The only path to freedom is one walked without the chains of ignorance binding you. We are not to be unequally yolked with unbelievers. That does not mean we shouldn’t marry people that don’t know Christ, as some have said. What it means is we should not allow the religious law, which produces death, and those who use the bible to condemn instead of uplift, to YOLK us, (shackle us, bind us, make us a slave to their man made laws and traditions)…

The religious leaders of the world have hurt so many, it is time to embrace love, forgiveness, and see these men and women for what they are. Remember, even they have their purpose, so we must not condemn them for their ignorance. God has blinded and hardened those so that his glory and power will be made known.

God makes everything beautiful in ITS time, and he has a purpose for them, and they too will come to the knowledge of the truth. (see my article: the prodigal)… So Love Them, But Don’t Be Dragged Down By Them, Let God Drag You And Be Happy He IS!

In any event, enjoy “AWAKE”