The Devil Is A Lie!

The Devil Is A Lie!

The truth of who we are has been hidden for ages. However, today many of us are waking up to the real possibility of peace, joy, and harmony. Below is a video called, “the devil is a lie” which I do hope you enjoy. At the very least it will provoke you to ask yourself, “is what I believe, true?”

In one of my favorite parables in scripture, the author describes the heart of man much like a wheat field. Sadly, like any garden, weeds also appear. In this parable, we are told that directly after the planting of the wheat (which is an allegory of the truth), tares were planted by an enemy.

While we slept an “Enemy”, which you will find is another word for what Freud called our “ID”, or as I call it, our “carnal ego” planted TARES. These tares of course are a symbol of lies.

Let me explain, WHEAT has SEED (truth) – TARES do not… And Tares can destroy the wheat if the field is left unattended.

So, we see a picture of mankind’s heart…. While the MAN or WOMAN sleeps (is ignorant, or unconscious to what is really going on) this ENEMY of TRUTH plants lies in their heart.

Now, when we were young it was hard for us to know the difference between the lies and the truth, this is why we learn in this parable that the messengers/angels were held back until the harvest to pluck the TARES/LIES out of our heart. Because until the TRUTH grows up and matures within us, it is very difficult to know the difference between a lie and truth. So, the story goes that the messengers were told to wait until both mature before trying to rid the field of tares, because if they didn’t the wheat might be lost instead.

This is a great revelation for us… because it tells us that there is a reason for the lies within the heart of man today. It also tells us that there is a time when the TRUTH matures that these lies will be done away with.

This is my hope.

This enemy that we find in this story is called the DEVIL. We know from scripture that the DEVIL is A LIAR, the FATHER OF ALL LIES, and that there is NO TRUTH IN THE DEVIL. This is also a revelation, for if there is no truth in something, it cannot ultimately be real, UNLESS WE MAKE IT SO.

This ENEMY has ruled this world for far too long, today the devil is revealed, it is a beast that is and is not and yet is, (as scripture states), this devil is WHO YOU IGNORANTLY THINK YOU ARE AND BELIEVE YOU ARE NOT!

This video called “The Devil is a Lie”, uses scriptures to explain how the Devil is not a spooky spiritual being outside of us, but it is the LIE of who we thing we are, it is MAN’S EGO… Let me share a couple of scriptures to illustrate this point for those who have not read my articles on what devils, demons and satan is…

John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, (a creation of your EGO) and the lusts of your father (Your EGO) you will do. He (man’s ego) was a murderer of (the truth/who you really are) from the beginning (being born), and abode not in the truth (did not exist in the TRUTH), BECAUSE THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM (your ego).. When he (your ego) speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own (LIES): for he (THE EGO) is a liar, and the father of lies.

As stated earlier, IF there is NO TRUTH in the DEVIL (Man’s ID or CARNAL EGO) than that means the devil (your carnal ego) is not REAL and TRUE… Something cannot truly exist if there is NO TRUTH in that thing… This is why the scriptures states…

>Revelation 17:8 The beast (MAN’S EGO) that thou sawest was (Seemed to exist), and IS NOT (does NOT EXIST); and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit (ignorance has no foundation)…. when they behold the beast (EGO) that was, and IS NOT, and yet SEEMS TO BE.

I encourage you all to do a search in the scriptures for every scripture that talks of DEVILS, DEMONS, AND SATAN… you will find that this MURDERER OF THE TRUTH is compared to false beliefs, lies, made up gods, idolatry, an adversary, a condemner, a waster, a destroyer etc etc… the CARNAL EGO’S job is to DRIVE US back to the TRUTH of WHO WE ARE… Which is why the disciples turned unbelievers over to SATAN for the destruction of their flesh (lies/death) so their SPIRIT (TRUE NATURE) CAN BE SAVED…..

1 Corinthians 5:5 To deliver such a one unto SATAN (THE TESTING OF THE EGO) for the destruction of the flesh (THE CARNAL MIND AND LIES), that the spirit (THOUGHTS of LIFE, LOVE/GOD) may be saved….

Please do not just believe what others say, because this is another trick of the DEVIL (EGO)… Study to show yourself approved! Enjoy this video and please do share, subscribe, comment and support, peace to you all Jacob CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE VIDEO.

For more information on Who Satan is read my article: “Man’s Ego”
For more information on Who Lucifer is, read: “Who is Lucifer Really?”

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8 thoughts on “The Devil Is A Lie!

  1. me October 27, 2014 / 11:33 AM

    Jacob, I just found your website. What I’ve seen so far is great and meshes (mostly – again haven’t read much) with my understanding.

    I became agnostic over many years of hurt and pain early in my life when I felt God either didn’t exist or abandoned me, in spite of being Roman Catholic. I came to the lowest point in my life in 2007 when I was 28 – when I decided one more time to open the Bible out of desperation at the bottom of my darkest time, crying out to a God I didn’t know existed. I was sick with depression and anxiety, clinically – my mind was noisy with repetitive and cyclical thoughts. Something told me to open to the New Testament this time, where the Old Testament always just had me laugh at the absurdity before I put it away.

    Over the next 8 hours, the Bible blew itself open in front of my eyes, and my hands shook so much at times I nearly dropped it. I read the entire New Testament with new eyes. I literally got higher the more I rerad – when I was done I was high on LOVE for God, everyone, everything, all.

    This lasted 18 hours until I was watching tv with my husband, not really paying attention. I was looking at him laugh and it occurred to me it was the most unearthly beautiful thing I had ever seen – I told him before even when I was agnostic, I saw God in him when he smiled. That night it came true – it got so painfully beautiful I couldn’t take it anymore and had to close my eyes it was absolutely unbearable! I was somwhere, no time or space, only unearthly, unfathomable, ineffable LOVE and Eternity, swimming in it, being it. I was gone probably 30 seconds at most, but when I came to, he was still watching tv, but I had such a grin on my face I thought it would break, with holy tears streaming down my face. I was sure hed think I was crazy so I ran to the bathroom and fell on my face praising and thanking God and Jesus.

    Trying to put it into words cheapens it, there are no words. In the days and weeks after, everything came so easy, I found joy in the most mundane, saw God in everyone and everything, cried at even an advertisement showing a person with bruises, had the very power of Life coursing through me, I couldn’t even stop jumping my husband – he actually thought something demonic had happened to me! He understands now, but it was scary for him then, I completely changed in a matter of seconds too – the things I found funny or interesting were no longer, my anxiety and depression were instantly GONE! I was so divested of materiality, my first instinct was to burn down my house and run away to live in a convent – of course I didn’t, the Bible tells us to bloom where we are planted!

    The primacy of the experience has faded almost 8 years later, but the effects remain – I am calm in most circumstances, hate excess materiality, business and noise (I love peace and quiet), my mind is totally quiet except when I purposely think a thought, I no longer have a noisy inner dialogue without any control.

    I too first thought God and I were one and the same – God looking out through my eyes. Now I know however though very similar, we are His vessels. God is One with His Creation, yet separate. Jesus is the Image of God, and we are the Image of Christ – the Image of the Image if you will. Jesus Christ, the Son, is married to the Father – equal, yet submissive, taking the place of Wife, the Father sharing all He is with the Son. One, the same Substance, the same Godhead.

    He is the Spiritual Creation, come down into manifestation – and Jesus manifests the Spiritual Creation into the physical, us. Jesus fully mirrors the Father with no aberration. We mirror the Son, to be without aberration as well – however we are meant to reflect God and all that He is, yet just as a wife is joined as one to her husband, they are One Flesh yet still two indlviduals – so it is with us – we reflect the Son, but are not part of the Godhead. Jesus bestows His divinity to us, but it is not ours of ourself! He is the Son/Sun, and we are Wife/Moon – just as the moon has no light of its own but reflects that of the sun. We reflect all God is through Jesus, but since we are not Godhead, we also contain all that is NOT God – this is the realm of the devil/enemy/satan, whose purpose is to refine us by knowing evil, so we can know and choose Good by our own choice.

    The Godhead interpenetrates us and this world – but is not synonymous with it. We are contained within God, and have our being from Him – but are not Him. The Jewish idea of tzimzum illustrates this perfectly – God had to pull Himself back, voluntarily contract, in order to create the womb/void that our universe exists in – the Bible even states the Creation groans in childbirth – the birth of the sons of God, the birthing of Spirit in matter, for we are His house, His Temple, while remaining forever human beings.

    We are not Godhead, period, but we are meant to be all that God is. It took me many years and much searching to understand this, but Jesus we patient with me this whole time. So the Catholic and Orthodox fathers say – To the degree that God became man in Jesus (all ways except sin), so man becomes God in Jesus (in all ways except becoming pre-existent Trinity). Jesus became man to deify fallen humanity, unite it with His Divinity, bury it where it dies and springs up to New Life of God in us. He became humanly Divine that we may become divinly human!

    How did things go for you, Jacob? What was your experience?

    I know this thread is about satan – but felt I must give the background first. I used to believe, even up until about 3 years ago, that satan was the ego as well, not a “real individual entity”. I was proven wrong in 2011 – my husband and I were speaking in quiet tones in our living room save one dim light, about good ad evil. We had not been talking long. All of a sudden I stopped because I felt the sudden presence of the deepest, darkest, black pit of absolute, unfathomable, unspeakable evil simply appear in our midst. I saw nothing but I stopped speaking instantly. My husband asked if I saw something, I said “oh you feel it too!”. He saw a shadow out of the corner of his eye at that moment, and he was a bit scared. I wasn’t scared but very aware of the presence of absolute malevolence. I said it didn’t belong here, took my husbands hand and prayed to Jesus to take it away. It faded some and then came back. I prayed again and it left, I know Jesus came and banished the enemy from our midst. Again I wasn’t scared but I do believe Abba allowed him to come to say “Hey I’m here, I’m real, get used to it and believe.”. Well now, I do believe that’s for sure! The enemy, satan, plays on our ego, our flesh, and he’s a tool that God uses to do just that in order to refine us for Him. But make no mistake – satan is a real individual, as real as you or me.

    In Christ.

    • me October 27, 2014 / 11:56 AM

      As well please add this into my “background” of my post – above al, I came away with and still know – perfect love casts out all fear! I had absolutely no fear after this, and no regrets either, I was not “that person” I thought I was with all the bad things I though of myself, truly I was a new creation in Christ as the Bible says.

      Alll I went through, all the suffering, no regrets! It all happened perfectly to bring me to that point, to show me who I was and am, a perfect child of God, married to Jesus, who in coming in to me, showed me that I am Him, and He is me – because God came down to become one of us, in Jesus. Now we are one and the same – while He is still Jesus and I am the true “me”, as He is clean, pure, all, Love!

      Again in Christ
      Christine, “me”

  2. :)ude June 19, 2014 / 9:42 AM

    Wow..I am in tears! The truth is revealed!! I believe with all my heart!! Jacob.. I thank God for you! I can’t get enough of what you know.. I am Blessed to know you and hear what you have to say… ;)ude ❤

    • Jacob Israel July 8, 2014 / 4:59 PM

      Hey Jude,

      Your email show me you are really waking up. I can see that these words are starting to click within you. proving you haven’t learned a thing, but you ALREADY KNEW…. I am a confirmer, just here to remind people of what they already know. To be here, so the miracle can take place, the miracle of a changed heart and a life truly lived, as the one who is living it. Peace, please do subscribe and share with others. jacob

  3. goodgodguide October 17, 2013 / 1:59 PM

    Good Word! made me do some heavy duty thinking… :-/

    • Jacob Israel October 19, 2013 / 10:01 PM

      So glad you enjoyed the video… please do subscribe if you haven’t already, it’s completely free and you will be updated with anything else I post here, also enjoy hundreds of other essays and videos I have posted here. Have the best week ever, and thanks so much for the comment! Jacob

  4. Lena Wickey September 20, 2013 / 4:49 AM

    Thank you Jacob…. Lena

    >________________________________ > From: JACOB’S LADDER >To: >Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2013 8:18 AM >Subject: [New post] The Devil Is A Lie! > > >Jacob Israel posted: “The Devil Is A Lie! The truth of who we are has been hidden for ages. While we slept an “Enemy/Our Ego” planted TARES/LIES in a heart where the WHEAT/TRUTH was. When we were young it was hard for us to know the difference between the lies and the truth” >

  5. Daniel September 19, 2013 / 9:11 PM

    Jacob thanks so much for preaching the truth it sure does he heart good.
    Love in Christ Daniel

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