THURSDAY 1/13/2011

It’s sad how poorly people treat their fellowman. It doesn’t matter if it’s in church, at work, a cemetary, or a newspaper stand. At the gym, the store line your standing in, the red light that just turns green but you paused long enough for the person behind you to scream, to beep their horn with hands raised, as if you’ve killed their best friend and ruined their whole day.

Yes, I paid attention today, so many sad and hurtful things I saw people do, and say. From the teens I encountered, to those much older and even those my age. Some were just disgusted by the things that I said or wrote. Seeing my writings as heretical and never once considering they are simple, analytical, philosophical, theoretical, love notes.

I am nothing more than a man who tries, who cries, and mourns the selfish in the land whose behavior has gotten out of hand, and prays to help in a small simple way.

But this is not my story alone. You all have these feelings, as you sit there reading this at your home. This one thing you know, there are more callous people around you, you may say…but we must always ask ourselves, “Is it them, or is it us behaving this way?”. We need to be self aware, we need to judge our own actions and not those that mock us, point, or stare.

These are some questions to ask, I’m sorry if you feel I’m putting you to task. But I promise it is worth your time. Because we all grow and change when the truth of who we are, we find. So, are you looking to build, or to tear down? To share and listen or do you claim that yours is the only higher and truer ground? Do you think you’re always right, and excuse your many fights, because you believe everyone else is the problem never you? Well my friend, this may not necessarily be true.

We all need to go within and see our sin, which is nothing more than foolish, ignorant thinking. We need to change from this and all will be well. Then we will love God will are our heart and love others as ourselves. We will escape this troubling mindset where we weep, gossip, and gnash our teeth, and we will finally begin to see the plan and purpose of living a life of liberty.

Persecution can come from anywhere. But trust me when I say, your enemies are there to make you better not worse. It may come from people at work. There are those I know, and suppose you do as well, that feel self entitled, like they are better than others, and so feel obligated and empowered to treat you and others like hell.

This hasn’t always been easy for me to say. But let me tell you that their actions and thinking is rooted in insecurity. It’s seed is greed and the need to feed their own ego and sense of self entitlement. Which is why they feel they can blow up, complain, mock, tear down, or throw up all their fear and hate on those that don’t make them feel secure. So their insecurity drives them to drive others to the floor.

Even here, where I simply share my beliefs, in the hopes of helping another find peace. There are those that come to simply tell me, “Desist and Cease!”

Many have said, I’m lost, don’t know what I’m doing or saying. They warned me of eternal damnation for writing about a God of purpose, forgiveness and love. They have told me my heart is with the devil and not with the one above. They say, “Tear down your writings you Satan you, but don’t worry I’m praying for you!”

But all they really want is for me to see God they way they do. Yet a tree is known by its fruit. So if condemnation, pride, hate and debate, is what grows on their branches why should I ever think as they think, or do as they do?

It’s a trap to live a life of pride, it’s actually insane. Chasing titles, or a name, demanding respect and honor, is a losing game. Jesus was one of many messengers that made this plain. When he took the dirty feet of those following him and cleaned each of them the same.

There are far too many NOT acting this way. Which is why I pray they will learn to put others first. It’s so sad to see people literally hating everything they don’t understand. Forget believing in a God of love, they are too busy trying to prove they are above everyone that threatens their beliefs and stance.

So they will attack you if you don’t line up with what they believe to be right.
Just remember it’s only so they can feel better about themselves at night.

Even though this treatment is never right, never try to fight it, because they do this for you, not to you, the sooner you see this, this burden will become very light.

Today is a day where I saw, read and heard many people say things that were not only rude, repulsive, demeaning and cruel, but I saw people trying to rule by putting others under their thumb. Whether it was the young guy filling his work out bottle at the waterfountain not caring about the old man panting away, or the grumpy driver who cut me off when I had the right of way. Or the receptionist that could’t give me the literal time of day, but pointed to the clock behind me, rolled her eyes, as if I was the biggest idiot in the store at the time.

At stores, restaurants and more, today you’re floored by the way your treated when your paying for a service that has truly forgotten the customer is always right. Yes, I know some buyers are wrong, down right mean, and start the fight, but why is it this treatment goes on and on?

If you are to ask, why people continue to act, like they are center of the world and no one else will ever matter. You will find an explanation that will make you sad not madder.

People have been tricked. They believe they are not important, someone lacking and less than they truly are. So, regardless of if they have money driving a fancy car, or are broke collecting foodstamps to trade at the bar, many, oh so many, don’t care about anything but their own misery that they in turn spread like a flu at the mall.

Now the reason this is hard for many is, let’s face it, we’ve have years of others treating us that way as well. But I know we can do better, I know we can forgive, love, encourage and move on. Although it hurts me to see how selfish so many have become, especially those that say, they have come in the Name of God’s Son.

But neither you or I can change these people with our disdain, pain or anger. We can only change re-arrange our own feelings toward them and not care if we no longer belong. To love them and expect nothing more from them is the only way. Perhaps if more do this, we won’t see people starving or war mongering but we will be able to say, “Our brothers and sisters are important, regardless of color or creed, gone are the days of hate and great need.”

Concerning your faith. If you believe a certain way and are passionate about sharing it without shoving it down anyone’s throat or forcing your beliefs in another’s face. Remember you will have critics that will say invariably that you’re an idiot and dead wrong. They will go to great lengths to prove it, even if they have to twist the facts, tear you down, gather an army of yes maen around them to feel better about themselves. But don’t be angry for these poor, sad, insecure brothers and sisters of yours.

They may mock you, and tear you down. But this is because you have done good not bad. This is because you have helped others where they only say they have. It is because you have done what they don’t care to do and so long as you want to make a positive difference, you are the reminder that their hateful, insecure nature doesn’t belong. And so they will come out of the woodwork to shut you up, because your very existence will make their stomach churn. But you will turn and like a parent who knows better than to spurn a child’s acting out, you will say with a whisper not a shout. “I know you’re hurting and are scared, but I hope you’re prepared because whatever you have done and do to me, you’ll soon find in return. Wouldn’t it be better, to stop attacking those you simply believe and say are wrong.

It’s rare to find, someone who cares enough to make the time to return a favor, an email, or a call. Much less someone who is grateful for all you have done for them and for everytime for them you have gone to bat. They may even be the ones that betray you with that kiss and hold up the very rope designed to make you fall.

I saw people lying today, knew of people crying for the way some have treated them or what they heard others say to their face of behind their back. I answered emails, which I really should call attacks, and tried to reach those that only wanted to do me wrong. You see, we must love them where they are, but we also don’t have to be the doormat on which we allow them to stand on for long.

There is now a time, for a people to rise, without name, stature, or the need for others to make them feel better about themselves. That kind of behavior is reserved for those dwellers of hell.

Before these people is as the garden of Eden, they see peace at the finish line and a desert wasteland behind. And those that come against them, with be forced to changed or step aside.

The Truth only hurts, until insecurity, fear, hate, greed, and bias disperse, leaving only the humble and encouraging parts of that person to help others stand tall.

So starting today, I am going to believe and pray that the life we are all living will change.

So come against me, one and all. Say your piece and I will release you from all your wrong doing, but it will be you that realises who is rising and who is not hearing the call. I will see a world of peace, a community of believers, regardless of belief, that link arms and sing songs, about how wrong they and others have been, in the days of Adam’s fall!

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7 thoughts on “THIS THING CALLED LIFE – Part One

  1. Joseph Clark January 15, 2011 / 3:56 PM

    Hey there Jacob,

    Your light is shining bright brother. Your words will help many to see this world is the real Hell that we must chose to leave. This is why (the Word of God) says, (Rev.22:11) (He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.) It is just like you said, we must stop worrying so much about, who’s doing this or that wrong and keep our thoughts on our own relationship with God. Yes this has helped me brother, keep up the good work. I love you brother, in the name of Jesus Christ.

    My Google Web-site:

  2. Lee Petersen January 14, 2011 / 2:06 PM

    I really enjoyed this Post.You tell the Truth,Jacob , as it is revealed to you.& for you. I like the concept of a community of believers regardless of belief. That requires security in ones relationship to God & each other. That Security alone will put off others. It makes their insecurity float to the top , which is exactly what we need .When we are faced with something that makes us insecure in any relationship we should stop & look at it.It is a signal that something is out of alignment. Anyway THANK YOU Jacob for being yourself with all of us you all ways give me something to think about & that is a great gift.

  3. Jen January 14, 2011 / 12:19 PM

    Wow.. so true ! Keep up the good work !

  4. T.J. January 14, 2011 / 9:53 AM

    We are mirrors of one another. What we hate in others is what we hate about ourselves and what we love in others is what we love about ourselves. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. If we could only have love and get rid of the bad stuff within ourselves then we would only see love in others too. I guess that is why scripture says if part of the lump is holy the whole lump will be holy. Great essay Jacob! You are AWESOME!!


  5. dawn January 14, 2011 / 1:38 AM

    like this! We must forgive no matter what, and unconditional love no matter what…we must die to what ever anyone thinks of us and love them regardless. For it is love that overcomes a multiple of sin…I have learned to stop reacting in unbelief when someone harms me in what ever way they want. I use to say I can’t believe they are acting this way to me. what did I do to them…but I realize that I was once like them. I don’t pitty them I truly love them. I pray often for their release and to come up higher so they can see…
    I appreciate the things our Father is showing you in Spirit… Dawn

  6. 6 cocoabeans January 13, 2011 / 10:33 PM

    This world will not believe the old saying that you do not have to blow out anyones candle to make your light shine brighter.

    At this time in my life I need to focus more on my own thoughts and actions and try not to see the weaknesses in others. I need to focus on who I really am in Christ and see that Christ in every one.


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