The End Of Suffering?

The End of Suffering?

When I began this blog years ago I did so because I wanted to find a way to reach more people than I had been able to before. I wanted to share the things I had learned over my many years of study and trial and error. The truth is I love to write and nothing brings me more joy than being able to share this with all of you.

For me, there is no greater gift a person can give me than to take the time to read, watch, listen, share, and comment on something I took the time to write or say. This is the reason I always ask those who enjoy these works to share them with others.

There is a scripture that states, and I am paraphrasing, my word (truth/logic) will not return void but it will accomplish what it was sent into the world to do. I believe we have the power to change our lives for the better by knowing who we truly are and understanding the power of love. My novel, “The Calling” is a story about a boy who was born to change the world by writing a single book. This of course is my hope with everything I do.

It is my desire to bring peace to troubled hearts, healing to broken spirits, and hope to those who only believe in defeat. This is why I am so happy that my wife encouraged me to begin my “Voice In The Dead Woods Radio” show again. This is the reason I am writing to all of you today. I want to make you aware of this weekly program and to ask you to subscribe to it as you have subscribed to this blog. It is completely free and it will inform you of every up coming episode in the future. I also hope that you will share this, as well as this website,, with others.

So instead of writing an article on today’s topic, “The End Of Suffering” I wanted to share the link to my latest radio broadcast. I believe it will be an encouragement to many of you, or at least, that is my sincere hope. Click on this link below to listen and please do subscribe.

I am always looking for ways to reach out to people whether it is through my essays here, emails to readers, youtube videos, daily posts on facebook, my novel, poetry, and now it is my radio show, which I hope will take what I have learned farther than ever before.

Now many have asked how I make a living doing all of this… well the simple answer is, I don’t make a living doing this, I of course have a day job. However, doing this does indeed bring life to the life I am living.

Sharing what I have learned brings me so much joy and in so doing I always learn more about myself and the things I share. It would be wonderful to simply devote all of my time to doing this alone, but until that day arrives I am grateful for the job I have and the time I find to share.

I also am so very thankful for those people who do reach out to support what I am doing, words cannot express how grateful I am to you. I sure hope that the things I write continue to be a source of encouragement and hope to all of you. The only thing I ask is that you also share what you have found here with those you believe will benefit from it. So thank you for making my world a brighter place, giving me purpose, and bringing joy into my heart by reading, watching, listening, subscribing, commenting, and sharing with others. I love you all and I so look forward to hearing from you all. Please do enjoy the radio show and I hope this “word” continues to accomplish what it is sent into the world to do. Jacob

9 thoughts on “The End Of Suffering?

  1. sally massie September 20, 2015 / 8:27 PM

    Jacob, I got booted off facebook for what they call fraud account, want me to send proof of who I am, no way will I do that, I get all your essays and blog so I will be fine, just didn’t want you to think something was wrong. Sally Massie… Just studied Are we Jesus ? You sure can make one think.. Thank you.

    • Jacob Israel September 21, 2015 / 5:37 PM

      Sally, I am so glad to see you on here. Please do keep in touch and comment. I am sorry about facebook, just start a new page and I will make room for you. Much love to you and yours, Jacob

  2. Tammy Adkisson July 23, 2013 / 4:05 AM

    I don’t believe I’ve ever commented to an article/blog before, but after reading this, I have been compelled to do so. Originally, I read one of your comments on the Facebook page for Ankylosing Spondylitis. I read how you wrote, so eloquently, words of absolute encouragement and inspiration. You stated your recent diagnosis of AS and how God is using you to encourage others, like myself, who continue to struggle daily with this painful and debilitating disease. Thank you so much for submitting yourself humbly and unselfishly to God’s will in your life. By doing so, you’re bringing many “back to life” and changing not only their lives, but the lives of everyone THEY encounter as well. Amazing, isn’t it? Thank you again and God bless….

    P.S.~ I tried to “friend” you on Facebook, but it sent an error that said you had “too many friends already”. I’m not certain if there is any other way to do so, but if there is, please let me know. I would like to read more of your writings in the future.

    • jacobisrael71 July 23, 2013 / 9:47 PM

      Tammy, your comment meant the world to me. I even shared it on Facebook to make a great point today, which I never do either. One good turn deserves another. Shoot me your email address if you would like a free copy of my novel, The Calling – I think you would love it! Please do look for many more essays, videos, poems etc here… I look forward to reading more from you as well. Have an excellent week!

  3. rksouliske June 6, 2013 / 10:51 AM

    As always your articles, and writing challenge and open our minds to look at things differently then we may have before. I enjoy that, and encourage everyone to open their minds to what you have to say, especially if challenges what we have always been taught.

  4. Daniel June 5, 2013 / 7:50 PM

    Jacob your articles always bring such joy and peace to my heart and mind.
    Love you brother Daniel

    • jacobisrael71 June 6, 2013 / 9:30 AM

      Thank you Daniel, I sure do appreciate that! Have an awesome weekend.

  5. Justin Taylor June 5, 2013 / 12:10 PM

    Thanx for doing what you do. The heart sings when it
    Hears Truth.

    • jacobisrael71 June 5, 2013 / 1:46 PM

      Justin, you know how much that means to me. Thank you my friend! hey maybe I can hire you to put together a 30 second promo for my radio show… 🙂 that would be very cool!

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