If the Devil isn’t real, is God?



A Reader of mine sent me an email with such a great question… It basically read, “If the Devil does not exist, then does God?”

Wow, that is the question, isn’t it?

Well, I briefly answered him and then after doing so I felt the tug of inspiration again. “That would make a great essay,” inspiration said within me. I realized at that moment, that I was going to write this essay today. It was as if all of what was to follow was some clever orchestrated plan that I was not completely “CONSCIOUSLY” aware of.

I want to highlight that word “CONSCIOUSLY” for you. Because that word is going to be a cornerstone for this essay.

It was as if I was simply an instrument for something else, something greater, that needed to express something through me. And that excited me. Because I WANTED to immediately participate in such an event. I didn’t know where it would go, or what would come out of it, BUT I KNEW I HAD TO WRITE! And it was “INSPIRATION” that created it all. My part is simple moving my fingers and allowing the words to flow through me. It is almost as if it is a collaborative effort.

Sort of like, “I can do nothing of myself, all that I can do is what I am inspired to do.”

This is the way I have written all of my essays and poetry in the past. Probably the reason I am so successful in everything I put my hand too. Because deep down, I know I am being DONE… I am not DOING THE DOING, I am simply ALLOWING SUCH to he done. It feels like a collaborative effort, even though I am not consciously aware of such.

Now, I know a lot of people my say, YOU SOUND POSSESSED,” but I ASSURE YOU I am simply sold out to be inspired.

Every time I write a poem, tape a video, give someone money to help them, help someone with something too difficult for them alone, feed the hungry, encourage the sick, answer emails, and more.. it is because I am inspired to do so. And when that happens, when I hear the thoughts directing me to carry out what I am inspired to do, I get excited. In addition, nine times out of ten those I was inspired to “break bread with” tell me that the timing seems supernaturally perfect.

Inspiration works in mysterious ways and I have learned over the years to submit myself to it. And when I do, I feel as though there is not just more to me than I consciously know, but more to us all.

This is the way, I feel at times. That I am merely an expression of what is within me. As if I am a HOST, if you will.

In fact, this is another name for God… THE LORD OF HOSTS

Psalm 84:1
How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts!

I would like to point out that the word “LORD” means “the existing one”, “one who exists”… and a HOST of course means something that the LORD inhabits and creates from. All things are created for the SON after all. In the Father and the father is in me. I know that this is a complicated thing to wrap your mind around, but this essay will explain it in a way you will from here on out tangibly understand.

So let me explain this feeling I get right before, and all the while, I am writing one of these essays.

It is as if I am an INSTRUMENT through which the LORD (ONE WHO EXISTS) creates from. In fact the WORD HOST in Hebrew is literally translated as “that which goes forth, service”. It is like I am a trumpet that has no other choice than to sound when inspiration blows my horn.

I know that sounds very alien to many people. However, consider that your physical body is a Host for your consciousness. The Heavens and the Earth host for your physical body. The Universe host to the heavens and the earth.

And so, instead of using the word “God” to explain the “feeling” I have, I use the word INSPIRATION.

Inspiration is “within” me. And so, when inspiration hit this morning and I realized I would soon be sitting here and typing this essay for all of you, I KNEW that I was simply a HOST being used to express what was expressed first to me, and then through me to you all.

Of course, I wasn’t completely consciously aware of it. Much like you are not aware of the thousands upon thousands of dust mites that your flesh is HOST too right now. 😉 – Gross right?

Of course, I am joking, but what I feel I have to express to you right now is that “who you think you are” is HOST to something far greater than who you think you are. – As evidenced in the fact that I wrote it and you read it.

This, ultimately ties in directly to my readers question. “If the Devil isn’t real, is God?” Because this very same INSPIRATION, is going to help me further explain my concept of what “God” really is.

First of all, I would like to share something that many of you may know already, as I have shared this wisdom in other essays, as well as videos. And that is, that the words I AM THAT I AM (the name of God used when Moses said, who should I tell Pharaoh is in charge) actually translates into the words, “I will be whatever I will be”.

The very name the CREATOR used to express himself is a definition of THE CREATIVE PROCESS ITSELF.

Moses I am sure dealt with this question when INSPIRATION rung his bell and expressed to Moses the desire to free his people. Just as when inspiration hits I think to myself, “what is the best way to tell everyone else without them calling me crazy.”

Exodus 3
14 And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.

Sort of like, if someone said, “Jacob who on earth told you such things”… I would say, “inspiration”, or “the creative process”, instead of simply using the word “GOD”. Because the word “GOD” means different things to different people.

Moses, said, I AM sent me. I say, Inspiration. But we are all doing the same. We are all projecting, MANIFESTING what we first heard at the BURNING BUSH which is OUR BRAIN… And by no coincidence also looks very much like a burning bush when our neural pathways are FIRING with INSPIRATION! 😉

That is the BURNING BUSH the God inhabits and speaks to us from.

burning bush

Now we aren’t consciously aware of all that we are being “INSPIRED” to do. And according to the bible, sometimes we are inspired by God and other times the devil.

John 8:44
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do

We can be inspired by love and by hate, by compassion and greed. But that is NOT the point. The point is understanding that WE ARE ALL PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER THAT UNITES US ALL. And collectively, we are ALL working together to bring something within us to pass.

Which brings me to why I wrote this essay. I felt as though there was “more to this question and more to my answer” than simply being a question and answer. In addition, I can only say INSPIRATION sent me, I have no other evidence to the contrary. It is up to you, to conclude whether or not these words be true.

I have nothing but the feeling that there is more to the “doing” than I am aware of. And while, some might say, “God told me to tell you,” or some may answer as if “they” have all the answers and refuse to ever claim that they really don’t know anything for sure, I AM NOT LIKE THAT.

You see, I am a man who knows there is more, but I only have the faith and the experience of such. I can ONLY KNOW what I KNOW and be brave enough to say… “Even though my heart/inspiration tells me so, I could be completely wrong”.

I believe that is why, inspiration continues to feed me. The scriptures state that the proud will be humbled and the humbled will be exalted. And while I will always leave the possibility open to the idea that I could be wrong, I KNOW I am not. And I know that what I am sharing is the only path there can be. For it is a path that is filled with forgiveness, humility, submission, peace, power and purpose. And it is a path that everyone MUST travel, because WIDE is the way to destruction… Meaning, your false identity will be destroyed so you can enter in. Because out of all that are meant to be saved from lies, not one is lost.

So even though I say, “I could be wrong” I truly doubt that statement. In fact I believe I am expressing a greater truth than many were “allowed” to receive before, and many perhaps still cannot. Because this path is a path where people MUST put others before themselves.

Now, I am used to receiving some flack over the things I share. When I first wrote about universal salvation, that hell was only ignorant suffering, that heaven is only right thinking, peace and joy, that we only need to be saved from our fear and more, I was criticized quite often. Seeing as I had been sharing these essays and thoughts for almost decade publicly I have had my share of criticism. Lost jobs, homes, possessions, family, friends and more to be able to explore inspirations door.

Believe it or not, today, I find I am criticized even by those who once stated they loved me, and loved the things I share. Much like, the time people praised Jesus for what he shared, only to turn on him when he would no longer feed their bellies. Which is of course an allegory of feeding what a person’s ego thinks it wants.

There was a time where the self-proclaimed voices of the “new thought” movement loved me. Just as there was a time when they hated me for what I share and back again. Yes, even these “enlightened” individuals who shout freedom from religion once had a problem with me saying things that I wrote like “we are Jesus, Jesus is an allegory for all of us, that the devil is the ID or carnal Ego or man, that we should think of Jesus as a bigger brother, a pattern, etc, was blasphemy… They didn’t like that back then. Then awhile later, THEY DID. These very same people soon left their belief in a savior named Jesus, embraced much of what they have gleaned here from me, even though most would not admit it I know it is true for I watched the progression. I watched it spread. And there was a time I took great pleasure in it.

And yet, today some of them, who have positioned themselves as “authorities” on the subject of God and Love have begun to not just think that I am somehow less “enlightened” because I refuse to say that I AM GOD, they have publicly criticized me of such… These people of course who once had problems with me, and then loved me, and then after getting their bellies filled hated me again, don’t realize that this is what they are doing… because the Devil(ID) disguises itself as an angel of light….

What I mean to say is, the reason you won’t see any of them saying, “they could be wrong” when they share their insights is because they are too proud to really know, that they don’t know a thing. And in so doing, while many proclaim LOVE as the nature of who they really are, LOVE is something they show the least.

Now, why would this be?

The answer, I believe is found over this very question that was presented to me… “Does God exist?” and “What does God mean?”

When I first began doing videos and writing essays, I shared things as inspiration permitted. I knew people weren’t really ready for the things I had come to understand. So I did things in a clever way. Like writing my novel. Releasing videos in stages. Sharing little by little leading up to the MORE that I had come to understand.

And yes, sadly, I have found that many of the people who were once avid readers of mine, friends of mine, listeners of mine, who ONCE exalted me and loved me for what I shared have now abandoned me. I want to point out, it isn’t the other way around. Just as what I shared repelled many of them until they decided to embrace it, now what they embraced which really was a misinterpretation of what I was trying to share all along, has repelled them again. Because after watching more and more people embrace this position of “absolute authority” condemning and mocking anyone who wouldn’t see things their way, or pat them on the back for what they shared, I realized I should elaborate my understanding of what and who God is.

I wrote a simple post which laid it out. I hadn’t changed my views. I hadn’t changed my understanding. I simply realized I needed to further explain my position because it seemed that so many had taken what I had shared to mean something I never wanted it to mean.

I never wanted anyone to think that I was teaching that I JACOB AM GOD AND GOD ALONE… God forbid. But I wanted to express what I know “GOD” to be, and how I am he and he is me. Yes, yes I see how easy it is to misinterpret such. Back then, I just didn’t have the proper way of expressing these ideas. And so I watched the same people shouting DOWN WITH RELIGION and RELIGIOUS CONDEMNATION become Religious Condemners themselves, of a new God called Love… that they claimed themselves to be.

Many of them were my friends. I tried to clarify my point, without telling them that they were wrong, but I knew in doing so they would see this and perhaps take issue with it. I had hoped a discussion would follow. Instead, I found leaders of this “new thought Love group” talking in private about how lost I am, how religious, how bound, how full of crap, etc…. You can understand the betrayal I felt.

This feeling I had is pictured perfectly in the allegory of Judas, Jesus and the SOP. Where Jesus said, one of you who eats with me, will betray me… Jesus understood the lure of power and authority, as did I. Jesus warned some of the disciples about what they were going to do, he knew it. He also knew, as I knew, that he would be betrayed by a KISS. Just as today, many have done the same to me.

And why did Judas do this? Well, it is simple really… Judas was tempted by RELIGION again, and the silver it provided. After all Judas carried the money bag. And so we find many today looking to turn what they learned into a business of sorts. A way to get rich and powerful, either monetarily or emotionally.

Judas, was once religious then he embraced Jesus until his belly was filled and then turned on Jesus for gain. Trying to discredit Jesus in the process. Sadly, I see this happening today more than I would like. Which, makes me pause and reflect on what I can do to bridge the gap. As I am sure Jesus did.

After being hurt and getting away from the people who hurt me for a while, hoping they would come back, I returned with open arms.

This is what we must all do. To love means you return and are willing to show them the wounds you received in your friend’s house without rubbing it in their face. And yet, some of those I loved the most refused to answer these emails, some that once were like brothers now take pleasure is taking swipes at me or what I share, they take pleasure in tearing apart things I put forward.

They say, I am religious, and bound, and that I have been changed by fear. And yet, I have not changed at all. And what I sharing today I truly hope sheds a new light on what and who God is and what and who I am and you are, so together people will melt down their swords and turn them into plow shares.

Now, let me get this essay back on track… And so I was inspired to write this after responding to this question emailed to me. I had felt that there was more to this simple email than I was CONSCIOUSLY aware of.

David was inspired to write me that question so I would in turn answer it. And, in so doing I began to see the greater purpose for it all. So, I would in turn share it with all of you. And while doing so, express things that need to be said and heard today, without having prior knowledge or conscious forethought.

That sounds a bit heavy-handed I know, but I promise you, this is how this whole experience for me feels. I am in control, but there are times when I feel like I have no control over any of it. That I simply MUST give in and do what inspiration is telling me.

And so, here is my next article. One I did not plan to write, just like every other article here… the moment hits and I hit the keyboard and enjoy the ride. And as you can see, there are many twists and turns along the way.

This is a gift from “God” for lack of a better explanation right now… stay tuned and it will all make sense. Because I am going to explain this feeling with all of you in terms you can understand. I am going to make tangible the intangible and point out a great “evil/lie” in the land.

And so I started to add to my response to this reader, and then felt compelled to share it on Facebook where I hoped people would also weigh in. Because, as you know by now, there is such division over the concept of God.

It seems the more people I come across, the more sure they are of their beliefs. And THEY ARE MORE THEN WILLING TO FIGHT FOR THEM.

Years ago, I rarely saw this as I shared my articles and poetry with the world. However, today, thanks to the advent of the internet, everyone has a platform. In addition, it seems like everyone is fighting to be number one.

You don’t have to go far to find someone telling someone else that their ‘revelation’ of God is incorrect. I have been guilty of this myself in the past, when I was a bit more immature. I indeed tried to put people in their place when I saw them claiming things that I knew wasn’t true. That being said, I also paid the price for it. I AM proud to say I NEVER resorted to name calling, threats, or mockery, I would simply keep it professional like a debate. Which I believed if more people did we would have seen less division personally and more unity socially. The sharing of ideas is a beautiful thing, so long as one person’s idea doesn’t have to be better than another’s.

And yet, here I am being given the opportunity to share what I know to be true with another. And yes, I believe it with all my heart, but yet, also can admit that there is much I cannot truly explain and don’t fully understand.

However, today I think I have a way of expressing the concept of God and Mankind, and how the two are actually one without Man ALSO being God.

So, I will share with you all some of what I shared with the reader who asked the question, “If the Devil isn’t real, Is God?”.

“Hi Friend,

I want to be clear, there IS and IS NOT a Devil. However, the Devil is not some horned creature, it is simply what FREUD called the ID (in Latin it means “It”) — For more info, search my articles for all essays about satan and lucifer, etc… “IT/the devil” is not a literal being but a “spiritual one” — that is of course if you understand SPIRIT is another word for THOUGHT…. Jesus said, “my words are spirit and truth”… Things needs to be “spiritually” discerned… Thoughts need to be tried and tested to see if they be TRUTH or not. Because some are simply not true at all.

The DEVIL is called the father of all Lies. It is said there is NO TRUTH in the Devil. Which means the DEVIL is the OPPOSITE of TRUTH… A LIE, A LIAR… And yet, the Devil is… but IS NOT…. So how can this be?

Well, let me explain it this way… The “Devil/ID” … “IT” is not a literal being but a mental construct much like a computer program.

Think of our brains like a lap top wiped clean… however you program it, it will run according to those perimeters. Think of a blank slate, we come into this world pure energy, not yet corrupted, without knowing an earthly thing. As ADAM was formed in the dust of the Earth so are we formed by the “Dust/Ideas” of others. As we grow we begin eating of that TREE OF KNOWLEDGE… “Don’t do this, don’t do that”… You see, we all are programmed by our parents, friends, family, the media, religion, government and the rest of society as a whole to have this “devil” inside our heads… (see my article: the Garden Of Eden revealed, double minded mankind)

This operating system becomes AN IDENTITY of sorts…. Meaning, when you BELIEVE something YOU CAN BECOME what you BELIEVE. “Whatever a person believes in their heart, that person becomes”. This is why the scripture warn of the power of the tongue, which the power of life and death resides in.

Think of it like this, when you eat a piece of literal fruit, that fruit literally becomes YOU… You and the fruit become ONE… And SO the tree that had the snake in it, that we ate from, BECAME OUR IDENTITY.

Now, that is NOT A BAD thing, unless you are looking at it through the eyes of the knowledge of good and evil.

This operating system if you will, is of great importance, even though it is a complete LIE and doesn’t really exist outside of the fact that you believe it does….

Yes, there is a reason for even this “operating system of condemnation and opposite polarity” called the DEVIL….

In the scriptures, we see this IT or SATAN (which literally means ADVERSARY) used to TEST and TRY the hearts of people everywhere… There is a scripture that states, “turn one over to SATAN for the destruction of their flesh so their SPIRIT MAY BE SAVED”… yes, even the DEVIL saves…

Like anything in life, without resistance there is no growth and so we learn from what we endure. So there IS and IS NOT a real Devil if you catch my meaning.

Now to answer your question… Does God exist?

Well, in regards to GOD, if you EXIST, that is PROOF that “GOD” (name for that which really can’t be explained) EXISTS and always has. Life can only come from LIFE. Order can only come from Order.

Now, I personally see “God” as something that is entirely me, but something that I (my conscious mind) is far less than, and would never proclaim to be… Newsflash everyone, this is how Jesus saw the “Father” too.

So let me explain this in terms you may be able to comprehend. I have used this example in the past but believe it needs to be highlighted again.

My Subconscious mind is in charge of everything that IS my conscious mind. My conscious mind does not regulate my breathing, my heart beat, my conscious mind does not send white blood cells to attack a virus, or build bone or muscle, and it doesn’t filter out the infinite amount of stimuli that I come in contact with everyday, my SUBCONSCIOUS mind does that.

My subconscious mind after filtering out the things my conscious mind does not need to be aware tells my conscious mind what to pay attention too… Like the email this morning. I KNEW I had to write, but did not know where that would take me. I just knew that I could do NOTHING but follow after this inspiration. As if I was somehow simply a host for something far greater than I can consciously comprehend.

You see, my conscious mind is subject to my subconscious mind. For the conscious mind there is no getting away from the commands of the subconscious mind. In terms you can understand, the CONSCIOUS MIND is far smaller in comparison.

Jesus said, I go to my FATHER for he is greater than me…. Just as my subconscious mind is greater than my conscious mind.

Let me give you an example… when I dream at night, my subconscious mind creates worlds, and also allows my conscious mind to experience the dream… When I am conscious… I cannot create such, I can only experience what is created.

My subconscious mind can create worlds while I sleep, but I cannot do ANYTHING OF MYSELF (conscious mind).

Here is another way to wrap your mind around this… Jesus said, I am in the Father and the Father is in me… I could say, my “conscious mind” is IN my “subconscious mind” and my “subconscious mind” is IN my “conscious mind”…

Jesus said, I and my Father are ONE… and also said that claiming that he was the FATHER was something that was not to be grasped… Meaning, NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND the infinite divine spirit that is all that is and is not.

Jesus made it clear on multiple occasions, that no one knows the entirety of a thing. No one has SEEN God at anytime, just as no one has SEEN (truly entirely understood) the subconscious mind… As the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is far too vast for the CONSCIOUS MIND to grasp.

This is why, I find it hard to understand how anyone could say, unequivocally, that there is some God in the sky… or dare say that THEY ARE GOD themselves… OR, that God doesn’t exist… Or that GOD is simply love… Who can truly prove such a thing, who can really grasp such a thing?

People make these claims to feel good about themselves. You will see people everywhere telling others how wrong the others are while also pointing out how right they are. You will see people condemn, tear down, attack, mock, and even kill those that refuse to SEE THIS “GOD”, or lack of a God, the way they do.

You see, every single one of them is acting out of their own insecurity and fear. Because deep down they know, that THEY KNOW NOTHING AT ALL.

Jesus was not scared to admit that only the FATHER had all the answers. He prayed, “if it be your will let this cup pass from me… NOT MY WILL BUT THINE BE DONE”. Jesus had peace because he understood, “of myself I can do nothing.” Just as our conscious mind can do nothing of its own, it merely REVEALS the SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS intentions… both GOOD and BAD… Because ultimately, “IT ALL IS WORKING TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD”.

And so to answer your question, YES GOD EXISTS… and you and He are ONE… But YOU are NOT GOD ALONE. There is a SPIRIT that EXISTS which allowed you (who you think you are) to come into being.

Theoretically and Unequivocally there IS a God of sorts… But NOT the sort of God with the long beard that is separate from you. A LIFE GIVING SPIRIT that IS ALL THAT IS AND IS NOT.

Think of yourself as a drop of OCEAN WATER… You are the OCEAN AS WELL… However, you are moved with the EBB AND FLOW of the ENTIRETY OF THE OCEAN ITSELF… You don’t even have a choice to be wet or not. You simply exist because the Ocean that is God exists and thought that it was not good for man to be alone… The conscious mind is an expression of the subconscious mind, not the other way around.

The trick is lining up your true nature with RIDING EACH BEAUTIFUL AND TERRIFYING WAVE with the peace that comes with knowing ALL THAT IS IN YOUR CONTROL… IS YOUR EXPERIENCE.

So, do what I do… allow inspiration to rule and realize kicking against the pricks is always going to break your heart… Instead, LOVE THE, 😉

Hope that helps, Jacob Israel​

(Please do subscribe it is free, tell a friend, share these articles and this site with others, get the free APP on Google Play, and please do tell me if this essay meant anything to you at all.)

15 thoughts on “If the Devil isn’t real, is God?

  1. Edward Rust September 17, 2016 / 2:09 AM

    Your inspired essays are very helpful to me Jacob. It seems to me that If our true thoughts from God originate in the subconscious mind then the “devil” would be something like a wall or a void of darkness(ignorance) that blocks or distorts those true thoughts, turning them into harmful lies. Perhaps this darkness or EGO (edging God out) served a useful purpose in the human evolutionary tree but now it has outlived its usefulness and has become increasingly destructive. Now is the time for more people to be enlightened and wake up. It gets the darkest before the dawn of the day-star that rises in the heart.

  2. james March 26, 2015 / 11:24 AM

    Jacob I would like to share another word of inspiration with you about your name Jacob Israel. While reading the Nathanael story in John 1;45-51 it became clear that the story was about who the true ISRAEL was and is. Most Christians think the ISRAELITES were all the sons of Jacob, NOT SO Jacob had 10 sons By Leah and her maidens and one son by his beloved Rachel. Israel had only one son through Rachel and his name was Benjamin The only son born to ISRAEL after the encounter with a man who was in fact himself . Gen. 32; 24-32 ISRAEL also adopted the two sons of Joseph Ephraim and Manessah who were born through a Egyptian mother . Israel named Benjamin who/s name means son of my right hand and who was the light bearing tribe given to David in 1 kings 11;36 and also to the house of Judah to bring the light of understanding. John 1;47 could and should have been translated Behold a ISRAELITE in deed in whom their is no Jacob or guile or deceit. the Fig tree in the story is very interesting as well and goes along with the first mention of the fig in Gen, 2;7 where only the leaves are mentioned . The fig fruit is the only fruit that blossoms from the in side and is a type of the true ISRAELITE and or Jew who is one inward on the inside. Paul confirms the true ISRAELITE in Romans 11;1 when he said of himself a seed of Abraham of the tribe of Benjamin A messenger to the gentiles or sons of the tribes of Ephraim and Manessah who were scattered over the nations to bring the light of salvation to them. Thanks again and may GODs face shine upon you and keep you in his peace James

    • Jacob Israel March 28, 2015 / 8:24 AM

      James, that is amazing insight. I am always so blown away by the passion of my readers and always so grateful that something I feel inspired to share means so much to those who find it. Thank you for taking the time to share this great information, very cool indeed. And may God’s Face (to know the TRUTH intimately/Wisdom) keep you and yours in peace as well. Jacob

  3. Chad March 25, 2015 / 8:22 PM

    Hi Jacob,
    I always enjoy ur essays,nice to see another soul in the game with me. Is GOD real? lololol I and the father r one and the same. U my brother do the works of my father and R my true family. U r a soldier of light in a very dark world. Thnx, soul having human experience, named Jacob.

    • Jacob Israel March 25, 2015 / 9:40 PM

      So nice to hear from you Chad. I sure hope you are subscribed, it is free, and will keep you posted on everything new shared here. I am very grateful for your encouragement! Much love to you and yours, Jacob

  4. james March 25, 2015 / 1:05 PM

    Jacob A very good post on inspiration and the need man has for relying on the spiritual plain of his being for spiritual truth. Man exist in three plains physical, mental and spiritual and is in the state he is in because of the imagination of his heart being only evil or Devil Continually. Gen. 6;5 Not relying on the Spirit of inspiration for his good works. John 14;26 and 1 john 2;27 states the Spirit of holiness would lead and teach his people in all truth and no man was needed to teach or lead. Gen 11 We find Nimrod a man who decided to take things into his own thoughts in order to build himself a tower to heaven . That same tower is seen on the back of the dollar bill. Makes you think where this Country was founded and why. Always remember 2 Tim. 3;16 all scripture is given by inspiration of GOD And it does not say the apostles only were to be inspired. May the GOD of peace and truth bless and keep you Amen

    • Jacob Israel March 25, 2015 / 3:09 PM

      Wonderful input James… Thank you so much for sharing. Want another interesting nugget about that TOWER… the word actually literally means CONGREGATION or ELEVATED STAGE… the TOWER man built to be GOD was called RELIGION. Much love my friend, Jacob and please keep the comments coming. Also, please tell others about this site. My dream is seeing these things reaching every person, everywhere… for free and needing nothing but love in return.

  5. Dawie Steyn March 23, 2015 / 8:16 AM

    Hi Jacob. I have been following you for some time now and I fully agree with your views and truths. please remember that those that attack you will only make you stronger, so thank them, bless them, they were sent to strengthen your resolve. Best wishes

    • Jacob Israel March 24, 2015 / 11:03 AM


      I really appreciate the kind words. It is so nice to meet you and thank you for being a part of this site. I totally agree with you as well…. everything in life is there to make us stronger and help us to find peace… when we realize this we will see our greatest teachers have been those who tested us the most.

  6. JoAnn March 19, 2015 / 2:59 PM

    Really good stuff.

  7. John Fautley March 19, 2015 / 11:17 AM

    Hi again Jacob. As He that is INSPIRATION, inspired you to write this, so I am Inspired to send this to you, which I think sums up your point that you make when you say, ” my part is simply moving my fingers and allowing the words to flow through me”.

    Eze 36:27 And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them. John

    • Jacob Israel March 24, 2015 / 11:04 AM

      Right on John! So glad you took the time to share … we are all inspired aren’t we. peace

  8. Lena Wickey March 19, 2015 / 5:19 AM

    Thank you Jacob…Love this stuff….Lena

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