About ten years ago, I was going through many things emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. It was an especially hard time, but I am grateful for it. During that time I learned so much.

There is something about losing everything you thought mattered in the world, to help you realize you lost nothing and gained your own soul. Well that was what this period of my life was. A time of enlightening and enduring. It has been going on since I was about twelve and to this day I continue to learn new and exciting things that I can’t wait to share.

Back then, I had lost everything, I also was dealing with my Crohn’s disease. I was living in a small, small apartment above some woman’s house, trying to raise two kids alone as a single father. I didn’t go out much, so after the kids went down I would spend hours writing my novel. And since I really was alone, I spent the other time thinking, questioning , seeking, and trusting that there was a point to it all. Which, if you know me by now, you know of course there was and is.

However, that all is just the stage that I wanted to set for you. Many today are making the mistake of pretending to have all the answers when it comes to God, the hereafter etc…

I hope I never come across as one of those people. The reason is because of how incredibly exciting and miraculous and an unbelievably amazing life can be, when one begins to see their place in the center of it all, and seek the truth on their own.

There is only one thing we all share. One thing we all have in common. Only one thing we know for sure. We exist. The day begins and ends with us.

Revelation 22:13
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

We literally are the center of our universe. Now this is an experience each of us has. Which proves we are all the same at the very core.

Now what does all this have to do with the title, Jesus Hungered?

Well the answer is everything. “as he is so are we in this world”. This was his experience as well. And by he, I mean the historical figure we know as Jesus, who was called Yeshua. You know, that guy everyone says is the savior of the world. Well within the pages of scripture we find, that Jesus understood this concept. He knew he was the beginning and the end of himself. He understood who he was in the temporal world “his Jesus” identity wasn’t what mattered, it was the Spirit of Life inside him that mattered. When the rich man asked him, “good master what must I do to inherit eternal life”, Jesus said “why are you calling me good, there is no one good but our Father in Heaven”. He knew, as I know, you can’t be looking at the messenger, but you must find the Message! It is not the messenger that is important it is understanding the messengers Logic (Logos). The Messenger doesn’t set you free, the truth the messenger reveals is the TRUTH that sets you free.

Now I want to share how, all anyone needs to do is ask, be quiet, allow the question to stir inside you, and than one day YOU will have the answer.

This lesson I learned well, many, many years ago when I was at the gym. I hadn’t been to an organized church for awhile, but I had this craving to go. I had a craving to enter into the church, and to be fed spiritually. Because I was HUNGRY.

So I began to drive looking for a church that was opened. But as I drove I realized, none were open, and none had anything to offer me. So this thought came over me.

“Your kids are visiting your ex, you have the whole day… Go to the beach, enjoy yourself, and seek there.”

So I went to the beach. I grabbed a chair and my bible. Looking out at the awesome water, I closed my eyes and imagined myself learning something amazing. As I did, when I used to pray for God to teach me something. I then flipped through my bible like a roulette wheel, stopped on a random page and read.

“Jesus hungered” I read. It was the story of how Jesus was waking up one day. The sun was just rising and he was hungry. He was looking to be fed. He sees a fig tree in the distance and thinks… Surely I’ll get some fruit there. But what happens is, he gets there and he realizes, what should have been producing fruit to feed him wasn’t. It was covered in leaves. Jesus then cursed the tree and it withered up and died.

Well, I had been fed indeed. In that moment on the beach I understood the parable. Jesus’ food was his Fathers business, Gods truth. That is what he ate. Jesus was Hungry for wisdom, as I was. And like Jesus, I went to a place where I thought I could find it. Organized religion. But I only found leaves. Meaning I knew it was a fig tree, a place that produced the truth of God, but it wasn’t producing.

I remember being upset as I left that church before the beach. Being angry, wanting to be fed and realizing that it couldn’t help me. I actually said, “I’ll never go there again.”

Did you catch that? I too cursed the fig tree. I said this religious system will never feed me, only God will, and all I need to do to find God is separate myself from those around me and seek.

Since that day I have never eaten from that tree. Nor has it produced fruit. Spiritually for me, it withers away. But I wouldn’t have learned any of this, had I not gone through this experience. I wouldn’t have had this revelation, unless I experienced this revelation.

You see as I sit and write this, not knowing why I am so compelled to do so, I am reminded that we don’t need to go here or there to find fruit, to find the truth, to find the Kingdom of Heaven, or to know who and what God really is. All we need to do is… Be still and Know I AM Lord… Now get yourself still and say… I AM Lord.

After saying this, then look up the definition of the word “Lord” – It means, “The one who exists, The existing One.”— The time has come when we don’t need to go door to door saying, know the Lord, for all will know God from the least to greatest. WHY? Because the truth is written in our hearts! And that truth will rise and can never be put out. We may forget who we are for awhile, what is real what is not, but eventually that dead seed we call our life, gets dosed with the water of truth, and the life of the SON beats down on us, and we begin to grow. And as we grow, many more seeds are produced within us, that will also fall and be scattered around and these seeds will also germinate and grow, until we all know that GOD IS ALL IN ALL!

Ask yourself why this is so important to learn. And begin to create a new world. We don’t need religion or politics or money or power, we need to know who we are, and we need to begin to change the conversation in our head. We need to realize we are all one in Christ and what we do to one we do to all. We need to begin to Enjoy the mystery that is out life(Christ). And we need to stop looking for the answers outside of us, but within. And the. We need to create a new world. Not the wills of yesterday but the will of God, which saves all men.

So be still and know…. What?

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