For some reason I have been on a kick lately of sharing these new videos. Some have wondered why I have affected the footage, I briefly want to explain so there is no confusion. It just happened, you see I put these together so quickly that sometimes I just goof around, and if I don’t like the way something looks I fiddle with the brightness and color etc, but this time, I tried a visual effects feature, and I just thought it looked cool.

It wasn’t until later that I truly understood the signifigance of what I did. By doing this, it forced the viewer to take their eyes of “Jacob Israel” and simply listen to the words as if they are their own.

Also, it helps me add another layer to this onion I call these videos, so people can take more away from it, while also adding a touch of intrigue….

I like the idea that people will not look AT me, as if I know something they don’t, because that is the truth, I DON’T! I know no more than anyone, and am no better than anyone, because we are all WHERE WE ARE MEANT TO BE!

So, I like the idea of people seeing a “character” that perhaps will provoke them to think, to question, is God Love, is God in Control, Am I God’s Child, What is the point of suffering, Is life just some cosmic joke or does everything, the good and the bad have meaning, and eventually lead us all home.

Home which I believe is a person finding ETERNAL LIFE, which is not endless carnal living, but Eternal Life, which is Righteousness, Peace, Joy, and Power in the Holy Spirit. Look it up if you don’t believe me. And Eternal life is something I believe each and everyone of us, not only can HAVE RIGHT NOW, it is the ONE THING that everyone NEEDS RIGHT NOW!

I take comfort knowing, i can only know what God allows me to know, and be what God has made me to be, and that is a man who knows it is better to love than hate, give than take, forgive than stay bitter, serve than be served, etc etc… SALVATION is this, and SALVATION is now! So enjoy this latest video I did on this, and understand I only do this, because I want to. This is a desire of my heart, that people will come to know their Value in God, know God as their Lifegiving Spirit of Love and Truth, and rejoice in every trial because it is for the good of others, to see God in all things than to see God in none… Enjoy, Jacob