In The Now – Ep 3 & Ep4


Hello my friends, I am so very excited to share the next two episodes of “In The Now With Jim Swilley”.

The episodes are not only eye opening and entertaining but they are nourishment to the soul.

It is truly wonderful to hear from these great men and women, and I was truly blessed to be apart of it all. Join me as we all come together to share one common vision with the world. LOVE!

So get your popcorn, cookies and milk, or cup of tea, sit back and relax and enjoy these truly fascinating episodes. P.S. Please do subscribe and please do share these and other posts you find here with others. Help me to reach more than ever before. Thank you and I love you, Jacob:)

Episode 3: “Good Vibrations Part 1”

Episode 4: “Good Vibrations Part 2”

2 thoughts on “In The Now – Ep 3 & Ep4

  1. Betty Kline July 8, 2015 / 1:49 AM

    tys be hapy when i can sit down read allof this gbu brother

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