The Desire To Live



We have been conditioned in life to believe that to be happy and to find peace we need to have more, to do more, and we need to be more. Every day we are flooded with images and ideas to keep us slaves to the belief that what we have and who we are just isn’t good enough. Sadly, this belief that most people have put their faith in is the very thing that keeps their freedom, peace and joy far from them. Like a carrot dangled before the mule, this promise of peace and joy through attaining more is a promise that will never come to pass. However, there is hope for the hopeless, there is joy for those who has lost their desire to live, and it is closer than you think. It is the truth that changes you and your change is coming! (Please do subscribe, it’s free and you will be updated with all new posts and videos… also share this site with your friends. Thank you so much for any and all of your support! Jacob)