Hey everyone,

I approve a couple more comments from our brother Paul, from… I think he was a bit grumpy when he wrote this. But this will be the last time I put a response up here, but really I just wanted to let Paul’s words speak for themselves. We need to LOVE, it is LOVE that draws a multitude to change. “If a man say he loves God, and hates his brother, the same is a liar”

So, I will only write these words here, and a short closing statement. This is a real short BLOG. MY FIRST. 🙂 I will let the HIGHLIGHTS of his latest comment speak for itself. Then I will no longer reply, because this morning I did such an awesome video I can’t wait to share it. Much love to you all, even Paul, Victor, Sara, and the rest of those from

This comment brought to you by Paul.

David, what good company is Jacob in, the one that includes rapist popes (if not literally raping children, then metaphorically the people), lying scoundrels (Benny Hinn), murderers (John Calvin), and false teachers of all kinds, whose one commonality is despising the cross of Christ, as you do, false accuser?

ANN JOHNSON…your heart is not right with God. you are dead and you follow the dead while aspiring to lead, or be venerated by, them.

Eric… after all your words, we still have no idea what Scriptures we teach from…your pretentious, wise-in-your-own-eyes prattle: Plainly, you have never known the Father. You certainly have nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ,

TJ, you don’t love us. How can you love us when you condemn us with LIES? you misquote us and twist our words, LIAR. Get behind us, liar, SPAWN OF SATAN!

JONNA, you have bought into the New Age and false gospel love of the WHORE, big time. Your HEART IS NOT RIGHTwith God.

David, what came forth from TJ was vile in God’s sight.

JACOB here…. If it ain’t love, it ain’t God. 🙂 I REALLY HOPE THAT NO ONE WHO READS THIS GETS ANGRY OR IS OFFENDED BY THESE WORDS PAUL WROTE. If you attack, when your attack, your guilty of the same. Instead let your LIGHT SO SHINE BEFORE THE WORLD!

Check back when I post that video after work… My lunch break is over, thank our Father I ate before reading these comments. YUCK! 😦 Hey Paul, Victor, Sara, you’re all okay in my book, you might benefit by taking it down a notch or two or two million and try checking out 2 Timothy “A teacher should be gentle, long suffering, patient, not seeking to strive, with love, peradventure the teacher may turn them back to the Lord.” — Keep posting if you need too, but I hope you read a few as well. And understand, open arms are more inviting than a raised fist. Peace out!



The only path to freedom is one walked without the chains of ignorance binding you. We are not to be unequally yolked with unbelievers. That does not mean we shouldn’t marry people that don’t know Christ, as some have said. What it means is we should not allow the religious law, which produces death, and those who use the bible to condemn instead of uplift, to YOLK us, (shackle us, bind us, make us a slave to their man made laws and traditions)…

The religious leaders of the world have hurt so many, it is time to embrace love, forgiveness, and see these men and women for what they are. Remember, even they have their purpose, so we must not condemn them for their ignorance. God has blinded and hardened those so that his glory and power will be made known.

God makes everything beautiful in ITS time, and he has a purpose for them, and they too will come to the knowledge of the truth. (see my article: the prodigal)… So Love Them, But Don’t Be Dragged Down By Them, Let God Drag You And Be Happy He IS!

In any event, enjoy “AWAKE”