Many people believe God doesn’t want us to have trials and testing. Many state God doesn’t want suffering, or hardship, yet to be free from these hard times one must first understand why they are going through what they are going through and find all the good in it! Regardless of your circumstances, regardless of what you are suffering, GOOD WILL COME OF IT! You are where you are for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that is where you will always be. God is in control, and when you know you are God’s son, then you submit everything to the LIFE within you, and the two become one, and NOTHING CAN EVER AGAIN KEEP YOU FROM PEACE OR OVERCOMING! BELIEVE!


  1. Laurie September 20, 2012 / 2:24 PM

    AMEN and AMEN, Jacob!!!!!!!! Powerful video! Oh, and… More Cowbell! 😉

  2. Joseph Clark January 23, 2011 / 1:25 AM

    Hey brother Jacob,
    I thank the Lord for helping you to see these things, to open up the veil that held all God’s children in the state of humanistic ignorance. See as you spoke of us all going through suffering in this life, we need to remember the thorn in the flesh that is given to the Apostle Paul (2Cor.12:7) (And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.). So your Chrones sickness is to be looked at, as just another one of those thorns in the crown of thorns. Now I know if your sickness was to get real bad and you were to die; many of the unbelievers who have not been enlightened, will probably say God struck him down, because he was not right with the Lord God. These will be the same ones who do not know our God is in total control, because they were made to be the unlearned or unenlightened. They are the ones who are still bound in fear by our last enemy of Death- (hated). They think it is so bad to die, like we are loosing everything as a punishment from God. They fail to realize that only sinners fear death, because of the judgment that awaits their sinful (self), that they were unable to deny. Then only if they will cease from all sin and obey the Word of God, will they be given to see death is our release from this world of Hell. It is when His chosen ones are taken home to paradise, into the glory of the Lord God. As it was with the actor and producer Michael Landon who died at an early age. You see he was the cause of many people seeing into the ways of God, instead of the ways of the world. His show, The Highway to Heaven was a great inspiration to many souls, and because he lifted up God, God took him home to be with Him in the everlasting glory of the Lord God. So remember it says, (the more we suffer, the more we will be blessed). I love you Jacob, keep up the good work.

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  3. Sam Couch January 22, 2011 / 12:33 PM

    Brother the truth is the truth no matter what the main stream religions of this world has to say about it. When the Father speaks through you the trumpet rally sounds I pray all in the range of your voice can hear the trumpet sounding out the truth of the Lord. We are not ourselves we are in Him and He is us being one.

    I learned a long time ago to stop listening to the doctrines of man to seek the word of God that is within me and this would help me see the truth within others. There are many trees in the world but most are bare of good fruit. Those who have no fruit are those who have no truth in them.

    John 15:5
    5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. (KJV)

    The only way to have the truth is to abide in the Word within each of us through the Father that dwells within and then our fruit (Word) is good. Our Father makes our circumstances happen (1) like you said to teach us and (2) to be an example to others so that we can be a witness of the Love the Father has for each of His Sons.

    My entire life has been an on going affliction and the suffering I have endured while in the flesh is to the glory of our Father. Most who know me are always saying I am a walking miracal but they only see the flesh the true miracal is within where even I stand in awe of the glory of the Father.

    There is not one true prophet of God in the scriptures that has not suffered in one way or another in their life times while here in this earth. The true suffering is within the mind and those who are carnally minded (spiritually dead to the truth of the Fathers word in the Spirit) suffer more than any.

    The carnal mind has no comfort, has no peace, has no joy, and this is what the Word of God brings. Our Father brought this truth into this world and hang it on a port (cross) for all to see and read through the suffering of one man His Son. How would you like to have had them circumstances and suffered as Jesus did in the flesh?

    And I think sometimes I had it rough until I see the example of His suffering and I shut myself up from that kind of thinking real fast. We all suffer in some form or another in the flesh body as examples to others due to our own circumstances in our daily lives. Are we not all Sons of God?

    Then we two will suffer in the flesh just as Jesus but for only one reason and that is so others do not have to go through the same circumstances in life. The world teaches Jesus died on the cross and this is not true Jesus did not die on the cross He lived that we may live. There is no doubt the flesh died as we all will when our time comes but the suffering is not about the flesh as you vey well pointed out.

    Every hospital I go into I would trade in a second with anyone so they could walk out. I would go to the teminal ward and trade in a second with anyone about to die that they walk out of the hospital but I can’t so I have to ask myself what is the real suffering, is it flesh or is it the thought I cannot do anything of my own to help in any way?

    The truth within me wants all to live just as Jesus wants all to live. It is understanding the Love we have for our brethren that we are willing to suffer that they will get well in the flesh but more so that they get well in the Spirit. Each son has to endure suffering here in this world to come to the knowledge in the Spirit and that is why our Father creates circumstances in our lives that are taking place now.

    If I had not suffered, and I still do, I would have never known the Love, Peace and Comfort of the Father. Some have to suffer more than other and their circumstances if they pay close attention are to awaken them out of a deep sleep. Do I suffer still and the answer is, yes but only to keep me awake in the Spirit.

    I promise you there is much prayer to the Father due to suffering because of many circumstances in the lives of people who are asking the Father for help. It is this suffering that brought them to the Father and once they are healed of the lies of their own thoughts and imaginations it is then their prayed goes from asking for help to thanking the Father for every moment and circumstance in their lives not only in the flesh but more so in the Spirit.

    I prayed for the Father to take me out of the work force so that I could study and learn His word with a whole heart. My prayer was answered when a tree fell on me crushing me flat as a piece of paper. In my mind I never though I could or would die even though there were others who will tell you they were concerned.

    I knew as I was laying their I would never work again not in the flesh anyways and the only thing that went through my mind at the time was “this will take me out of the work force”. People need to understand it is their suffering and circumstances that bring them closer to the Father.

    I am not saying something as dramatic has to happen to others as the things in my life because the Father knows just what it is going to take to get there full attention. I was a hard case and needed a lot more attention than others. So with this being said I know the Father is in control.

    So I will join in with you and sound the trumpet and give glory to the Father for everything that has and will happen in my life so that He be glorified because no matter if I be in a flesh body or out of the flesh body I live unto Him that gives Life.

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