is the kingdom of god, which is your life, which is ONLY IN YOU, if for you, so you can stay or go as you please, create or destroy with ease.

Don’t believe me, take a moment and think with me, is your life exactly what you believe it to be?
Do you think that is happening coincidentally?

So today, take control of each of your thoughts. Tend to that garden and decide whether to hide in the trees of your imagination, or to the complete revelation of Jesus Christ to run.

Just remember, the Gates will never prevail. It is our decision, whether to create on earth heaven or to stay chained in the misery of your own personal hell!





You don’t have to be an economics or psychology expert to know times are tougher now on families than ever before. Domestic violence, child abuse, marriages are in trouble, and as always there are many wars. Alcoholism and drug addiction is on the rise. These are difficult days for you and I. But they don’t have to be that way. Read on and you’ll see, there is a truth about who you are that can, and will set you free and it won’t cost you anything but losing the very chains keeping you from being who God has made you to be.

Galatians 4:19
My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you

While the liars and false profits of the land, with your money in their hands, tell you give more, do more, read their book, help park the cars, cut the grass, volunteer with daycare, and help people find their chairs. They are getting richer and richer, having affairs, and robbing you blind with the slightest care. People need to realize they shouldn’t be working, singing, dancing, directing, or working for free. The Pastor will tell them, we need volunteers, and that God will see this effort and make their conscience clear. But when it comes to your Pastors, their bankaccounts are full of your money and their tax exempt status keeps them in the green, while were broke with IRS fears.

But the times are changing, people’s beliefs are rearranging, they are no longer laying every nickel on the line. They are losing faith because when they need help, these big name pastors never have the time. They are getting fed up with every scandal that breaks, yet some still hang on, because they have been so brainwashed they still allow these lying, perverted, thieves to take and take and take. However, for those that leave because they are tired of being promised peace and finding none. The fancy twisting of scripture and all their empty promises and manipulation is no longer enough for them to continue to come.

1 Thessalonians 5:3
For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

And for those who say, “my Religious leader” isn’t that way. Go to his face and tell him you no longer want to pay.

You see, if you only knew what God wanted from you. You’d stop your works, stop your worrying, and stop doing what religious wolves tell you to do. God doesn’t want you to go to man to find God’s truth. He begged Israel to do the same, but they refuse to go to that mountain, they said “Hey Moses” you go talk to God today and then come back and tell us what God did say. And that didn’t make God to happy at all. This is why they began to rely on a ridiculous man made law, which only made them fall all the more.

You see God wants to be your king, but you believe you need to go to “church” sit down, kneel, pray, tithe, and sing. So like foolish Israel you do the same, the Prophet comes to you and say Let God Be Your Only King but you say no, let a Man or Woman rule over us, and all our treasure to them we will bring. The Prophet gets sad, and thinks that’s too bad, but God reminds Samuel what they lost and what they will now have. This is the reason in religion you are all suffering and things are so bad. Your Preacher, you should call Saul, the King of your fall, the wolf will will rule and has ruled and ruined you all.

1 Samuel 8: 11 And he said, This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots.

(All you congregants you are the same. You give King Saul Religion your sons and daughters and their inheritance he will soon claim)

12And he will appoint him captains over thousands, and captains over fifties; and will set them to ear his ground, and to reap his harvest, and to make his instruments of war, and instruments of his chariots.

(Religion has produced preachers, Imans, Bishops, Priests, Pastors, Evangelist, Rabbi’s and more, and I don’t have to remind you of history how each of these religions kill in the name of their god and send all of our children to war)

13And he will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks, and to be bakers.

(Got to love those bake sales and yard sales, and preservice treats, the coffee stands, the bookstores, where all the women of faith work and meet.)

14And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants.

(The Religious Kings take, take, take, and those that kiss their ring make, make, make)

15And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants. 16And he will take your menservants, and your maidservants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work. 17He will take the tenth of your sheep: and ye shall be his servants.

(Isn’t this what I was saying all along, how serving these liars and thieves is not where you belong. All they want it that TENTH of all you have, if you don’t give it to them, well they will call you evil and bad. Soon you’ll be wishing you didn’t ask for King Saul instead of just asking for DAD!)

18And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the LORD will not hear you in that day.

Revival they cry, what a joke. It’s like those other religious leaders pretending to get high and drunk on Holy ghost drink and smoke. There are so much madness and folly, I wonder why more aren’t saying, I’m outta here so sorry!

Revival, that’s the new word of the day. And the fat cats contiue with the same grand ear itching words they saw, playing the same old songs they place, but it’s all the same old side show, just presented in a different way. Whether it is gold dust appearing, oil, healing, or smoke from a fog machine the lying fat cats placed below. God is tired, you greedy profits soon you’ll find yourself fired, and then you congregants your Father God you will know!

My children perish from their lack of understanding, God says. Yet, these Revival liars put all their focus on the miraculous things they say they do, and NONE OF IT IS TRUE!

So this new “revival” thing is what these religous wolves have begun. And the word, you’ve heard, the one they use is absolutely absurd. REVIVAL? REVIVAL they cry. “Look at this young boy I healed his blind eyes”, or this old woman with a cane, watch her hobble around with a fake smile hiding her excrutiating pain, “She’s healed, she healed!” the liars scream. And the old woman in pain goes along because the wolf has her convinced she should go along and praise God for the miracle he’s done. Even though when these so-called “healed ones” are alone, they feel dirty for lying to make their pastor look good. They still have their cancer, some even die because their medicine they refuse thinking at that service God gave them an answer.

These so called congregants that the liars say they healed, like old hobbling women whose purse the wolves love to steal, should have grabbed her cane and stood. Saying, I am no longer playing, I want the truth and nothing more. Take your hocus pocus nonsence, and you can keep your people writhing and shaking on the floor, you’ve taught them to act the fool and they’ve become a bunch of tools, believing God wants them to laugh hysterically, shake and quake as if their baked. It’s all witchcraft and nothing more.

1 Samuel 15:23
For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry

This you might find interesting, while the liars of the land are praying and shouting REVIVAL in the land, like many of the others lies they teach, eternal torture, trinity, rapture, tithing, and foreign speech. The word Revival isn’t even found in the bible. Not in one translation at all. So what in their “hell” are they praying for?

They can pray all they want, but if it isn’t in God’s will, all you’ll get from these wolves and liars are cheap thrills. They are bucket dippers, your bucket will never be filled. Empty clouds, twice dead, ravenous creatures, with nothing but dreams building “their” kingdom larger in their head. And they’ll do anything, say anything, promise anything, to get what they want. So let me post this is BOLD FACED FONT.

These Religious Leaders have one thing on their mind and money is their bottom line. That want to line their pockets and continue to live in the very lap of luxury your hard earned dollars have provided them with..

Revival what a joke? The word REVIVE means to MAKE ALIVE, and yet their words are the very words on which their congregants choke. You’re dead in your trespasses, this you should know, if you still to religious church you go. God needs you to flee, for Babylon is being ripped away from you and me.

There is coming a time when people will turn away from this. They won’t just get angry, they will be downright pissed. And why shouldn’t they be. They’ve been brainwashed since they were three. Fear was used to keep them in line, and when that didn’t work it was the seeds of greed the wolves planted inside so they’d keep in their seats their ignorant behinds.

These promises state if you give all they can give, YOU God will appreciate. If they can sow their seed, God will fill their every need. Yet God never wanted anyone’s money. Isn’t that funny. So, I pray people will say, forget your altar of baal, I have credit cards to pay.

Hosea 6:6
For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings

Look I am not here to tear down but to build. And soon you’ll be filled. But like Paul, a storm will come and it won’t be fun, but this will show you what must be done. First you have to get rid off every lieyou’ve believed weighing you down. Then your vessel will make it into the kingdom and no one will drown. Because there is a greater truth coming to town. You may not hear it tomorrow, next week, next month, but I promise soon this truth will be found.

You will know life eternal, which is to know who you are, why you were sent and by whom. You will wake up and shake off those grave clothes like Lazarus when he was risen from the tomb. And people will be there to help if need be. My greatest desire is to see everyone put aside their belief in hell fire, and know that God is in control of you and me.

This is all anyone needs to know. It will come with a cost that is true, but I have a secret to tell you. You may feel like a slave, beat down, hurt, alone, and more I could say, but you are much more and this TRUTH I am sharing, when you grab hold of it, you will know what it means to be saved.

Galatians 4:7
So you are no longer a slave, but a son; and since you are a son, God has made you also an heir.

When you wake up and understand you don’t need these religious leaders, or be apart of their foolish miracle healing crusades, you will see, as I see, that you are God’s child. You were sold into this religious bondage but Adam you don’t need to cover yourself in fig leaves and hide, so from these religious traditions and liars you must come out from behind.

Hebrews 10: 6In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure. 7Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God

You have been told that the book was written about a man named Jesus, but I say that Jesus is YOU. God only had ONE SON this is true, and that is all of humanity, me and you. But the first state of man is ignorant of who they are, because we left a country of truth and entered a religious country that is far.

In the dust of lies, experiences, and brainwashing this first ignorant man, we’ll call him Adam, was formed. Working your way to God is what this first ignorant man and woman thought was the norm. But they forgot who they were, the image of God that’s for sure, but they began to believe that had to eat religious nonsence to be what they were already created to be. God’s son, but I like to say child, there is no male or female whether walking in Christ shows an inch or a mile.

But when Christ, the Truth of who you are, wakes up and returns from a country that’s far. The religious leaders will kill Him before, the wolves do not want the children to know who they truly are.

Killed by the RELIGIOUS, that’s right, that’s what it means to be crusified with Christ. We believed the lies of who were thought we were. Then we believed those who said our father was vengeful, hateful God. A god we needed to please by sacraficing our money and our time, but this is the Religious leaders crime, the murder of the CHRIST IN YOU and yet this all was but a sign. You think Jesus is the only one to cried, “Father why have you forsaken me” this day? You see, the Religious monsters took us away, manipulated us, lied to us, and held us in ignorant chains, drove nails into our hands (works) and feet (walk) and pressed a crown of thorns (cares of the world and church) into our head, this is why most religious people are dead.

For those who know, for those who show, the truth as a bright light shining on top a large hill. The days of ignorance and pain and suffering is gone, and now the mystery is revealed. They have died to who they thought they were, they have given up control, because now they know, that it pleased God to bruise us to eventually use us to free his children and throw the wolves under the bus. And so we have, or will, learn obediance by what we suffer, but it is only because we chose evil King Saul instead of our Father. But really that’s always been part of the plan, but I don’t think myself or anyone is ready for that to understand.

But if tou want freedom, if you want peace, if you want to know all is well. Then you must leave your religious denominations and leaders and escape the pits of their ignorant hell. The only way to do this, is to confess Christ as Lord. That means Christ is not far away, Christ is in you, and this is what walking in the valley of the shadow of death was for. To have the clouds open up and hear, “Behold my beloved son, in whom I’m well pleased” in whom I love and hold dear.

And if a SON, which is symbolic of EVERYONE REVIVED from the DEATH (IGNORANCE) of religion and the world, then a SAVIOR to others who will help them find the Kingdom, as one who finds a precious pearl. Yes you will suffer, you will lose friends, home, family, and money, and I know that’s not funny, but part of the plan. You must be stripped from everything you thought God’s promises were in. Then when you are naked, starved, beaten, hanging on your cross, you will say as Paul said, It was all dung and I consider nothing lost. You will say as Christ said, “Into your hands I commit my spirit.” And then you will be born again, ressurected in the world no longer a slave to sin. But now a creator who knows the power of his thoughts and words. No longer judging others, but doing unto them as you would want them to do unto you. No longer putting your faith in negative things, but things and thoughts that are good and true. You’ll take every though captive because you will learn it is it your thoughts that create, whether you can hear this or not, this news to you should be great! Everything was made by the SON, for the SON, and without the SON nothing was made that is made.

For those who have ears to hear. When you and the Father are one, that’s when life becomes fun. He gives you the desires of your heart, and you no longer allow your negative “satanic” thoughts to tear your heart and desires apart. You only do what your Father tells you to do, because you and your father are one. And if one, then no longer two, no longer lost, easily manipulated, or listeing to the ignorant fools who tell you what to do.

This is what the creation has been groaning for, and guess what people, that time is here and more. So run from your religious task masters and pray these words I have written on you have not been lost. Pray out loud,”FATHER TEACH ME THE TRUTH NO MATTER WHAT THE COST!” then know the incredible potential that is within you and no longer fear. Because let me be a herald and let me be clear.