BREAKFAST WITH DEAN – Reincarnation?


Early one morning, I and my friend Dean Dosher spoke about the possibility of re-incarnation, universalism, who all of humanity is, and how we are finished in perfection. I decided to record the conversation, which usually lasts about 30 minutes or so, every day or so, last night I edited the conversation down. So much ground in covered in these eleven minutes, that you may have to watch this many times, to grab hold of what is said. Philosophy which literally means the LOVE OF WISDOM is something, so many people are hungry for. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? WHAT IS THE POINT? WHO ARE WE? You’ll have to watch and find out, and you may be surprised in the end, to find out, if we know or not. 🙂 Enjoy

11 thoughts on “BREAKFAST WITH DEAN – Reincarnation?

  1. doug acebedo November 24, 2019 / 4:44 AM

    its simple “to anyone who is able to recieve it, Elijah is John (the baptist). whats funny is , those who cant recieve it, are unwilling to give leadership to those who obviously have the approval of Jesus. because understanding jacobs ladder and ressurection is vital to correctly teach the scriptures.otherwise, one lie just leads to another until its all lies.

  2. Jim August 31, 2014 / 11:39 AM

    There”s a lot of truth in what your saying. Here is athought . God is, Esse, Essence, Substance, Form. The word became flesh. Not just Christ Jesus but every man according to his own order. We become Christ. I tell peaple, Just Be. I AM. It”s not about saying aprayer, or singing apraise, it”s being the praise, and the prayer. Ihave alot that god has blessed me wit spiritualy. I lay in my bed and he comes to me and shows me things. I try and show peaple that heaven is not up in the clouds or beyond but its in them if they allow it. Golgathas hill means skull and thats where I and all have to go up the hill with our cross and crucify our carnal minds. Then become to have the mind of christ. God consist solely of DIVINR LOVE AND DIVINE WISDOM. Thats what Cain And Abel Represented spiritualy in the Garden. When Love And Wisdom seperated you have one will kill the other You have mans carnal wisdom in the churches, teaching faith without charity. Noone is saved just on believing, christ died for their sins. Believe is an action verb. We must also Love our neighbor as our own selves. Im not good at typeing im one of the ones that has been called out. Im chosen and begotten of my father. I heard his voice many years ago, saying , Comeout of her my children and be ye a seperated peaple for my namesake. He really has aNamesake children that have grown up into adult hood which is godhood joint heirs with him THE NEW JERUSELEM. IHOPE you get this would love to sit downand share. We are truly living ,as in the days of Noah the floods are man made religions. But thank god im in the ark. He has surely gathered the tares in bundels. Look at all the different kinds, their called by every name except the true name. And he also said that he would give them his peaple, a new name that only they would know. Love you.

    • Jacob Israel September 9, 2014 / 8:15 AM

      Jim, I was so happy to get your message. I am sorry it took me so long to respond. I have a career and family of six and life so I carve out time when I can. I appreciate your patience in waiting for my response. I loved some of the things you shared. I am also on facebook if you would like to communicate, I am very good at getting back to everyone on there. I also would like to hear more from you, please do search this site, I have so many more essays and videos on here that might interest you. Please do subscribe and tell others about the site. Much love to you and yours, Jacob

  3. Vicki R Forney February 1, 2012 / 6:44 PM

    I have lately been pondering on this greatly, the Bible says we are made in God’s image, and that what He has started in us He will finish, each man in his own order. You think about the young who die too soon, or the murders that die in their many sins, then you think about the end of all of this when man is perfected. It makes you think, what happens too them, that did not come into the Truth, that did not finish the race and their body died. Then you think, how do they get perfected, for God is Spirit and must be worshipped in spirit, they are unfinished and full of the world and there is no truth in them. For us all to become one, we need to finish this race and be perfected, if you throw the murders in, and rapist,, we are not ONE, as a body of Christ, it will be still divided, and the issues will still be there. The Bible says all will bowdown and believe, maybe after leaving this body, being in the spirit they see and bowdown and confess, and the training starts from there. It seems too me if people are reincarnated over and over til they are perfected and finish this race, this will go on for along long time, over and over and over again, til the last man is perfected and the race is complete while we are in the body/flesh/world.Then also people who hate their lives would kill themselves so they can start over and not try, they give up on the life they have. It would be so easy to give up and die, so you can be reborn again to live again in another life and body on this earth. I had a high school acquantance, a girl , she joined an occult and then her boyfriend and her kidnapped a school bus of children, then the police surrounded them, they gave each other a kiss and ran out the bus with their guns to be shot and killed, and they said they wanted their bodies to lye on the ground for 3 days so they can be resurrected into their new bodies, new life, and they believed this. They were like 16/ 17 yrs old, I played sports with her, her mother was the mayor of Pacifica, it was around 1973/74, I still have the article. It gave me a funny feeling, each time I read the article it is unsettling, and I can still see her face in the gym. Vicki Rae

    • jacobisrael71 February 2, 2012 / 2:41 PM

      Wow Vicki, that is such a sad story, it’s amazing the lengths people will go to when then truly believe what others would consider foolish. You aren’t the only one that has been thinking about re-incarnation lately. I have been getting email after email on this, there must be something in the air. Peace to you and yours, and please keep sharing. Jacob

  4. Carlos January 13, 2011 / 6:26 PM

    Nothing new and your friend didn’t get to say anything, but yeah, yeah. Faith without works is dead.

    • jacobisrael71 January 13, 2011 / 6:52 PM


      I thought you were done with my site, but you keep coming back! GOOD FOR YOU MAN! There must be part of you that sees some value to what is being said here. Otherwise, whatever reason would you return, to feel better about yourself by putting another person down who did nothing more than simply create something that he prays will help people? I wonder my man, which is it? Have you asked yourself. J

  5. Kim January 13, 2011 / 2:44 PM

    Hi Jacob, I watched your breakfast video with Dean and I have a question…so, you think praying in tongues is _____________.
    Sincerely, Kim

    • jacobisrael71 January 13, 2011 / 6:50 PM

      Hey Kim,

      For those that believe they are great, for those that don’t they don’t exist. It’s whatever you want it to be. I personally don’t believe in them, wrote a whole article on it, if you want to check it out it’s on here, but remember, I am not the authority. You have to go to God with all of it. For example, why do you need me to tell you my view? If you believe and you are secure in this, than no need to ask anyone. God is your teacher Kim, go to God. And thanks so much for coming with an open mind and not a condemning word, that says tons about your heart! Peace Jacob

      • Kim January 13, 2011 / 7:51 PM

        Hi Jacob, thanks for your kind response.
        I appreciate your life and,tonight, I celebrate your powerful assignment in the earth.
        Abundant Blessings, Kim

  6. Joseph Clark January 11, 2011 / 11:36 PM

    Hey there Jacob,
    I would just like to add this fact: Edgar Casey was given to see that souls are sent back into this Hell, to give them a chance to obtain perfection. This happens when we overcome this Hell in the name of Jesus Christ. Then we walk out of it with the keys to Hell and death.
    I love you brother and may the Lord continue to bless you.

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