I might as well come out and say it… there is more to me, and what I share over the internet, than many of you know. That being said, I might as well also add… there is MORE to you as well.

You see, I know where I am going in life. I have known for a long time. And if I told you truly who I know, and believe myself to be, and where I am going and what I will do… you might call me crazy. Of course, it is easy for the world to explain away such a beautiful IDEA as crazy, a pipe dream, a delusion, or even mental illness…. Well, I simply refuse to reject the IDEA within me. For if I rejected the INSPIRATION than the INSPIRATION would reject me.

Jesus said, if you reject me, you reject “he” that sent me… he understood it wasn’t about HIM but the TRUTH, the SPIRIT OF LIFE, the EXISTENCE and INSPIRATION within him. It told him who he was from the inside, which was a big departure from what the world said.

Jesus said, he was the SAVIOR of the world… the world said, YOU ARE A CARPENTER’S SON… This illustrates how the world reacts when people express the truth within them. If they can’t hear it, they will try and strike it down.

No one wants to be told that the power is actually within them to change and truly live their live, and that to do this they must LOVE OTHERS and put OTHERS before themselves… That makes no sense in a selfish world.

However, I, my friends, am not one of those people. The truth that was put to death at the place of my skull (Golgatha) when I was brainwashed by the lies of the world has risen in my heart… And while, when I was younger I may have doubted the inspiration within me, that time is gone… and now it is all too clear… THIS IS REAL!

(Before you read on, please let me first apologize for my many spelling and grammatical errors, I write this in one sitting and I usually don’t go back to edit until I can find time… so please remember I put this out as quickly as it comes and I pray you won’t be distracted by any mistakes or oversights… thank you, Jacob)

This voice within me has proven time and time again to be true. I refuse to reject and explain away the DESIRE of my heart as something that cannot be attained. And I will not longer hide the “greater things than these” from you all. I will walk above the water of unbelief and I will raise those that have been living as the dead and set them back in their right mind, as Jesus did with “legion”.


I know deep down, you too may have that feeling…. A feeling like there is more. Perhaps, you have believed that you too were meant for great things, and perhaps you allowed the lies of this world to steal that seed in your heart before it ever began to grow.

Well, I am here to plant that SEED OF AN IDEA again.

(I·DE·A) – literally means “To SEE” and “Follow a Pattern” – PURPOSE.

Did you catch that? An IDEA gives you PURPOSE. Why do you think they are called “BRIGHT IDEAS”? Because inspiration is illumination. And yet the world had seen fit to brainwash everyone into thinking their ideas, their dreams, their desires, are foolish… And to believe that your ideas are foolish is the beginning of living a life of death.

Proverbs 29:18 – Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

So when I told people I was Jacob Israel, I had to hide under the guise of a clever pen name, all the while knowing from deep within that I AM THAT I AM — meaning literally “I will be whatever I will be” – and I knew I was no longer the man the world tried to trick into believing I was. I knew deep within, I was Jacob Israel, and that IDEA WITHIN said that name will be shouted from the rooftops… I too, had met “God” within… I too rested my head on rock and dreamed of that ladder where thoughts from above came down to be shared below…. “he that ascends in the heavens is he that first descended into the depths of ignorance”… I too wrestled with the TRUTH within me… and it took until the day break to finally give up the fight after being blessed.

Yet, if that were my dream from childhood. If that were my IDEA of who I really was all along, and I shared it with all of you years ago… Well, let’s just say it wouldn’t go so well. You see, the world has gone so far to discredit VISION and INSIGHT and REVELATION and INSPIRATION and IDEAS as to make their very meaning another definition for FOOLISHNESS (Which by the way is SIN: to miss the mark of who you are and what you are capable of.)

When something goes wrong, the comedic expression has become “Got any other “bright ideas”?!”

Well I am here to say that all comes to an end now.

Proverbs 29:18 – Where there is no vision, the people perish: BUT HE THAT KEEPS THE LAW IS HAPPY!

Once again, the world has twisted the word LAW into becoming a word that expresses control, dominance, etc… And yet, a LAW is something that simply is TRUTH. The LAW of gravity. The LAW of Thermal Dynamics. The LAW of REAPING AND SOWING.


If you refuse to believe that you are more than what the world tells you, you are a person most miserable indeed. If you refuse to accept the TRUTH within you than you have trespassed against what is truth and have begun to live a lie…. The end result of living a lie is a hell of sorts.

We see how devastating it is for those who deny their orientation because the world says it is wrong because they don’t understand it. Magnify that pain with the pain of living an uninspired, truly boring, and seemingly meaningless life. When you ignore the TRUTH of who you are there is no joy. There is no happiness in a lie, there is only fear, regret, and pain. This is why the TRUTH sets us free.

So in fact, THE LAW OF SOMETHING is simply the TRUTH OF WHAT THAT SOMETHING IS. To transgress that law results in the death of a life indeed. But that is coming to its end because who you truly are can’t be hidden and trapped forever. After all the TRUTH is all there is. Every nightmare comes to an end and when you wake up you realize you never had to be scared at all.

So, HAPPY indeed is THE ONE WHO KEEPS THE LAW… Happy are they who submit themselves to the TRUTH of who they are and what they are meant to be and do. So what is this LAW? What is this TRUTH that we must submit too? Is it a list of do this and do that’s?

OF COURSE NOT! No, the LAW is just simply how things are and until you get back in line with THE REALITY hidden within the DELUSION you call reality there is no freedom. The Law is not a check list, it is THE LIFE WITHIN.

The scriptures state that GOD WROTE his LAWS on your heart, this means… the IDEA within us that the world has tried to HIDE AWAY, that thought within you that make you question, “Is there more?” is the TRUTH whispering that question in your ears so you will explore it.

The question is, who are those “sheep” that hear this voice, who will enter that sheep gate and become the Shepherd of sheep themselves? Who are they that KNOW THERE IS MORE? Who are those that are starting to REALLY BELIEVE that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE when you live the life of a servant and when you trust that LOVE is the only path to peace. Who is going to follow after that DESIRE and bring it to pass? WHO HAS BELIEVED OUR REPORT?

The scriptures speak of TALENTS given to those in charge of the Master’s estate… When that MASTER returns, he will ask “what did you do with the TALENT I gave you?” Did you sow that seed in the world without fear? Did you bring increase? Or did you go and bury it deep within your heart, locking it away to live a miserable life of fear… that even the TALENT I gave could be lost?

Matthew 25:24 – Then he which had received the one talent came and said, Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed: 25 And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth:

I am sad to say, most in this world can be like that slothful servant who buries the talent… The reason is the world has tricked us into believing that the desire of our heart is a crazy idea, a pipe dream, a fantasy nothing more. And so people sadly trade their passion for a hum drum uninspired living. What a miserable life it is when one does not follow their passion. A good example, are those who dream of being a famous actor and yet never fulfill their dream because they really don’t believe it’s possible and so they give up trying, and sadly still tell everyone about that TALENT they got buried in their back yard.

It is so sad, because people don’t know that to ignore the IDEAS and INSPIRATION within is to IGNORE the TRUTH OF WHO THAT PERSON IS AT HEART. BUT HAPPY IS THE ONE WHO FOLLOWS THE TRUTH WITHIN!

The days of our ignorance and slumber are coming to an end. It is time for you to SUBMIT YOURSELF to the INSPIRATION OF LOVE AND TRUTH and to bring what is within… WITHOUT. It’s time to submit yourself to that VOICE WITHIN YOU. It’s time to let go of the reigns and become one with your destiny. I KNOW I AM.

To SUBMIT doesn’t mean what you think. Submission, as the world has twisted it, expresses a kind of weakness, or so we have been told. And yet, “In our WEAKNESS God’s STRENGTH is perfected.”

When you submit, what you are doing is not weakness, it is WISDOM. Because to SUBMIT means you have GIVEN UP THE FIGHT and CHOSE REST.

The scriptures teach this divine lesson in the scriptures, wives submit yourself to your husbands, this is a mystery. The world has perverted it’s meaning and twisted it to mean CONTROL, POWER, DOMINANCE… For example, they teach that wives MUST DO WHAT THEIR HUSBAND’S SAY… Hogwash! “God made man, MALE AND FEMALE made he them and called them ADAM.” – Adam means mankind as a whole… So it is not about Men dominating women, it is about MARRIAGE, two becoming ONE.

The Idea and The Dreamer Unite and a child is born and upon its shoulders is the world. The word “submit” means to join, become one, become like-minded, be united, to allow to have its will… But this scripture is teaching a greater lesson, about CHRIST.

Ephesians 5:22: Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

The “wife” is the IDEA of who you are, the IMAGE. The idea of who you are needs to submit to the VOICE within, to become one with it, to unite with it, as a husband would a wife, which results in the creation of a new life… And if truth be told, just as I don’t have a choice as to where I would go, or what I would do… neither do you.

And when you get that, when you take a breath and relax into the idea of who you are truly, and who you are truly meant to be, you will know joy unspeakable.

You must not only embrace the IDEA/INSPIRATION/TRUTH you must also TAKE JOY IN IT!

Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Don’t be ashamed of sharing your dreams, your desires, your hopes with others. Declare it, believe it, be it… You are whatever you believe yourself to be. Embrace inspiration when it comes, today is the day to do so.

Which is why I am writing you now. This morning I was inspired as I sat at my computer… I began to type as opposed to talking my inspiration away. I chose to submit myself to this inspiration as opposed to saying, “no one will care”,”no one will believe”,”they will call you crazy”, etc, and etc… I didn’t allow the enemy of my FAITH, which is my carnal ego to talk me out of it. I laid down MY EGOTISTICAL LIFE for the LIFE WITHIN and began to type… And here we are a couple of hours later and an essay has taken shape. Appeared from seemingly nowhere. And as I wrote, insights continued to pop up along the way… Yes, my talent was put to good use and increase was found.

You see, I follow this IN-SIGHT and I submit myself to this voice within, this idea or inspiration, knowing there is no goal too lofty, no dream too far, no desire that is NOT DIVINE AND ORDAINED, and no action that is without PERFECT PURPOSE.

You see, in Christ (the power and wisdom of God/Inspiration), in the unity of the spirit (when the idea of who you are submits to the spirit of truth and life within you) NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and EVERYTHING WORKS TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD.

This impromptu essay is just the first-fruit of what all of that means. And although in the past, I have tip toed around some issues, the time is coming when I will speak clearly to you. I won’t hold back for fear of what you might think, or because I worry you aren’t ready to hear such a thing, the time is coming when I will speak clearly and no more in parable. 😉

John 16:25 – These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the Father.

And since there is nothing like the present, because there is never anything BUT the present, I share what once again I am inspired to share. SUBMISSION.

It’s time to take up that cross and lay your life down.

You see, this world, as it is, is a nothing more than story page that we can turn. Death, destruction, hate, all of these things are simply temporary distractions keeping us from the truth of who we are. The IMAGE of God, which is the EGO or SOUL of man was allowed to take the wheel for a while so the pure brilliance of who we all are within (gods) could SHINE IN THAT DARKNESS.

I AM HERE TO SAY, the darkness is coming to its end.

I know this of course, because I am a part of it. I have known for years. Many close to me will swear to that. Even though, I don’t believe they themselves really believe I THINK such a thing is TRUE… What I mean to say is, some that I share this great and noble truth with try to explain it away as I am “messing with them” or that “I am a bit loony”. That makes people feel more comfortable. People are conditioned to flinch anytime someone says, HEY I’M SPECIAL… I’M SOMEBODY… Isn’t that sad?

Yet, after years of witnessing the many things I declare come true, those close to me began to think… “IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE? CAN I BE WHAT JACOB SAYS I AM”, “Is there more to this than I once thought before?”… Many of my friends and readers have said this IDEA has brought them where they never thought they could go… However, they aren’t ready to truly understand, or even grasp, what that means.

We are slaved to our self effort and sensual lives, but that too will take second seat to the TRUTH within.

Before recently, I would have never been so bold as to say… Hey everyone, I’m Jacob Israel, a man who is meant to clear a way for others to see that there is more to life than they once believed. Not only that, but one day all of the world will know me as Jacob, and just one more thing, I am set up to be a great spiritual leader in this world, as are my children…  You see, if I said that… you would all turn on me.

That my friends is the enemy. The Ego trying to say, YOU CANNOT DREAM OF DOING GOOD FOR OTHERS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOTHING.

So, I can see why making bold statements like that would turn people off…. And yet, those close to me hear me say these things again and again and again… It’s the desire of my heart, much like one dreams of being a surgeon, astronaut, etc… To believe you are important in this world, to believe you matter in this world, to believe you have great purpose in this world is FROWNED UPON. IT IS TABOO! And I will tell you why, because to proclaim the TRUTH in a land of LIES is a scary thing to the liars and those who believe the lies are true.

All earth shakers followed their inspiration and shared it with the world REGARDLESS of consequence… As you know, many of them were killed SIMPLY FOR SHARING THE VERY TRUTH THAT WOULD SET OTHERS FREE. The story of Jesus being most telling of all.

So I can understand how if I wrote, I am meant to change the world with words given to me from the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, LIFE AND LOVE WITHIN, the reader might say… that’s nuts. However, is it not more insane to believe that you are destined to be miserable, bitter, and unfulfilled cog in a meaningless wheel going nowhere and benefiting no one?

And I also want to point out that you are as much a part of this global change of thinking as I am… You wouldn’t be here reading this, if you TOO didn’t have that deep down voice calling you to action… CALLING YOU TO ARISE! The difference is, many are just dipping their toes in right now… that voice within is calling and they are answering, but a seed takes time to grow. This is why I am happy to welcome the harvest in today with this very inspired essay.

I have submitted myself to this IDEA and I know that what I know is true.

Jesus once said, if you don’t believe me… believe the works. Sort of like saying, if I tell you something is going to happen and then it happens maybe it’s time you start thinking outside of the prison of a box you are in.

Many close to me would agree that over the years I have declared things would happen in my life that beyond explanation BECAME things in my life. From plays off Broadway, to movies, big time tv, to christian tv, novelist, blogger, radio host, and all of it working together for my good.

And yet with all of that proof, years of saying things would happen and then watching it come true, instead of believing what I say is true and submitting themselves to that inspiration within, that make up excuses to try to explain away the unexplained… They instead say I am driven and my hard work pays off, nothing more… They give me, my self effort the credit… AND I KNOW IT IS NOT ME!

Jesus, said to the man, “why do you call ME good?” It’s not about ME, it’s about THE WHOLE, the EXISTING ONE, GOD AND MAN as one in the GARDEN AGAIN…

Many today are stating they are God… and many still claim I have said the same, and in a round about way, I suppose I have… for there only is GOD, there only is this SPIRIT within us all and within everything that connects us, but we, the image of this SPIRIT OF TRUTH have become disconnected in our UNBELIEF! It’s time to believe again.

The reason my friends can’t believe that when we submit to the SPIRIT OF TRUTH within all things are possible. They don’t believe that they are special because they can’t believe. However, that time is coming to an end.  Not yet, but soon. I can feel that in my spirit. I have been telling those I work with, those around me, that soon, very soon everything is going to change for me and in a very big way, and when it does it will be PROOF of sorts. So those who don’t know me personally will be able to believe by the WORK’S SAKE.


This is how it works… whatever I knew in my heart could come true, I declared, and within time it became. Every part of my life, up till this point, has become because I submitted myself first to the idea of it.

Deep within me I knew what I was meant to do in this world. As the scriptures state, “God (the existing one) gives you the desires of your heart.” – meaning that inspiration to do a thing and the ability to do it, are both out of the ego of man’s control. And this inspiration, or revelation within me told me I am more. So over the years I have learned that instead of ignoring this voice within, it is better to explore, test this spirit to see if it be truth, and then finally SHARE IT WITH YOU ALL.

I spoke those things that are not as if they were and they became! Romans 4:17

I usually write essays that are quite long and despite many of my readers requests for shorter ones, at times, like today, now three hours into this essay, I find that is hard to do.

You see, when inspiration hits I can do nothing but submit myself to it. I believe this is the same feeling artists have when a creation from deep within calls to them and inspires them to share that call with the deep in those around the world.

Psalm 42:7 – DEEP calleth unto DEEP at the noise of thy WATERSPOUTS: all thy WAVES and thy BILLOWS are gone over me.

The waterspouts of the Lord of course are our mouths. The word Lord, as you know literally means “the Existing One”.

So like the author of the above Psalm states, when the waves and billows of INSPIRATION come over me, I can only write what, for lack of a better explanation, I am INSPIRED/TOLD to write.

Jesus said, “of myself I can do nothing”… He said, the “father was greater than he”…. Jesus understood that within him was something bigger than who he was in this world AND Jesus understood that he was SENT INTO THIS WORLD to share this!

John 3:17- For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

And what was it that he was meant to share? THE TRUTH! For it is the TRUTH that sets a person free! People need to be set free from the LIES they ignorantly believe.

The truth of who you are and what you are capable of is what Jesus shared… He told Martha, the RESURRECTION is NOW… The HE was the resurrection and the life, that if people believed the things that he said (believed on him) then even though they were “dead” they would LIVE AGAIN.

But the TRUTH is not always embraced at first… which is why I follow inspiration and only share what I feel led to share. And sometimes, even though I would like to share more, I don’t always have the words.

When Jesus said…  You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not…  He was saying, who people believed themselves to be is a a lie… if they were the OFFSPRING (spiritually/in thought, word, and deed) of the FATHER OF ALL LIES.

Jesus was trying to get people to understand that who they thought they were in this world, was simply a character created by other characters in this world… meaning, WE ARE MORE than we have been conditioned to believe.

The reason we suffer, the reason we lack, the reason we are ill, the reason we are at war, the reason for every sad and terrible thing is A LACK OF UNDERSTANDING THE TRUTH, which results in the death of faith.

Hosea 4:6 – My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee…

This above scripture does not mean there is an angry God outside of you rejecting you… it means that if you don’t believe the TRUTH that “you can do all things”, “the power of life and death is in your tongue”,”forgive and it will be forgiven”, “give and it will be given”, “a person reaps what they sow”, “as a man thinks so he is”, IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE THE LAW which is TRUTH than you don’t have access to WHO YOU REALLY ARE and that is death.

So, when inspiration comes I embrace it. And in so doing I have found that I am more than I ever dreamed I could be,when I was trapped in the false idea of me. I didn’t reject the VOICE within me that told me ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with faith. I submitted myself to this VOICE, this TRUTH, this LOVE, this HOPE, and IT SET ME FREE!

John 8:32 – And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

MY INSPIRATION told me who I was to be in this world. At first, I rejected it. Yet, the TRUTH of who we are cannot forever be ignored. You see, eventually, as the scripture states, “all will come to the knowledge of the truth and the stature of the perfect man”, but this is not by the will or might of the false images (carnal ego) in this world… it is by God, THE ONE WHO TRULY EXISTS alone.

Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

There is more WITHIN me, and you, and everyone in this world than we now know.

Jesus knew this “kingdom of God” was also within every single person on this planet. He knew salvation for everyone was laid at the feet of submission. Laying down his carnal ego driven life, for the true life within. This is why Jesus told many to DENY the idea of who they were.

Carnal mankind desperately wants to be God in this world, yet the soul of man is simply the image of the ONLY ONE WHO TRULY EXISTS…. The existing one… God, for lack of a better word.

Submitting to the true voice within you is salvation indeed. In that moment, you become the mouthpiece of the Lord. You and “he/she” become One. Just as Jesus said, “I am in the Father and The Father is In Me”, The things my father says I say, I can only do as I am meant to do… and yes, “IF YOU HAVE SEEN ME YOU HAVE SEEN THE FATHER”

Jesus understood, that when he submitted himself to the VOICE OF TRUTH within him, as Paul said (after doing the same) “It is NO LONGER I (paul) that LIVE but CHRIST (the power and wisdom of God) within me.


And so it is my hope, that you too will submit yourself to the inspiration within. That you will invite possibility in to dine with you once again. I ask you to do as I do, simply disconnect with the fearful, doubtful person you think yourself to be and simply allow a greater force to be YOU!

John 3:8 – The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

Jacob Israel

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There are two voices in everyone’s head.
The quieter voice is always the better choice, because the louder offers only fear and dread.
The quieter voice is love and truth, the louder voice will lie to you and make you wish you were dead.
A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
This is why you must find the quieter voice today.
The louder voice will shout and pout and will do everything to make you believe these thoughts are actually coming from you.
The Louder voice will demand action, demand revenge, and will always make you do what you should not do.
The quieter is your hope, salvation, and great reward, this you will find.
The louder will grind hope and peace to powder if you allow it each and every time.
This is why the still quiet voice you must find.
You can choose to win or lose, whether to fall or rise.
The loudest is the room is always wrong, while the one who thinks before he acts and speaks is wise.
So take your thoughts captive and see whether they be true or lies.
In the end, my friend, you will thank me, because the quiet voice is peace, power, purpose and perfection finally realized.