Speckled Sheep

Jacob's Sheep
Speckled Sheep

Just this past week we witnessed History. The Supreme Court ruled that Gay Marriage is a RIGHT. And as you can imagine, it has set off a firestorm of debate worldwide, especially among those who claim to have faith.

I, for many years, have been very vocal about my support for gay rights. I have made it clear, that this understanding is not just to appease societal pressure, but God given, if you will.

There IS a reason ten percent, or so, part of the population, is attracted to the same sex.

There are many reasons behind this. But for some, well… They just are not reasonable.

That being stated, there are many faiths that could simply explain same sex attraction.

The idea that a person may have been female in a past life and was still attached to that form, could explain their attraction. Oh sure, I know reincarnation is something that most religious minds cannot fathom. However, the scriptures point strongly toward incarnation of some sort.

Jesus, when asking the disciples who he was, many of them believed he was one of the prophets back from the grave.

Jesus also said John the Baptist was actually Elijah reincarnated.

However, it is a fruitless effort to try and explain why things are… They simple ARE! And simply pointing to passages in Holy Books to prove why things are the way they are is indeed a vain task.

It is my belief that everyone of us are intrinsically connected to each other. And so to see another as shameful is to actually hate one’s self.

The fact that we are all different and yet the same is important. Because it teaches us of the futility of intolerance and hate.

On the surface we may seem different, but spiritually speaking we are all the same. Scientifically speaking we are in fact part of one vibration, what many minds like Einstein would call the unified field… We all are connected. The scriptures teach us that we are in fact ONE!

There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. (‭Ephesians‬ ‭4‬:‭4-6‬ NIV)

And so I think it is a beautiful thing that together we are no longer looking at others as somehow less important, less righteous, less moral, or just less than ourselves.

Religious People are angry because a set of other people were finally given the right to take part in a very misunderstood vain tradition of man, “Marriage”

Especially when marriage, according to scripture, has nothing to do with marriage in the traditional sense. Far from it. And yet, what we know as marriage today is a great allegory for us. Two becoming One, and being fruitful and multiplying. (Which is completely spiritual if truth be told.)

Because the two that become one is the CHRIST and the INTELLECT of man. Or the SPIRIT and the SOUL if you will.

It is actually about heaven and earth being bound together… So that whatever is happening spiritually will also be happening tangibly and naturally. And boy is it ever happening today … Exactly, as planned I must say.

And yes, those who know me, I long saw this day.

Many do not understand why I said one day everyone would be allowed to marry, and many more don’t understand why I am so excited to see this come to pass…

And it would be easy for me to not understand, why they don’t understand, because LOVING OTHERS as yourself (even though they are you, or a reflection of you) is the ONLY WAY to paradise….

But I do understand why they can’t simply understand this because there is a Great Famine in the land.

You see Religion had seven years of plenty, if you will, but as prophesied there is a great famine in the land. There is a great hunger for the wisdom, and power of God, which IS Christ.

Now there is a great hunger for truth, like never before.

And NOW, people are going to start looking, and what they are going to find… You first found here with me…


Religion’s god has forsaken them, religion’s god has failed them… Because LOVE IS LOVE, do you see?

And so I wrote this poem recently, which poetically explained why I see many of those hurt by religion my speckled sheep, if you can receive that? … That I won fair and square from Laban, much like the kingdom for simply making a meal for my “hungry, irrational, older brother” 😉

In any event, please do enjoy the Poem and Enjoy the Video that further explains this vision. Videos are easier for me because my AS makes it hard to type sometimes. So please do share this labor of love of mine.

Please, please subscribe, and share this free resource with others. Hope this poem and video resonates with you and I look forward to hearing back from all of you.

I love you Jacob.


“Like the “JACOB” from scripture, I too am a Shepherd, and I was a Shepherd for Laban, otherwise known as Christian TV.

Yes, like Jacob, the one from scripture that I must confess is me.

And when I was there, prosperity was in the air, and yet I declared the knowledge of the LORD, and the WISDOM OF LOVE was not found anywhere… and this is why I ULTIMATELY had to leave. But not before taking with me the SPECKLED, the SPOTTED, GOATS and SHEEP.

Like LABAN, Religion sees THESE type of SHEEP as undesirable, and so they were given to me.

My desire, which burns inside me like a fire, is to lead. And so I went through Laban’s flock and chose… all of those… who LABAN loved to beat.

To which LABAN replied, and for the first time had not lied, “I have no problem you taking those undesirables away. I never liked those Speckled, Spotted, Sheep and goats anyway.

Laban said, “Jacob, you can have the fag, the whore, the addict and the poor. You can take the broken, the hippie, the crazies, and the marijuana token. You can have the weak, and all of those sinning disgusting forsaken goats and sheep!”

And so I did when I left Religious TV… and NOW BEHOLD THE FLOCK SURROUNDING ME!

Laban, Religious TV, today the world has spoken… BECAUSE GOD HAS FORSAKEN THEE!”

Jacob Israel

One thought on “Speckled Sheep

  1. concetto July 3, 2015 / 11:39 AM

    Caro Jacob, come sempre un bel saggio, quelli che leggono i tuoi scritti ormai sanno di cosa parli e come me apprezzano le tue spiegazioni, e difficile farlo comprendere agli altri specialmente le classi religiose molto tradizionali. Spero un giorno possono capire anche questi nostri fratelli di fede. Grazie tanto fratello Jacob.

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