Make a Marriage in Heaven!


My wife reminded me last night of the parable of the pearl and the oyster. When we first met, I would use this parable and others like it often. I put this in my novel, “The Calling”, where the lead character explains to another who has had a hard life of all the good the hardship has done in her life. He said, “If not for the suffering of the oyster, where would the pearl be? If not for the manure how would the flowers grow to be so sweet?”

I try to be as transparent about my life as possible here. I let many know, that I don’t have all the answers, that I suffer terribly as well, like Paul, I have cried out, TAKE THIS THORN AWAY ALREADY!!!!! Yet, as my wife reminded me last night, if not for my hardship I wouldn’t be the pearl that I am today. Yes, I know, my wife is pretty awesome. She had an excellent point, how could I ever understand suffering if I haven’t first suffered, and how could I ever learn how to overcome suffering, if I didn’t have suffering to overcome. So yes, I can count it all joy, because of all the fruit that has come of it. Not to mention, that I have learned a thing or two along the way, especially when it comes to being married.

You see, when Danielle and I first got married, many things came against us and our marriage. It was a hard time for us, but we only became stronger because of it all. While many outside of our relationship were working to tear us apart, inside our relationship we were enduring, overcoming, and learning to love each other on a level that we would have never known had we not had these difficult times. And now, as the scripture says, our past sufferings seem as nothing compared to the relationship we have today. Family abandoned us, financial hardship, friends left, it was a sad time, but we had each other, we had our kids, and we had a marriage that was going to last. We had a marriage that we wanted to enjoy, and so we fought for it.

It really isn’t very hard to make a marriage work if you take the time to really think about it. All a great marriage takes is two people willing to put the other before themselves. Or at the very least, one who will be patient until the other comes around. You’ll see me quote this many times in my essays, “Love draws a multitude to change”, not proving you’re right, not shaming someone when they have done wrong, and certainly not carrying a grudge for days because you don’t like what someone said to you, about you, or how they acted.

Arguments, as fun as we all know them to be, don’t have to continue on for days and days, if one person will put their hurt feelings aside and simply love the person they married. This is what Danielle and I try to do. Now this does take time, because overcoming our ego isn’t a simple task.

Over the years we each have built walls to protect our insecurities, and our loved ones learn very quickly how to get in those cracks and expose those insecurities, and vice versa. And so the mud-slinging can begin if you aren’t careful to guard your spouse and your own heart. And yes in my marriage there has been mud slinging, but less and less, the more we grow to admire and appreciate each other. Sure, every relationship has these moments, but the trick is seeing that hurting your spouse, life partner, etc, will never make you feel any better about yourself. The only thing that will make you feel better is peace in your home. And the only way to have peace in your home, is to learn to have mutual respect and admiration for each other. Yes I know, sometimes easier said then done. But there is a principal I would like to share that I believe if applied to your marriage it could change everything. And no I am not a pro, in fact the fact I am writing this article is proof I want to make my marriage better than ever before. It’s easy to say, you should do this and do that, and forgive and live in harmony… It’s a whole other thing to actually do it. But I promise you, when you do, buckle up because the love ride is going to take you places like never before.

The principle is as old as time itself… Some call it Karma or the boomerang effect, I call it Reaping and Sowing, and no I didn’t coin the term, we can thank tha author and finisher of our life and faith for that one, and the others :).

Reaping and Sowing is one of the greatest lessons anyone can learn, not just for your relationships but for you life. And this is a flat-out guarantee, if you begin to put this principle in practice today, I GUARANTEE your relationship, regardless of how far gone it may seem it will turn around. And if you are just beginning your journey together if you put this in practice together, you will have that marriage made in heaven we all talk about and wish for. Now it won’t happen overnight, you will be tested and tried, but if you keep at it, and you say “I am going to have LOVE, I am going to be in LOVE, and I am going to do what it takes to keep that LOVE!” Then you will succeed. Sadly more people are hung up on the “what have you done for me lately” attitude, as opposed to the “what can I do for you attitude,” which by far outweighs and outshines the first.

So let’s talk about this Reaping and Sowing principle for marriage.

This world is governed by laws, the law of gravity is one we all know and understand. But few know that Reaping and Sowing is also a law. The Law of Cause and Effect. You can take a glass and throw it against the wall, it breaks. Cause-Effect. Now people have no problem understanding this law in the material world, but few understand the profound significance of it in the spiritual and emotional world. Simply put… YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE! AND WHAT YOU GIVE YOU WILL EVENTUALLY GET!

If people really believed this, we would see an end to war, famine, heartache, divorce, rape, murder, theft, arguments, the list goes on and on. I call “Reaping and Sowing” our Creator’s fail safe. Because of this principle, not one will be lost, be eventually everyone will learn it is better to give then recieve. ESPECIALLY IN A MARRIAGE!

Now if you look at life as limited to this single timeline you know as life, it would be easy to deduce that there are many people who don’t get what they put out. But we need to take God out of the box, and we need to understand that this world, is not the only world there is. The scriptures speak of the worlds to come. But i don’t want to go down that rabbit hole for this paper. I simply want to point out how if we change how we treat others, how others treat us will change. Especially in marriage.

The problem is, most people have been raised to be selfish. Most people have been conditioned to believe that others should put them first, as opposed to putting others first to receive it in return.

Now in a moment, I am going to list a bunch of passages that Jesus of Nazareth was quoted as saying in the scriptures that illustrates the EXTREME IMPORTANCE of this concept. But if you are not a Christian, don’t let that bother you, the buddha taught the same, so do the Vedic scriptures, the Tao, well, let’s just say the principle is found in every so-called holy book, and embraced and taught by every great spiritual teacher… So let’s get into it shall we?


Now does this mean, that once you start putting out good that you will never again receive bad in return? Of course not! We will always be tested and tried until we finally overcome, and unfortunately for those “Rapture” believers it will never be a POOF Moment when your healed and made whole. You can’t do as Charlie Sheen said, and just heal yourself with your mind in an instant. Like anything else in life, it takes practice and discipline. And this is why we find ourself in the mystery of this world, it is our testing ground. Our school. This world is the place for it all, this is our learning place.

Luke 4:13
And when the devil(adverse thinking/lies/false beliefs) had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season

We will be tempted by our carnal ego many times in our relationship. Perhaps our partner, husband, or wife, will say something to hurt our feelings. That insecure beast of an ego of ours will want to rise up, show its fangs and go on the attack. Thoughts will run through your mind, “I don’t deserve this””how dare they””oh I show them!”…

But can someone tell me, when picking up a stone and throwing it back at someone ever solved anything? War will never bring peace, just as Peace will never bring about war. So we see pictured in the scripture above, when we are tempted to go on the attack, that if we…

James 4:7
Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil (These nonsence thoughts), and he will flee from you.

If we submit to LOVE and TRUTH and resist our bruised carnal ego, all that pain caused by those negative thoughts will go bye, bye.

However, that carnal ego of ours is always around, waiting, just waiting, to return. Sure it may depart for a season, but those that endure until the end of their “temptation to lash out” will overcome.

James 1:12
Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

The Crown of Life, isn’t something we need to wait for. Re-read that passage again. Religion has us all so screwed up, religion puts our reward in the future, when our reward in RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

John 11:25
Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

A crown represents a RULE, or AUTHORITY. Life is joy, peace, purpose, hope, and a marriage that ROCKS!

So when we re-read that passage in James with the right eyes (understanding) we see what it really is saying. It states, when you endure and overcome the temptation to lash out and fight and you choose not to, you receive peace, joy, etc… Right here, Right now. This has nothing to do with the future. You don’t need your marriage to have joy and peace and love in the hereafter, you need it now. So there are some things you need to remember if you want this.


Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue

Matthew 12:36
But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

AND JUDGMENT IS NOT A FUTURE EVENT, it is right now. You say bad things, you will get those bad things in return. You will give account for every idle word you speak in this life. Remember judgment is not the way many religious leaders and religious paintings portray it to be, JUDGMENT begins…

1 Peter 4:17
For the time is come that judgment must begin at the HOUSE OF GOD (us)

And we are the HOUSE OF GOD, the Temple of the Holy Spirit of God. It all takes place WITHIN US. Which is why our words are so important. They are like toothpaste, once they leave you can’t put it back in. But your return on those idle words won’t be fresh breath, but a bitter feeling in your head and heart.

So, be careful what you say. Your words can bless your life and relationship and they can curse them. But it goes deeper than that. It’s not just words, you must take captive your thoughts. Racing negative thoughts will be the death of your relationship. You need to find ways to change the tune playing in your head.

For example, some of you reading this right now, will think… “My wife, Husband, or Partner, will NEVER do that…” – You see, as long as you believe it, you will receive it!

Book of Proverbs chapter 23 verse 7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he

So yes, if you believe your spouse or partner is a big jerk, they will be a big jerk. EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT! Your perception is your reality, so change your perception. And to do this, you MUST put your partner or spouse before yourself.

John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

That scripture is often used to describe people going off to war and fighting, but the scripture really is about putting others first. It is about LOVING OTHERS enough to LAY DOWN your hurt feelings or desires to build another up. This is the very key to a Marriage made in heaven. In Fact, it is EXACTLY what that phrase means. To make a Marriage in heaven, one must make that marriage in HEAVEN (which means, a higher understanding of what life and marriage is, according to the Holy Spirit within).

Well, look, I think you all get the point by now. You get what you put out.

We all need to think higher of our partners, and spouses, than we do of ourselves. Even if you think that this will never work, try telling yourself it will.

If your marriage is falling apart, get together, talk to each other, tell each other you want to have a better marriage, you want to have joy and be excited about things together again. Then make a commitment to each other to do just that. Lift each other up, put each other first, and FORGIVE!

Remember when people lash out at you, they only do it because they themselves are hurting, keep that in mind. And begin to build a better relationship by your actions and thoughts.

If you want your husband to buy you flowers, surprise him with a gift. If you want your wife to snuggle more, then begin to show her more attention.

What you put out, YOU RECIEVE! This is not a belief, this is a LAW! It works, don’t believe me? Next time a fight is started, just say you are sorry and you will do better, EVEN IF YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. If you continue to LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE you are showing your spouse or partner how much you love them and I promise you they will have no choice but to reciprocate. IT’S THE LAW! 🙂

REAPING AND SOWING is probably one of the laws Jesus taught ON the most. Take a look.

1)Whatever you wish others to do to you, do to them (and they will)
2) Forgive and you will be forgiven (because that’s what you will get)
3) Show mercy and mercy will be shown (because that’s what you will get)
4) Judge not and you won’t be judged (because that’s what you will get)
5) Love your enemies (because that’s what you will get… eventually)

The list goes on and on. The simple truth is, whatever you PLANT will GROW! If you believe your marriage is cursed, it will be cursed, if you act like your marriage is amazing your marriage will be amazing. Just as whatever you plant in a garden grows into what you plant, and the health of that plant depends on how well you tend to it and cherish, the same is true for your marriage!

So make that MARRIAGE IN HEAVEN! Rise above the cares of this world, put your fears, insecurities, and your carnal ego aside, cast away terrible thoughts and start planting good thoughts and good deeds into your home. Resist the Devil/Your Ego – Resist your insecurity, resist your fears, resist your bruised ego and those negative thoughts will flee. And always remember that tough times will come, tribulation will come, you will make mistakes, but this time use them to make your marriage and your life stronger and better than ever before!

Oh, and for those divorced out there that think that God hates them, because some religious leader states that “God hates divorce” and attributes it to literal marriage. The truth is, if people took the time to study the word divorce in the scriptures, and took the time to find out what really matters to God, it is DIVORCING YOURSELF FROM GOD AND THE TRUTH that God hates.

Literal marriage is a great symbol of this union, but remember it is a tradition of man and if your marriage ends, same rules apply, love, forgive, and be kind and you will get it in return. Especially if there are kids in the mix.

Coming from a divorced man who has full custody of his two children and is re-married, I understand how hard blended families and re-marriage can be. The stats prove there is a greater chance of divorce the second, third, or fifth time around, but if you put this into action, if you SOW LOVE you will REAP LOVE in return!

Forgive me if there are a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes, I write these quickly and don’t edit so I can spend more time with my family! And now that you’re done reading, maybe you all should do the same. God bless and keep you all!


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THURSDAY 1/13/2011

It’s sad how poorly people treat their fellowman. It doesn’t matter if it’s in church, at work, a cemetary, or a newspaper stand. At the gym, the store line your standing in, the red light that just turns green but you paused long enough for the person behind you to scream, to beep their horn with hands raised, as if you’ve killed their best friend and ruined their whole day.

Yes, I paid attention today, so many sad and hurtful things I saw people do, and say. From the teens I encountered, to those much older and even those my age. Some were just disgusted by the things that I said or wrote. Seeing my writings as heretical and never once considering they are simple, analytical, philosophical, theoretical, love notes.

I am nothing more than a man who tries, who cries, and mourns the selfish in the land whose behavior has gotten out of hand, and prays to help in a small simple way.

But this is not my story alone. You all have these feelings, as you sit there reading this at your home. This one thing you know, there are more callous people around you, you may say…but we must always ask ourselves, “Is it them, or is it us behaving this way?”. We need to be self aware, we need to judge our own actions and not those that mock us, point, or stare.

These are some questions to ask, I’m sorry if you feel I’m putting you to task. But I promise it is worth your time. Because we all grow and change when the truth of who we are, we find. So, are you looking to build, or to tear down? To share and listen or do you claim that yours is the only higher and truer ground? Do you think you’re always right, and excuse your many fights, because you believe everyone else is the problem never you? Well my friend, this may not necessarily be true.

We all need to go within and see our sin, which is nothing more than foolish, ignorant thinking. We need to change from this and all will be well. Then we will love God will are our heart and love others as ourselves. We will escape this troubling mindset where we weep, gossip, and gnash our teeth, and we will finally begin to see the plan and purpose of living a life of liberty.

Persecution can come from anywhere. But trust me when I say, your enemies are there to make you better not worse. It may come from people at work. There are those I know, and suppose you do as well, that feel self entitled, like they are better than others, and so feel obligated and empowered to treat you and others like hell.

This hasn’t always been easy for me to say. But let me tell you that their actions and thinking is rooted in insecurity. It’s seed is greed and the need to feed their own ego and sense of self entitlement. Which is why they feel they can blow up, complain, mock, tear down, or throw up all their fear and hate on those that don’t make them feel secure. So their insecurity drives them to drive others to the floor.

Even here, where I simply share my beliefs, in the hopes of helping another find peace. There are those that come to simply tell me, “Desist and Cease!”

Many have said, I’m lost, don’t know what I’m doing or saying. They warned me of eternal damnation for writing about a God of purpose, forgiveness and love. They have told me my heart is with the devil and not with the one above. They say, “Tear down your writings you Satan you, but don’t worry I’m praying for you!”

But all they really want is for me to see God they way they do. Yet a tree is known by its fruit. So if condemnation, pride, hate and debate, is what grows on their branches why should I ever think as they think, or do as they do?

It’s a trap to live a life of pride, it’s actually insane. Chasing titles, or a name, demanding respect and honor, is a losing game. Jesus was one of many messengers that made this plain. When he took the dirty feet of those following him and cleaned each of them the same.

There are far too many NOT acting this way. Which is why I pray they will learn to put others first. It’s so sad to see people literally hating everything they don’t understand. Forget believing in a God of love, they are too busy trying to prove they are above everyone that threatens their beliefs and stance.

So they will attack you if you don’t line up with what they believe to be right.
Just remember it’s only so they can feel better about themselves at night.

Even though this treatment is never right, never try to fight it, because they do this for you, not to you, the sooner you see this, this burden will become very light.

Today is a day where I saw, read and heard many people say things that were not only rude, repulsive, demeaning and cruel, but I saw people trying to rule by putting others under their thumb. Whether it was the young guy filling his work out bottle at the waterfountain not caring about the old man panting away, or the grumpy driver who cut me off when I had the right of way. Or the receptionist that could’t give me the literal time of day, but pointed to the clock behind me, rolled her eyes, as if I was the biggest idiot in the store at the time.

At stores, restaurants and more, today you’re floored by the way your treated when your paying for a service that has truly forgotten the customer is always right. Yes, I know some buyers are wrong, down right mean, and start the fight, but why is it this treatment goes on and on?

If you are to ask, why people continue to act, like they are center of the world and no one else will ever matter. You will find an explanation that will make you sad not madder.

People have been tricked. They believe they are not important, someone lacking and less than they truly are. So, regardless of if they have money driving a fancy car, or are broke collecting foodstamps to trade at the bar, many, oh so many, don’t care about anything but their own misery that they in turn spread like a flu at the mall.

Now the reason this is hard for many is, let’s face it, we’ve have years of others treating us that way as well. But I know we can do better, I know we can forgive, love, encourage and move on. Although it hurts me to see how selfish so many have become, especially those that say, they have come in the Name of God’s Son.

But neither you or I can change these people with our disdain, pain or anger. We can only change re-arrange our own feelings toward them and not care if we no longer belong. To love them and expect nothing more from them is the only way. Perhaps if more do this, we won’t see people starving or war mongering but we will be able to say, “Our brothers and sisters are important, regardless of color or creed, gone are the days of hate and great need.”

Concerning your faith. If you believe a certain way and are passionate about sharing it without shoving it down anyone’s throat or forcing your beliefs in another’s face. Remember you will have critics that will say invariably that you’re an idiot and dead wrong. They will go to great lengths to prove it, even if they have to twist the facts, tear you down, gather an army of yes maen around them to feel better about themselves. But don’t be angry for these poor, sad, insecure brothers and sisters of yours.

They may mock you, and tear you down. But this is because you have done good not bad. This is because you have helped others where they only say they have. It is because you have done what they don’t care to do and so long as you want to make a positive difference, you are the reminder that their hateful, insecure nature doesn’t belong. And so they will come out of the woodwork to shut you up, because your very existence will make their stomach churn. But you will turn and like a parent who knows better than to spurn a child’s acting out, you will say with a whisper not a shout. “I know you’re hurting and are scared, but I hope you’re prepared because whatever you have done and do to me, you’ll soon find in return. Wouldn’t it be better, to stop attacking those you simply believe and say are wrong.

It’s rare to find, someone who cares enough to make the time to return a favor, an email, or a call. Much less someone who is grateful for all you have done for them and for everytime for them you have gone to bat. They may even be the ones that betray you with that kiss and hold up the very rope designed to make you fall.

I saw people lying today, knew of people crying for the way some have treated them or what they heard others say to their face of behind their back. I answered emails, which I really should call attacks, and tried to reach those that only wanted to do me wrong. You see, we must love them where they are, but we also don’t have to be the doormat on which we allow them to stand on for long.

There is now a time, for a people to rise, without name, stature, or the need for others to make them feel better about themselves. That kind of behavior is reserved for those dwellers of hell.

Before these people is as the garden of Eden, they see peace at the finish line and a desert wasteland behind. And those that come against them, with be forced to changed or step aside.

The Truth only hurts, until insecurity, fear, hate, greed, and bias disperse, leaving only the humble and encouraging parts of that person to help others stand tall.

So starting today, I am going to believe and pray that the life we are all living will change.

So come against me, one and all. Say your piece and I will release you from all your wrong doing, but it will be you that realises who is rising and who is not hearing the call. I will see a world of peace, a community of believers, regardless of belief, that link arms and sing songs, about how wrong they and others have been, in the days of Adam’s fall!

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So today my wife and I are going to do something that is going to seem quite strange to many of you. We are going to visit a QUAKER MEETING HOUSE here in Smithtown NY. Now before you get all LOONEY and think “I knew it, JACOB is LOONEY TOON!”

Well, I’m not! Want proof? Listen to this, “Figgilly figgiilly diggilly doooooo!” You see I am completly sane!

Anywayl, I’m not a fan of any organized religion, but I am a huge fan of learning about them and meeting new people who want to know God. And after the research I did on the QUAKER FAITH you’ll find, it ain’t too bad… But don’t worry about my eternal soul people, I don’t believe I will be joining any new religion in the near or distant future… But for those who be judging I’ll have you know, the Quaker seems to be a peace loving, compassionate, caring, Christ seeking believer, so settle down you Silly Goose Head!”

Paul says it is good to be everything for everyman! This is why for years I have studied various faiths.

You’ll find I have a bunch of holy books I quote from on this blog. I try to hold back, as I don’t want to cause another to stumble… But how else do we meet people where they are at and learn from them, if we do not venture out and see if there be more.

Regardless, there is a reason for everything, even this post today. Which really has very little to do with the QUAKERS and has everything to do with People who hurt us and how this may very well be God’s will!
But I digress, I was led to the QUAKER faith, and it fascinated me. So I studied as much as I could. For no other reason than I just had to find out how they cornered the market on hot breakfast cereal!

BUT SERIOUSLY, I came across their faith quite by ACCIDENT (what I would think was by accident)… But what lately I have learned is Divine Intervention… Which means pretty much EVERYTHING that happens in life, is orchestrated by God.

Amos 4:13
He who forms the mountains, creates the wind, and reveals his thoughts to man, he who turns dawn to darkness, and treads the high places of the earth— the LORD God Almighty is his name.

Sometimes even the MEAT-HEAD things we do, God is inspiring IN US. Because it is out these very knucklehead moves that the LORD OF HOSTS brings us closer to the TRUTH.

SIDE NOTE: Ever consider what a HOST is? When you HOST someone, YOU are putting them up in your HOUSE, or BUSINESS, or INTERNET SITE. If you are a Parasite You LIVE off your HOST. Consider this, we are the HOST that GOD lives IN, THROUGH, BY AND FOR. He is the LORD of HOSTS (us) — we are HIS HOST – We are his TEMPLE, He is our LORD. He is at the WHEEL steering people.

So, even when we do something so dumb, like BREAKING OUR KNECK, something I did when I was eighteen… It was GOD that inspired my action to get me to do thus! Because this BROKEN neck BROUGHT me closer to my destiny, which was to be a writer, author extraordinaire… (anyone buy my novel today? hint, hint, hint — )

So, if I didn’t do what I did I wouldn’t be here writing to you all… You see, even our meat-head actions are GODS BEAUTIFULLY ORCHESTRATED PERFECT WILL for our lives. Bringing us CLOSER to our DESTINY and to our PURPOSE. Closer to Him! Remember…

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Oh I know what you’re thinking, God ONLY takes care of the steps of a Righteous man. Well, let me tell you something. God is in control of us all. Good, Bad, and Bob Barker TOO!

Check out Joseph, not Mary’s Squeeze, but the one who got the funky many colored coat! NOW, just look at how foolish Joseph was when he spoke to his brothers after his awesome dream.

He must have sounded sooooo arrogant after telling his brothers about his dream, how they would all bow down before him. And that got his brother soooooo angry, that they wanted him dead, or at least they were going to PANTS HIM for it!

Genesis 37 6-8 And he said unto them, Hear, I pray you, this dream which I have dreamed: 7For, behold, we were binding sheaves in the field, and, lo, my sheaf arose, and also stood upright; and, behold, your sheaves stood round about, and made obeisance to my sheaf. 8And his brethren said to him, Shalt thou indeed reign over us? or shalt thou indeed have dominion over us? And they hated him yet the more for his dreams, and for his words.

Just think of how COCKY Joseph sounded to them, when he was alll like… “Listen to me my brothers, you and my Father will bow down before me! Yes, I am the greatest, I totally ROCK! I will rule over you! HA! HA! HA! And did I mention Reuben, you have bad breath and back hair! Simeon I am better looking than you! And Judah you are a punk and I can totally take you out in WII!… I AM JOSEPH HEAR MY ROAR!”

I mean, what older brothers wouldn’t take Joseph and dunk his head in the toilet a couple of times? That’s an older brother’s job, isn’t it? To humble the younger?

Well, that is why the CARNAL MAN, ADAM, IS HERE PEOPLE! You see, these stories are all ALLEGORIES, for us to learn from. Whatever is without is most definately from within.

THE ELDER (carnal nature) is here to HUMBLE THE YOUNGER. This is why Jacob was running scared most of his life. His older, scary, hairy, brother Esau!

The good news is, in the END the ELDER (carnal nature) will serve the YOUNGER (Christ)

These are PICTURES of the TWO NATURES at war WITHIN us. And each of these BROTHERS of JOSEPH are individual pictures as well. Here I will give you a brief history of the 1st Born and 2nd Born –

The HEBREW TRADITION stated that the 1st born NATURAL SON inherits all the birthright and possesions of the FATHER, this is why the BLESSING OF THE FATHER is so important… BUT RIDDLE ME THIS BATMAN? When it comes to the KINGDOM OF GOD, the FIRSTBORN is NEVER THE ONE WHO INHERITS, we always see the 1ST is cast off, for the 2nd!


Because, this is an allegory. The NEW WINE is not prefered by the natural man, but the OLD WINE… The 1st MAN is NATURAL not spiritual and this is what NATURAL MAN WANTS but not GOD… this is why we see a trend in scripture. THE 1ST BORN is almost always what I call a DEATH DEALER, someone who brings death or kills, whereas you’ll see the 2ND BORN is always, ALWAYS a SHEPHARD! Sound like anyone we know?

That’s right, the Big Kahuna! CHRIST!

So the 1st Born is the (Killer, ignorant, carnal, first nature of man) and the 2ND Born seems to be the (Enlightened Christ, Shepherd Nature revealed after in man). We see the 1st born and 2nd Born again and again in so many stories in the bible, but because I’m lasy and my finger cramp, Im only going to list a few.

1st Born ADAM (brings death) —- 2nd Adam CHRIST (Shepard- BRINGS LIFE)
1st CANE (death) —- 2nd ABEL (Shepard – pleases God)
1st ISHMAEL (Hunter/slave/death/cast off) —– 2nd ISAAC (Shepard – Life)
1st ESAU (Hunter/Killer) —- 2nd JACOB (ME! LOL … Shepard – Life)

Getting the idea here? These are all wonderful word pictures.

Our first worldly nature is formed out of the DUST OF OUR EXPERIENCE.
Now for those of you thinking about your literal older brother or younger sister, STOP! These are PARABLES, they are symbols… these are NATURES IN YOU at work and WAR! This really has NOTHING to do with being LITERALLY BORN OF FLESH AT ALL!

John 1:13
Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Two NATURES, two BROTHERS at WAR – 1st born and 2ND born.

Genesis 25:23
And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.

The WOMB is where the CARNAL MAN and CHRIST are birthed from. The 1st born or 2nd! And you see, here we have BOTH inside fighting for control. But no worries, in the END, Christ overcomes the world, so will we.

1 John 5:4
For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

This CARNAL MAN is a tough NUT to crack. ESPECIALLY if you were raised in my house growing up. But I assure you…

1 John 4:4
Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

So, Joseph’s brother’s took sibling hazing a bit far by wanting him dead, But Joseph was sounding a bit cocky, you have to admit! However, this was ALL really just a SYMBOL of how CHRIST IN US is abused by our CARNAL NATURE and how the CHRIST WITHIN is made subject to this VANITY (OUR NONSENCE) for a time. Until the SOULISH MAN, realizes there is a FAMINE in the land, and humbly returns to the BROTHER (Christ) within, begging for help. This is a picture of how we all fall and return again.

But let us just FOR A MOMENT (how I hate to do this) look at the story of Joseph in literary terms for now.

Well, in this next little story in Genesis we learn how God WAS WORKING ALL the angles in Joseph’s life! He was behind it all. You would think the DEVIL would be behind the scenes getting Joseph’s brothers to act so horribly, but YOU’D BE WRONG! SO SUCK IT UP PILGRIMS, YOU’VE BEEN SERVED!

As we continue to read here, we will learn, it is GOD, that provokes the Jacob boys to such EVIL action… Hey don’t take my word for it… Check it out PEEPS! — This week, I decided to show the world how “down” I am!

After all JOSEPH endured, he understood, his BROTHERS were doing GOD’S WORK! And I hope after this paper you will understand the same.

It really shouldn’t be hard after all, I mean it is written there in black and white in Gen 45. But we know those RELIGIOUS FOLK, using the bible as a BAT but never as a “book” written by the inspiration of God, so we can read, and allow the Holy Spirit to inspire REVELATION within for us all!

You see, Joseph didn’t blame those who abused him, accused him, used him, and flibbity floosed him! He didn’t even get angry with his brothers. He understood they had no power to do anything BUT what God MADE them do. They weren’t acting by their own evil hand. GOD DID THIS TO JOSEPH!

“WHAT JACOB? How dare you say that? God doesn’t get people to do bad things?” Some will say.

ZIP IT YOU! … Jacob says right back at you! (what are you going to do, shut the computer off tough guy/girl…. ooooh I’m scared! Just kidding. I loves ya and wants to hugs ya! (insert smiley face with arms extended for hug)

Well for those who say, God doesn’t make people do bad things… I say… REALLY? What about Hardening Pharaoh’s heart? Hhhhm? And there is that little thing called the Crucifixion? Didn’t Jesus say to Judas… “Go do what you MUST do.” Do you think JUDAS had a choice?” – Jesus was pretty clear, he HAD to be betrayed, which means one man HAD TO BE A BETRAYER!

BY THE WAY: This is also a picture of how our CARNAL NATURE betrays our TRUE NATURE which is CHRIST! This is all the PLAN OF GOD from the beginning. This is why it is not EVIL for God to bring EVIL in the land, people! So settle down. So long as this EVIL brings about the GOOD. — Oh and EVIL is not (listening to a Marilyn Manson Album Backwards – EVIL is ERROR) just so you know!

But I digress:
You would think MURDERING AN INNOCENT MAN (Jesus) would be an EVIL act, RIGHT? However, few “Christians” would say that doing that was EVIL… AND fewer still would say, GOD WAS NOT IN CONTROL!
Because we ALL AGREE, God sent his son into the world to SAVE THE WORLD, so ALL COULD BELIEVE AND I REPEAT so ALL, not some, COULD BE SAVED! God’s hand WAS MOST DEFINATLY behind this EVIL OF THIS SCENE, righhhhhht?

But is it really Evil? If the end result, is SALVATION FOR ALL? And YES I MEAN ALLLLLLL!

Because in the end, it SAVED THE WORLD (meaning ALL!)

Phil 2:10That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; 11And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Some people say, this scene above is a picture of God standing over all of creation, they realize how wrong they are, and confess Christ… Then the Bad religious go on to say, Jesus will say TOO LATE! Now GO TO HELL FOR EVER AND BURN!

The problem is, the last line. THEY CONFESS CHRIST, TO THE GLORY OF GOD! – It does not glorify God to confess TRUTH because you are scared of what will happen if you don’t. To GLORIFY GOD means you understand the TRUTH and your actions and THOUGHTS are a GLORY TO THE LORD.

So much for the ENDLESS SUFFERING THAT COMES AFTER THAT. (see my articl: to hell with hell)

So JUST like JESUS, we learn that Joseph had to suffer as well. And GOD was provoking his brothers and all the tormentors in his life to do so. We learn this in Genesis 45. God was behind Joseph being thrown in the EMPTY DRY/BARREN WELL… (which is a picture of humanity barren soul/ignorance – no truth), then sold him into slavery (bondage of the flesh/sin) then PRISON.

In the end however, JOSEPH held tight, and he RULED ALL OF EGYPT (A picture of how the YOUNGER brother CHRIST rules over mankind’s SOUL the Older).

And what is good for one, is good for ALL! Meaning, the servant is NOT ABOVE THE MASTER! If God sends mean grumpy tormentors into the lives of those guys, guess what? All these jerk pants that are pestering us, are doing God’s will as well!

For those still having a hard time grasping that the evil doers in your life, may be doing God’s will TO BETTER YOU AND SAVE YOU…
Well, check this out NAY SAYERS! When Joseph’s BROTHERS came to Joseph and expected to be put to death for all the evil they had done to him. Joseph said…


Genesis 45
“I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt! 5 And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. 6 For two years now there has been famine in the land, and for the next five years there will not be plowing and reaping. 7 But God sent me ahead of you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance. [a]

After all the evil and all the lies and all the treachery, Joseph says to these Jerks, “Don’t be upset for doing what you did to me, you DID IT TO ME SO I COULD SAVE YOU AND THE WORLD… GOD SENT ME HERE AHEAD OF YOU!… And by the way Reuben and Simeon, I’m still better looking!”

His brothers must have been like… “SAY WHAT, WILLIS?”

But seriously, the most heinous of crimes and God’s hand was behind it all… NEED MORE PROOF? Well, look to the next line. Watch what Joseph says next,

8 “So then, it was not YOU who sent me here, but GOD.

It wasn’t his brothers it was GOD! If only we could get this through our thick heads.

Think about how much more peace we would have. When hard times come, we would not see it through the eyes of sorrow, or grief. We would step back and say, this is happening because it is so a great day of deliverance can come.

Okay, my point with all this is, today I am going to a QUAKER MEETING PLACE… Sounds a bit nutty? Not that QUAKERS are nutty, but how random that is… RIGHT?

Well, not for me. I look at life as the Captain of a ship look at the signs of the sky. When the signs tell me turn left, I am curious to see what will be found down that left turn.

Matthew 16:3
And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?

There was a time, years ago, I had a wonderful revelation on the sands of a the sea shore, and no there was no Shelly selling Sea Shells there.
It was the last time I went looking for a man made “church”… I was HUNGRY (spiritually hungry) I mean. Like Jesus was the morning he left BETHANY, which IRONICALL means (House of MISERY)

Like Jesus, I had just left the HOUSE OF MISERY as well, called DIVORCE… I really wanted to be FED spiritually in a church and find a fellowship of believers, as I had been so disappointed in the past with the many congregations I had found and walked out of.

So I had gotten up that morning, and prayed GOD let me find one, I am so very hungry for your WORD (TRUTH). I am going to intercut the passage I read and finally understood at that beach after my “fruitless” search that day.

18Now in the morning as he returned into the city, he hungered.

Ironically, here we see Jesus RETURNING to Bethany (House of Misery) to be fed. The very place he left, that made him Hungry to begin with.
I suppose it was foolish of me to think that the very thing that I had left, would somehow miraculously change and be able to bring me life, but I was STARVING for DEEPER INSIGHT into the things of God! I should have considered the words IN-SIGHT which is not spellled OUT-SIGHT… but as you all know, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

So, there I was driving on the Boston Post Road in my 12 year Old Jeep Wrangler which kicks Major But! “Wrangler” another great allegory for my life’s journey.

So, when I saw this huge Church… I came up to it, went it, sat and listened, fell asleep, got up, left, and walk out hungrier than before. I found NOTHING in that “CHURCH” that would nourish me… and I said in my heart… THIS PLACE WILL NEVER PRODUCE ANY FRUIT FOR ME! I knew if would NOT produce FRUIT for anyone ever again. As I walked away that FIG TREE was cursed in my eyes and I knew it would never be a source of life to any who entered its doors. NOW CHECK OUT THE J-MAN’S account.

19And when he saw a fig tree in the way he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away.

I, like Jesus, was just looking for some SPIRITUAL FOOD… For those of you who thought Jesus was looking at a literal FIG TREE think again, he was looking at ISRAEL! He saw that MAN’S WAYS were bankrupt. Jesus CURSED MAN’S WAYS, as many of us do, because we know that it will bear NO FRUIT FOR US…

You see the FIG TREE is not just MAN MADE RELIGION, but it is MAN’S THINKING and MAN’S WAYS, which are far beneath God’s ways. And when we begin to understand that God in control of ALL THINGS and we let go of all the fairy tales we have been sold over the years from their salesmen of faith and we go to God WITHIN TO BE BROKEN and SET FREE, we too will see as the disciples saw.

20And when the disciples saw it, they marvelled, saying, How soon is the fig tree withered away!

The instant we understand man can not offer us entrance into the things of God, we will quickly stop looking for answers there. As I did. I then drove to the beach, grabbed my handy dandy bible. And read, and within minutes I understood the parable of the fig tree, and I was FULL!
You would think with all the intelligent people that go to some of the mislead “miracle healers” and “RELIGIOUS LEADERS” out there, that they would see through the smoke and mirrors and be disgusted at the work that is being done in the land at the hand of the so called miracle man. (I’m a poet and I DID KNOW IT!)

But even these chooches have their place. So settle down everyone, God has a point and a purpose for them as well, and we must love our inbred brothers and sisters TOO. THE FIG TREE that has no fruit has its place for the moment. And so do the LIARS. Who do you think is inspiring the lying?

1 Kings 22: 23 Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the LORD hath spoken evil concerning thee.

That’s right Ya’ll… It just may be GOD PUTTING THE LIES IN THEIR MOUTHS! So, Don’t be hating! Why? You ask… WELL, the lies just keep getting STUPIDER, God knows one day, we all are going to WAKE UP ALREADY! He is doing this, to deliver us!

Who do you think created that FATHER OF LIES to begin with? GOD, that’s who. There is a great work being done in the land today. This is cause for us all to rejoice.

I know we are all going through some hard and difficult times, if you’re anything like me you’re probably regretting half the things you say and twice of the things you write! LOL… But seriously, there is a work being done within us, a humbling process is begun. And yes we may loose our patience, and yes we may cry and we may whine and complain, but THAT IS ALL PART OF THE PLAN!

John 9:2
And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?

You want to know whose fault it is that we were BORN TO BE SUCH IGNORANT MEATHEADS? Well, it wasn’t OUR fault… AS MOST religious teachers would have you to believe, as if God someone is an incompetant creator, who bumbled around up there in Heaven and Man messed everything up… NO, A SEED MUST DIE TO PRODUCE MANY OTHER SEEDS! DEATH WAS ALWAYS SO WE WOULD KNOW LIFE!

Romans 8:20
For the creature was made subject to vanity, NOT WILLINGLY, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope,

You see, we didn’t WILL THIS, God did. So, we need to stop judging everyone, stop being so hard on ourselves, start trusting that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALLRIGHT, THAT GOD IS IN CONTROL!
You see we were BORN BLIND (Ignorant of God’s truth) So when we can SEE, GOD would be GLORIFIED!

3Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

So, today my wife and I are going to visit our “FRIENDS” at the local QUAKER meeting house. I have already brushed up my Old English and broke out the only two stereotypes I know of, to try and poke fun at our ignorance at this very cool faith. But if you want to get a bit more familiar, or want to try and get a cool hat like the QUAKER OATS GUY… check out this link below.

While in this chatroom yesterday I met an enlightened chap. Who I surprisingly found out was Quaker. For the next couple of hours I consumed all I could about the faith, which is very neat. Coincidently, their views are very close to mine. They don’t judge others, they believe in the CHRIST WITHIN, and see this in other religions as well, and believe in a UNIVERSAL CHRIST in all people, not just some. They don’t condemn, they don’t have a hierarchy, there are no Pastors, leaders, etc, they don’t vote, etc, etc, they were one of the first faith’s if not the FIRST FAITH to recognize the EQUALITY of ALL MANKIND, man, woman, black, white, yellow, green, blue, purple, and striped.

They don’t have typical “church” they have meetings once a week Where everyone gathers and sits in silence to wait upon God, then people SHARE WITH EACH OTHER as they feel led, pray for each other, AND OFFER EACH OTHER MAPLE SYRUP HOT BREAKFAST CEREAL TO EACH OTHER! Isn’t that awesome?

Now this seemed like my cup of tea, even though I can’t stand tea! Unless it is BRISK BABY! So I told my sweet, sweet, Danielle about it, and she was like… YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR MIND, YOU NUT BAG! No, she was like, COOL AND ADVENTURE, and she’s been on Youtube all morning checking it out.

Now, are we going to become QUAKERS? Highly unlikely as I like my Sunday’s to my family, Im selfish that way! But, I pay attention to the signs that led me to my research of the religion, led to my wife and I snuggling and talking and (other things) and then this article this morning, and now a cool adventure waits… will it be akward? Possibly. Will it be weird? I’m sure of it. But will it be fruitful? We’ll see… That, is what I am hoping for… FRUIT! Because, I am hungry again people, and perhaps it is time for me to start looking for fruit in the land today, because the SIGNS OF THE TIMES are saying, THE FRUIT IS BEGINNING TO SPROUT in the hearts of some TREES. The Times they are a Changing. I’m here to shake up the ground and I hope you’re digging it!

PEACE OUT PEEPS! Love you all,